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Marko Saric: Blogger and content marketer

I created my first site when I was a teenager in the late 1990s in Denmark. It was about my favorite band Metallica.

Only my family saw that site at first, so I needed to learn how to attract other people to visit too. That’s how I started exploring the world of digital marketing.

On this site, I share my advice and lessons learned. I also share other things that I care about, think about and work on.

  1. A bit more about me
  2. Ethics and privacy
  3. How I monetize my site
  4. Popular posts and other places to start with
  5. Work with me


I was born in a country that no longer exists and moved to Denmark in my teens.

I’ve successfully completed a BA degree in Marketing Management at Staffordshire University, UK.

Since then, I’ve had a seven-year experience running content marketing and social media activities for a large, publicly-traded online gaming company in London, UK.

I’ve also had a three-year, remote work experience as the head of growth in a venture-funded, B2B social media analytics SaaS startup.

I’m now writing, working on side projects and trying to make a living as a freelance consultant.

This site was featured in Forbes, FHM magazine, Inc. magazine, Yahoo!, Social Media Examiner and several other high-profile publications. I was also featured on BBC TV show Click.


Note for June 2020: This month I’m doing a special test to measure some things people have asked me about and that I couldn’t find any data for. So I have switched to the dark side temporarily and installed Google Analytics. Will remove it again at the end of this month and publish a study with some of the insights I’ve gained.

I don’t use empty promises and pushy, sleazy sales tactics to get you to buy secrets that would make you rich overnight. The web is full of those.

The content on this site is all available for free. I write, edit and produce everything you see here and I fully focus on providing the value to you.

I practice conscious and ethical marketing. Your privacy is important to me:

  • There are no banner ads and sponsored posts. I don’t try to sell you anything.
  • There are zero external scripts and third-party resources.
  • There is no intrusive and personal-data collecting analytics tracking.
  • There are no cookies.

How I monetize my site

I’m not paid by any company or brand for any opinion, guide or article posted on this site.

I’m not compensated based on page views, so I don’t run any advertising nor do I allow anyone to run any code to track your presence.

I participate in affiliate programs designed to provide a means for creators to earn commissions by linking to relevant, useful products.

Simply put, if you click on an affiliate link on my site and buy something, I earn a commission, yet you don’t pay any extra and can even get a discount by using my link.

The posts that include affiliate links are clearly marked ahead of the first affiliate link.

Popular posts and other places to start with

Looking to start your own independent website?

Looking for better technology to use in your daily life?

Looking to grow your SaaS startup?

Are you a web developer?

Work with me

I can help with several aspects of digital marketing. Examples include:

  • Creating a content strategy that drives quality leads
  • Creating a distribution strategy that gets you relevant traffic
  • Doing competitor and market analysis including keyword research to help you figure out what to do next
  • Optimizing WordPress and making you use it up to its potential
  • Doing a content audit of your existing archives to optimize for search engines

Do you have a marketing problem you’d like my help with? Email me.

I don’t accept guest posts, sponsored posts and I don’t sell links. Please don’t contact me about these as you will be ignored.