Saturday, 27 June 2020

In The Morning,

the fox was taking in the rays,

 but by the time I was outside,

 he had disappeared,

 I made myself comfortable and spent the afternoon reading and listening to music,

 which I continued to do in the evening,

 for my evening meal a pate sandwich with coleslaw,


 and for dessert fresh mango, strawberries and cherry's, I continued listening to Chet Baker,

and here he is with his own version of These Foolish Things, as you might have guessed by now, I am not in to modern 'music',

 just before midnight Diana called, so off to the bus stop,

and home again, for a chat and a coffee before we were off to bed.

A Face Mask,

that is so you,

 so you in fact that you do not have to remove it for facial recognition software, all images © Maskalike, 

a clever new product by Danielle Baskin is a remedy to current challenges with facial recognition software, 

 the San Francisco-based designer recently launched Maskalike, a company that prints custom face coverings with photographs of the wearer,

made of machine-washable cotton, the functional masks create a seamless look that opens cellphones and other devices without having to remove it first, Maskalike currently has a waitlist for custom designs, you can follow updates on the company’s timely designs on Instagram, what a neat idea.

Would You Call This An Addiction,

or an obsession?

 a Taiwanese pensioner who once made international headlines for strapping almost a dozen smartphones to his bicycle so he could catch multiple Pokemon in Pokemon GO! faster has now taken his passion for the mobile game to new heights, with 64 phones attached to his bike!

we have featured him before in August 2018, when he just had 11 telephones on his bicycle, shortly after photos of him taken by passers-by in Taipei City had gone viral,

 but now with a sponsorship deal with ASUS, TVBS reports that the Pokemon GO super-fan‘s bicycle now holds 64 smartphones, most of which were donated by his latest sponsor, ASUS,

Chen was approached by Taiwanese gaming website EXP.GG and he explained that he had come up with the bizarre setup so he could operate multiple Pokemon GO accounts at the same time, He had fallen in love with Niantic’s hit game after being introduced to it by his grandson, and now couldn’t get enough,

 the front of Chen’s bike looks like a digital wall, and one has to wonder how he even sees the traffic because of those dozens of phones, let alone play Pokemon GO while cycling. Some people even suggested he switch to a tricycle, that way at least he won’t have to worry about losing his balance and hurting himself, and just you were wondering, Chen’s bicycle now weighs a whopping 22.5 kilograms, more than double its original 10 kg, if he receives any more telephones a small electric motor might be an option!

Do Not Mess With Fish 256,

and you thought fish were fun!

well a lot of people thought that this one was, and had in fact been digitally photo-shopped to enhance its color, photograph Fishing Gang Azusa/Twitter, last Friday, popular YouTube channel Fishing Gang Azusa took to Twitter to post a very intriguing picture of their latest catch – a flashy fish that almost looked painted. People started asking if it was real or just a case of too much Photoshop, but it wasn’t before Azusa posted a video on YouTube of them catching the fish that the photos went viral. The footage shows the alien-looking fish in all its splendor, leaving many viewers with their mouths wide open at the thought that such a creature actually exists, 

the painted-looking fish is apparently known as ‘Kinubella’ (キヌベラ) in Japan, and commonly called a surge wrasse, (Thalassoma purpureum) in the western world. It lives in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, where it inhabits reefs and rocky coastlines. Despite its toxic-looking color, the surge wrasse is edible, although it is of minor importance to commercial fisheries, and more valuable as an aquarium fish, ever since the original photo of the fish was posted on the Fishing Gang Azusa Twitter page, it has received over 200,000 likes and 37,000 retweets. People just can’t get over how alien it looks, with many claiming that it belongs in James Cameron’s Avatar, 

as an aside if you have watched Rapa Nui, you may recognize the fish as being one of the ones that was taboo in the film, and a enjoyable film it was too.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Another Day In The Garden,

