Modern Style in a Personal Atmosphere. 
Specializing in corrective color and highlights.

You’ve been to all the cookie-cutter salons. You’ve sat there and felt like another product rolling off the assembly line, the subject of an impersonal process designed to get you out of the chair and out the door as quickly as possible. And walking out, you looked around and saw all the other people with hairstyles just like yours.

You were in style, but not in your style.

Angela Kristas’ Hair Salon is all about transforming the salon experience. Angela Laughner is the owner and one and only hair stylist. When you come to Angela Kristas’ Hair Salon, you’ll be able to indulge in an absolutely personalized experience, focused entirely on you, within a comfortable space. Angela wants you to be able to relax completely, and that’s why she offers a free cocktail for you to enjoy while you get your trim or color. She’ll discuss with you exactly what you want from your hair and dedicate herself to providing just that. We understand that, these days, many people are looking for a dramatic transformation in their style, which is why Angela specializes in hair coloring.

At Angela Kristas’ Hair Salon, only the finest hair products are employed. Angela Laughner wants you to have the hairstyle you’ve always dreamed of. Come by today for your free consultation, and leave with the look you’ve always known you could rock. Contact Angela Kristas’ Hair Salon today at 330-707-9261.
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Angela Kristas ' Hair Salon
1975 E. Western Reserve Road
Poland, OH 44514

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