Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Metal Storage Shelves For Garage Unit Solutions

Shelves For Garage Metallic-finished Sports Shelving with Pull-out Bins: Metal garage shelves and storage solutions and a sports car, nice!!!

3 roll-out baskets and 3 flat shelves. Each basket and shelf holds up to 40 lbs. of balls, bats, shoes, and other sports gear. Includes a hanging canvas storage bag. Casters add mobility (sold separately). Minor assembly. 

Chrome-finished Metal Garage Sport Shelving with Pull-out Bins elevates sports equipment storage to the big leagues.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Garage Chrome Metal Wire Shelving Units Systems

10 Percent Discount On All Our Chrome Wire Shelves For Garage Storage - Price Starting at $82.74:

Welcome to, we sell a wide array of wire shelving and racks for storage. 

We have listed high quality and affordable garage chrome steel wire shelving, garage wire carts on wheels, garage wire triangular shelves and casters for your wire garage shelving unit systems.

Friday, January 11, 2013 - Steel Metal Shelving And Racks Unit Systems For Storage

Justshelfit is New York City premier manufacturer of closed metal shelving racks, and open and adjustable steel metal shelving and racks unit systems for storage solutions.

They also sell a wide array of shelving solutions, including steel chrome wire shelves, metal racks shelves for storage, wire carts on wheels, heavy duty shelving units for industrial, commercial and warehouse applications.

By the way, they also have great prices on locker room lockers for storage, rolling garment racks, grid wall panels, wire wine shelving and accessories plus much more. Visit our website for more information.

Click here for - metal racks and shelves for storage unit systems…

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Libraries Metal Racks and Shelving Unit Systems

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Libraries plays a vital role in our communities, by providing book, newspapers, DVD, and whole range of information at our figure tips. One of the things that make this all possible is library metal shelves and racks.

It is of interest to note that they even provide internet access; in the age of the internet you would the library would become obsolete. But they are not…

Check out the pictures below for practical metal library shelving options.


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Visit this link for more information about libraries metal racks and shelving unit systems.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Choosing Between Closed and Open Metal Racks Shelving Storage Units

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Industrial steel shelving (also known as warehouse shelving) can be used for a wide variety of applications so it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right shelving for your particular needs. The main types of steel shelving include: die-shelving, pallet shelving, open shelving, and closed shelving.


Die-shelving and pallet shelving are for the most heavy-duty applications and are primarily used only in warehouses and factories. Open shelving and closed shelving, on the other hand, are considered “all purpose” shelving units and can be used everywhere from stock rooms and supply rooms to offices to restaurants.

Both open shelving and closed shelving tend to have capacities of about 250-750lbs per shelf, making them just right for most commercial shelving needs. So how do you know whether you should use open shelving or closed shelving?

Click here for more information about choosing between closed and open metal racks shelving storage units




Looking For A Metal Shelving and Rack Unit Online

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This person is looking a metal shelving unit similar to this picture below.

By the way, I really like this metal bookshelving unit system, really made with top end material.


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You can read more about it by clicking on this link, looking for a metal shelving and rack unit online…