Laser Torpedo Level

ACCULEVEL - Laser Torpedo Level

Valuable laser level features and practical usefulness at a reasonable cost. Precision laser measurement provides an accuracy of 1/4" at a range of 100 feet. Ease of use is provided by the 4-window design, allowing level readings from any position. Save time with one-person operation and no more chalk lines. Carry just one level which extends its beam to over 600' indoors.


  • Range/Accuracy: -1/4" accuracy at 100 feet
  • Rugged: High impact aircraft aluminum casing is water and shock resistant
  • Time Saver: No more chalk lines over level lines necessary
  • Certified: FDA Certified and Approved
  • Versatile and Portable: Use it anywhere powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • provides thousands of times on/off use. Will run continuously for 10-12 hours. Attaches to any
  • 1/4" x 20 mm camera tripod for transit operation.


Installing shelving
  • Laying tile
  • Check floor levels
  • Level plumbing pipes and conduit
  • Installing cabinets
  • Hanging pictures
  • Building decks
  • Duct work
  • Framing
  • Exam-Prep Home Inspection

    Exam-Prep Home Inspection, Question and Answer Learning Tool

    For fast and easy results, the Exam-Prep CD helps you understand exactly what knowledge is necessary in order to become proficient in Home Inspection. By answering more than 125 multiple-choice questions, you cover all of the areas that are needed for a home inspector to succeed. If you miss a question, Exam-Prep will give you the right answer and a full explanation of the basic principles involved in that question. Even if you guess the right answer, the explanation is there! So you actually LEARN what you need to know.

    Code Check

    Code Check - 4 DVD Set: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Building

    This informative series of DVDs is based on the ever-popular Code Check Book: A Field Guide to Building a Safe House. The narrative DVD's explain hundreds of Code facts in detail with on-site, real life displays and extensive pictorial examples. Interviews with experts will provide helpful tips and insight on these subjects. Cross referenced to the Uniform Plumbing Code, International Residential Code, Uniform Mechanical Code and National Electrical Code-this is a cut-to-the-chase look at the recent building codes.

    Doctor Watts

    Doctor Watts Shirt-Pocket Electrical Guide 2005 Ed.

    Packed with twice as much valuable information, the 2005 Doctor Watts has 25 additional pages of vital electrical content. Many new NEC tables, formulas, illustrations and detailed examples make this an indispensable reference for anyone working with electricity.

    This shirt-pocket guide is loaded with essential information for everyday reference; it's heavy laminated pages and built-in tabs make it sturdy and durable.

    Building Report Forms

    Building Analysis Report Forms

    This 3-part NCR inspection report has been designed to be just as easy to fill out, as it is for the client to understand. It is a complete, 18 page, self contained home inspection report, including a Pre-Inspection Agreement and every section is mapped out and ready to follow. Each of the 7 sections, from roofing to structural, contain valuable preprinted maintenance tips on common deficiencies and important information your customers will welcome.

    ITA Report Forms

    ITA Property Inspection Report Forms

    You work hard to check every detail and the property inspection report you present to clients should reflect that effort. Now you can use a pre-printed inspection reporting system that gives clients detailed information without the high price of individualized reports. Legal-size report forms are easy for you and your client to use.

    The report includes an inspection agreement and a specially designed folder is included for safe keeping. These professional-quality multi-part report forms cover 11 areas and systems in and around the residence including: plumbing, heating, grounds, roof, garages, foundations, etc.

    SnakeEye System

    SnakeEye II Remote Video Inspection System

    This versatile diagnostic tool can be invaluable in many instances-for industrial inspections of machinery and pipe; for building inspection and maintenance of plumbing and wiring behind walls; for search and rescue missions; and even for aviation and vehicle applications.

    Cleverly designed for ease-of-use, this portable and lightweight system can be maneuvered and carried without interference to the task at hand. The hand-held, high resolution color display screen gets attached to a 4' flexible cable, connecting to a lightweight and rigid wand. Or with the 100ft. of cable you can attach a snake to see even further. The CCD camera (with LED lights) can either attach to the wand, equipped with 90 degree articulation, or connect to the ring adapter, which is then guided by hand. As each situation is different, you can easily adjust the backlight brightness or turn the camera lights on/off.


    • Viewer features color-coded, push-button controls for on/off, high/low brightness, and camera lights on/off
    • Viewer plug-in ports include video I/O for recording, camera input and external power
    • SnakeEye kit includes 5" display viewer with hand strap, 4' cable, 100' cable, wand, camera
    • head, ring adapter, rechargeable battery pack with AC & 12V adapters, video I/O adapter, hard carrying case
    • Requires the use of a pipe snake (not included)


    • Behind walls
    • Inside ceilings
    • Pipes
    • Machinery

    Pipeline Camera

    Navigator III Color Video Pipeline Camera and VCR.

    The Navigator? by UEMSI, is an extremely durable and compact mini camera system that you can't afford to be without. It is used for inspecting sewer pipelines, HVAC ducts, and chimneys. The unique waterproof camera uses an adjustable, high powered light and built-in stabilizer to produce a crystal clear image. A built-in VCR and microphone enables the operator to record findings, while adding important voice observations for further analysis.

    Negotiate areas up to 200 feet in length (up to 300 ft. with optional cable)in pipes that are 2 to 15" in diameter. The cable features an inner fiberglass rod for rigidity and cable retracts onto an industrial steel reel that allows easy one-man operation and transportation.

    Standard with the Navigator system is UEMSI's proven multiconductor video push cable. It is the strongest in the industry enabling the user to push long runs, yet flexible to handle tight corners in small pipe.