Diana was at work,

 but had thought of me whilst shopping,

 and bought the ingredients for these, 

 for my afternoon snack, some Cornish cream, raspberry jam and some scones, all of that plus I made a thermos of tea, what could be better?

well some Kentish cherries to round the treat off, I spent the afternoon reading one of my books, turning just nicely pink, I went indoors for my evening meal,

after which as by now all of the CDs I had ordered had arrived,

 I started copying them to my mobile telephone,

 they are all by Chet Baker,

 not to everyone's taste,

 but I like his music and vocals,

for a fuller biography have a look here, it was still bright when Diana arrived home just after 9.40 in the evening, so it was a coffee and a chat as we settled down to watch what appeared to be the last episode of New Tricks, when that had finished, just before midnight we were then off to bed.

Perfectly Sized And Shaped Fruits Are Big Business in Japan,

and it’s not uncommon for the rarest and most coveted varieties to sell for thousands of dollars a piece,

and so do unusually shaped fruit, if you have been reading our blog for some time you may remember back in July 2016 we posted a piece about a bunch of grapes selling for over 1.1 million yen! above photograph Laughlin Elkind/Flickr, it appears to be a Japanese thing, giving rare and expensive fruits which are traditionally offered as gifts to clients, business partners or relatives, and people will gladly spend a small fortune on a single fruit just to show their respect for someone. But while most of these expensive fruits can be savored by the recipient, there is one that has a purely decorative purpose – square watermelons,

photograph Francisco Antunes/Flickr, yes that is correct, square watermelons aren’t even edible, let alone tasty, developed about 50 years ago by farmers in Takamatsu, Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, as a way to raise their community’s profile among the country’s farmers, square watermelons have become both an iconic symbol of Japan and a very valuable commodity. It’s not uncommon for these unusually shaped watermelons to be sold for around $100 apiece,

“This fruit is meant to be a feast for your eyes, but they don’t taste very good,” luxury fruit shop manager Mototaka Nishimura said. “They should be displayed as ornaments, maybe mixed with flowers.” square watermelons are grown in special acrylic boxes, and in order for them to attain and maintain the desired shape for the longest possible time, they are not allowed to mature, so they are not what you would call tasty, if you plan on buying one such fruit, you should know that they can last up to a year, so one at $100 you can not eat that lasts a year, or 12 at $8 each, so one a month that you can eat? up to you!

Over The Years,

I have heard of all manner of sports, (and watched none),

 but this is a first for me, board shoe racing, it is the traditional sport of the Zhuang people of China’s Gunaxi province, a unique discipline that has three people sharing the same “shoes”, which requires perfect coordination and concentration, board shoe racing can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty, when legend has it that a famous heroine of the Xhuang people used it as a way to train soldiers against invading Japanese pirates. The legendary Mrs. Wa used long pieces of wood to teach the men to march together in perfect synchronization, which greatly improved their combat qualities and boosted their fighting spirit, helping them repel the invaders, the traditional sport has been passed on from generation to generation since then,

 the sport involves three teammates running on the same pair of shoes, which basically consist of two wooden boards and some leather straps to fasten the feet, the boards are one-meter-long, 9cm-wide and 3cm-thick, and using them as shoes for a three-member team requires expert coordination. If one of the three pushes too hard or falls behind, they can cause the entire trio to topple over each other,

in 2005, the National Civil Affairs Commission approved board shoe racing project as an official event at the annual National Minority Traditional Sports Games. It is practiced by both men and women, particularly from the Zhuang people, “Board shoe racing is a true team sport, and coordination is the most important requirement,” Liu Jianxin, head coach of the Henan board shoe racing team, told Henan Daily. “In addition to improving physical fitness and speed training, it is more about enhancing the team members’ tacit cooperation to the highest it can be,” what an amazing sport, one has to ask will the sport ever be considered at Olympic level? if so I might even watch it, which will be unique for me, it will be the only time that I will have ever turned on the television to watch the Olympics, yes I am one of those people that have absolutely no interest in sport, at all.