Different Types of Bearings

There are many types of bearings available in the market that are designed to handle different types of objects. Bearings are basically designed to handle load and weight of an object, the alterations between bearing types concerns the load type and the ability to carry that load.

How the Needle Roller Bearings are Use

Needle roller bearings, which are greatly use to bring down friction of a rotating surface using cylindrical rollers, needle bearings are different from ball bearing as needle bearing can contact with bearing’s outer surface having large surface area as compared to ball bearing.

History of Roller Bearing

Bearing is a device that use in relative motion between two or more parts, typically for rotation or linear motion. Classification of bearing can be explained according to motions, principles and operation that they allows and as well the directions of applied load that handle.

Roller bearing invented as in the form of moving on wooden rollers as an object, a great ancientness and may precede to the invention of wheel, Egyptians used the roller bearing as tree trunks under sleds i.e. modern speculation, their own drawing describes that in the tomb hypothesis as moving stone blocks on sledgehammers using running lubricated a liquid which would establishes a plain bearing.

In the early stage, bearing is a wooden ball bearing supporting a rotating table from the remains of the Roman Nemi ships. Basic use to hold the wheel and axles, by making the friction act over a shorter distance as the wheel turned the bearings use greatly reducing friction over dragging an object, roller bearing were used.

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