Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Tgs5042

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Tgs5042, Electrochemical Gas Sensors, Carbon Monoxide Sensor on

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Tgs5042

Product Specifications/Features
    Carbon Monoxide sensor TGS5042

    Figaro’s TGS5042 is a battery operable electrochemical sensor which offer several advantages over traditional electrochemical sensors. Its electrolyte is environmentally friendly, it poses no risk of electrolyte leakage, can detect concentrations as high as 1% CO, operates in a range from -40? and +70?C, and it has lower sensitivity to interferant gases.

    1) Target gases : Carbon monoxide
    2) range:0 ~ 10,000 ppm
    3) Response time (T90) :within 60 seconds

    1) Battery operable
    2) High repeatability/selectivity to CO
    3) Linear relationship between CO gas concentration and sensor output
    4) Simple calibration; * Long life
    5) UL recognized component
    6) Meets UL2034, EN50291, and RoHS requirements

    Residential and commercial CO detectors;
    CO monitors for industrial applications;
    Ventilation control for indoor parking garages;
    Recreational vehicle CO detectors;
    Marine CO detectors;
    Fire detection 
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Methane And Lp Gas Sensor Tgs 6812, Catalytic Combustion Method Gas Sensors,

Methane And Lp Gas Sensor Tgs 6812, Catalytic Combustion Method Gas Sensors, Gas Sensor on


Methane and Lp Gas Sensor Tgs 6812

Product Specifications/Features
Methane and LP gas sensor TGS 6812

Description of TGS6812

The TGS6812 catalytic type gas sensor
can detect levels of hydrogen up to 100%LEL. This sensor features high
accuracy, good durability and stability, quick response, and linear
output. This sensor can detect not only hydrogen, but also methane and
LP gas, thus making it an excellent solution for monitoring gas leakage
from staionary fuel cell systems which transform combustible gases into


1) Target gases : Hydrogen, methane, iso-butane

2) range:0~100%LEL of each gas

3) Response time (90%) < 15 sec.

4) Circuit Voltage:3.0±0.1V AC/DC

5) Heater current:175mA (typical).

Features of TGS6812

1) Linear output;Compact size

2) Meets RoHS requirements

3) Small sensitivity to alcohol

4) Sensitive to hydrogen, methane, andLP gas

Monday, August 29, 2016

Relative Humidity Sensor Hm1500/Hm1500LF

Relative Humidity Sensor Hm1500/Hm1500LF, Humidity Sensor on


Relative Humidity Sensor Hm1500/Hm1500LF

Product Specifications/Features

Relative humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF

Description of humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF:

Based on the rugged HS1101/HS1101LF capacitive humidity sensor,
HM1500/HM1500LF is a dedication humidity transducer designed for OEM
applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed.Direct
interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module’s
linear voltage output.

FEATURES of humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF:

1) Small size

2) Not affrcted by water immersion

3) Full interchangeability with no calibration required in standard conditions

4) High reliability and long term stability

5) Typical 1 to 4 volt DC output for 0 to 100%RH at 5 VDC supply

6) Calibrated within +/-2%RH@55%RH

7) Very low temperature dependence

8) Ratiometric to voltage supply

9) Suitable for 3 to 10 Volts supply voltage

APPLICATIONS of humidity sensor HM1500/HM1500LF:

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

GPS Personal Tracker Tk102B

GPS Personal Tracker Tk102B, Gps, Tracker, Monitoring, Vehicle, Gsm on


GPS Personal Tracker Tk102B

Product Specifications/Features
    Individual cars General
    Base station +GPS real-time dual-position monitoring,
    Since memory can store up to 16,000 location information, expenditure on SD card
    GPS blind area alarm
    SOS electronic fence, shifting, speed and low power alarm
    Vibration alarm
    Time sleeping, vibration sleep, deep vibration sleep, regular reports, multiple power-saving mode
    GPRS traffic patterns
    SMS tracking with GOOGLE maps links
    Text location query
    Free PC installed version-tracking software
    Web tracking platform, mobile client tracks

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Apollo Optronics Co., Ltd Humidity Sensors Manufacturer and Supplier, offering humidity sensor

Humidity Module HTG3515CH

Product Specifications/Features

    Humidity And Temperature sensor HTG3515CH

    DESCRIPTION of relative humidity sensor HTG3515CH
    Based on the rugged HUMIREL humidity sensor, HTG3515CH is a dedicated humidity and temperature plug and play transducer designed for OEM applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed. Direct interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module’s humidity linear voltage and direct NTC outputs. HTG3515CH is designed for high volume and demanding applications.

    Main features of relative humidity sensor HTG3515CH
    a) Voltage Supply: 5 Vdc
    b) Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100 %RH
    c) Response Time (at 63% of signal) 33%RH to 75%RH(3): 5 s
    d) Suitable for small bulk assembly
    e) Reliability not affected by repeated condensations
    f) Full interchangeability. Better than +/-3%RH and +/-0.15oC
    g) Demonstrated reliability and long term stability
    h) Typical 1 to 3.6 Volt DC output for 0 to 100% RH at 5 V DC supply
    i) Humidity calibrated within +/- 3% RH @ 55% RH
    j) Temperature measurement through NTC 10 kΩ +/- 1% direct output
    k) Ratiometric to voltage supply within the specified range

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mini Tower UPS -line Interactive, Ups, Mini, Portable, Compact, Tower on

Mini Tower UPS -line Interactive, Ups, Mini, Portable, Compact, Tower on


Mini Tower UPS -line interactive

Product Specifications/Features
    ? 400VA/600VA/800VA/1KVA/1.5KVA/2KVA line interactive UPS
    ? Compact size
    ? Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
    ? Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
    ? Auto restart while AC is recovering
    ? Off-mode charging
    ? Cold start function
    1.5K / 2K 1K 400 / 600 / 80

    CAPACITY 600 VA / 360 W 800 VA / 480 W 1000 VA / 600 W 1500 VA / 900 W 2000 VA / 1200 W
    Voltage 220 / 230 / 240 VAC 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
    Voltage Range 162-290 VAC 162-290 VAC
    Frequency Range 60 / 50 Hz (Auto sensing)
    Output Voltage 220/230/240 VAC 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
    AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) ± 10%
    Frequency Range (Batt. Mode) 50 Hz or 60 Hz ± 1 Hz
    Transfer Time Typical 2-6 ms
    Waveform (Batt. Mode) Simulated Sinewave
    Battery Type & Number 12 V / 7 Ah x 1 12 V / 9 Ah x 1 12 V / 7 Ah x 2 12 V / 9 Ah x 2 12 V / 9 Ah x 2
    Typical Recharge Time 4 hours recover to 90% capacity 4-6 hours recover to 90% capacity
    Full Protection Overload, discharge, and overcharge protection
    AC Mode Green lighting
    Green fiashing Yellow fiashing
    Green lighting
    Battery Mode
    Fault N/A Red lighting
    Battery Mode Sounding every 10 seconds
    Low Battery Sounding every second
    Overload Sounding every 0.5 second
    Fault Continuously sounding
    Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 279 x 101 x 142 320 x 130 x 182
    Net Weight (kgs) 4.2 4.9 8.2 10.4 10.6
    Humidity 0-90 % RH @ 0- 40°C (Non-condensing)
    Noise Level Less than 40dB
    12 V / 4.5 Ah x 1
    MODEL 600
    400 VA / 240 W
    400 800 1000 1500 2000

    Electrical & Power Generation>Power Supplies>Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)(856)  

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Expiry Date Coding Machine Inkjet Printer (AU2175)

Expiry Date Coding Machine Inkjet Printer

Product Specifications/Features
    1.180 degrees text rotation
    2.Repeat printing automatically
    3.Printing delay is adjustable
    4.Bold factor from 1 to 9 times
    5.Dot size, character width and height are adjustable

    Product Features:
    1.The inkjet printer will edit content on the3.5 inches color touch
    screen panel without PC.
    2.It could print the dot matrix and typographic fonts in different languages
    3.You can adjust the size and height of fonts you need.
    4.The printer could work in diverse harsh environments with IP65 rating
    5.The anti-blocking nozzle ensures printer long time running with trouble-free.
    6.The printer print clear characters with strong adhesive in plastic, metal,
    glasses, paper and wood

    1,Model Number -----AU2175
    2,Operation Type-----Automatic
    3,Display Interface---3.5 inch color touch screen
    4,Operator Interfaces----------Image-style & Chinese or English
    ( Spanish\Portuguese\Arabic) menu, What you see is what you get.
    5,Memory Function---------More than 1000pcs texts can be storage
    6,Voltage-----------Input AC90V-260V, 50-60Hz, Output DC 12.6V
    8,Printer Net Weight-------2.5KG
    9,Printer Total Weight -------8.5KG
    10,Printer Package Weight -------11.5KG
    11,Printer Dimension---------------185*135*56mm
    12,Printer Head Size-------------------100X17X44mm
    13,Printer Head Numbers-----------1 piece
    14,Printer Head Weight------------------165g/piece
    15,Printer Package Dimension---------430X420X330mm
    16,System protection grade------------IP65 rating (selectable)

    1,Printing Speed--------------50M/min Cross direction resolution 100DPI
    2,Printing Character width---1--17.5mm
    3,Printing Lines--------1--17 lines The lines unlimited within Max height 17.5mm
    4,Printing Space----------1mm-8mm, it depend on the printing content & ink type
    5,Print Resolution-------------Resolution height is 200DPI; Cross direction
    resolution 100-400DPI can be adjustment
    6,Print Direction--------------Upward printing, downward printing, side
    printing(360degrees direction printing)
    7,Font Library-----------------Standard font library are Chinese & English,
    and The Spanish\Portuguese\Arabic font library can be optional

    1,Printing Fonts-------------The built-in various font, and horizontal bar\vertical
    bar\dot-matrix\bold font can be free change
    2,Printing Content----------Real Date, Real time, Photo, Letter, Shift group,
    Serial number, Batch number, Lot number Barcode
    and 2D code can be free print.
    3,External Interface--------USB interface, synchronizer
    4,Printing Package Type:Boxes , Cans, Bottles, Tubes, Bags ,Films and so on
    5,Printing Package Material-------Paper, Metal, Glass, Plastic, PVC, PE, Steel ,
    Aluminium, Wood
    6,Industry Applications-----Chemicals, building materials, electronics, auto parts, food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, rubber, postal services, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics, wood, biological products

    1,Humidity Range------------10-90% Non-condensing
    2,Temperature Range-------5-40 degrees 
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