    • 1-CM-1 color camera head
    • 200' of video push cable
    • 9" color monitor
    • Built-in VCR
    • Built-in microphone
    • Hand held microphone
    • Picture inverter
    • AC/DC operation
    • 4 to 6" brush skid assembly

    Sound Level Meter

    Sound Level Meter Datalogger (Calibrated to NIST Standards)

    Monitor sound levels for noise assessments with ease and accuracy. This quality datalogger can store up to 32,000 records. The easy-to-read digital display, with bargraph indicator also performs MAX/MIN function, auto ranging and fast/slow weghting.

    Features & Applications:

    Calibrated to NIST Standards
  • 32,000 Records Datalogger
  • Bargraph Indication
  • MAX/MIN Function
  • Auto Ranging (30 ~ 130dB)
  • Resolution 0.1dB
  • Clock Display
  • Level Range Display
  • RS-232 Interface and Windows? Software
  • 9 V. battery included
  • Microphone windscreen and carrying case included
  • Extech Infrared Laser

    Extech High Temperature Infrared Laser Thermometer 50:1 DS.

    Extech High Temperature Infrared Laser Thermometer measures up to 1832°F with 50 to 1 distance to target ratio.

    Backlighting illuminates display for taking measurements at night or in areas with low background light levels

    • High resolution of 0.0° up to 199.9°
    • Automatic data hold when trigger released
    • Fixed 0.95 emissivity covers 90% of surface applications
    • Auto power off
    • Complete with 9V battery
    • Wide temperature range from -58 to 1832°F (-50 to 1000°C)
    • High 50 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances

    Infrared Thermometer

    Infrared Thermometer (Calibrated to NIST Standards) with Laser Guide 8:1 DS

    Features & Applications:

    The gun-like shape and targeting laser help the user to aim precisely on object to be tested. Take Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature measurements up to 932?F (500?C).


    • Temperature measurement range -4? to 932?F
    • 8:1 Distance to spot ratio
    • Laser targeting
    • LCD with backlight
    • °F or °C temperature readings
    • Display hold function
    • Soft holster included
    • 9V battery included
    • Calibrated to NIST Standards


    • Food Safety
    • HVAC/R Systems
    • Home Inspection
    • Fire and insurance inspections
    • Electrical and Industrial
    • Automotive and Diesel
    • Plant/General Maintenance
    • Construction Inspection
    • Manufacturing quality control
    • Asphalt Work

    Spec Summary:

    Range:-4 ~ 932°F-20 ~ 500°C
  • Accuracy:±2% or ± 3°F (2°C)
  • Resolution:1°F; 0.5°C
  • Distance to Spot (D:S):8:1
  • Response Time:500 msec.
  • Emissivity:Pre-Set at 0.95
  • Power sourse:9V battery
  • Dimensions:6 x 4 1/2 x 1 1/2"
  • Weight:Approx. 0.5 lbs
  • Butane Torch

    Olympian? GasMatch-3X - Butane Torch.

    Here's a tool that moves easily from your professional life into your personal life. Use it to light torches and pilot lights, and the GasMatch-3X is perfect for spotting leaks in heat exchangers because it cannot blow out. Any change in the configuration of the flame clues you to a leak or defect. Operates on one AA battery.


    • Continuous ignition by Piezo-Electric system
    • Will not blow out
    • Safety lock system
    • Adjustable flame length
    • Fuel capacity is 0.15 oz Butane
    • Fuel viewing window
    HVAC Inspection
  • Fireplaces
  • Portable space heaters
  • Barbecues
  • Culinary butane torch
  • Camping equipment
  • Outdoor gas or kerosene lanterns
  • Torches and other industrial applications
  • Airflow Meter CFM

    CFM Portable Airflow Meter.

    This instrument is the only model that can measure CFM/airflow using one hand operation. It's an ideal service instrument as it is easy and comfortable to operate, yet offers state-of-the-art engineering features and wide measurement ranges. The large, digital display records temperature, CFM, FPM, MPH, KPH Knots, and MPS. To make your job easier, it is equipped with these features: data hold, min/max, multi-point average (up to 8 readings), deg. F and deg. C switchable, auto power-off and a RS-232 output.

    Ultraviolet Light

    Ultraviolet Light for Rodent Control.

    Features & Applications:
    This unit provides high-intensity, long wave UV light to activate fluorescent dye tracers typically used with leak detection kits (HVAC, automotive, etc.) and water testing kits. The heavy-duty HotSpot? UV is chemical and water-resistant. This light source is unique in that it can be used for more common close range (<18>

    NEC 2005

    2005 National Electrical Code, Spiralbound Edition.

    Every three years the National Electric Code is significantly revised to keep pace with technology and enhance protection against electrical fire and shock hazards. Get in position to advance your knowledge and be prepared with the newest codes.

    The 2005 National Electrical Code is loaded with solutions designed to provide better safeguards, add greater usuability, and bring provisions in-line with technology trends. It's a "must" for anyone who works with electric conductors or equipment.

    Revisions include:
    Expanded AFCI protection in wiring systems
    New rules for GFCI protection
    Identification of ungrounded branch circuit and feeder conductors
    All-new articles for control panels and speed-drive systems
    Reorganized rules in Article 220: Branch Circuit, Feeder and Service Calculations
    New zone hazardous area classification system for combustible dusts and ignitable fibers and flyings
    You'll help improve electrical safety for millions of people with the latest edition of the NEC; the world's most widely adopted safety code.


    SmartTool? 24 Inch Smart Level by M-D Building Products.

    Features & Applications:

    The 24"Smart Tool digital level finds level and plumb in two ways. For quick reference, use the sensitive acrylic bubbles. For high precision, use the digital display with amazing accuracy within 0.1 degrees. When not utilizing plumb or level, Smart Tool quickly identifies any angle in 3 different modes: degrees, % slope and pitch.

    On/Off button
    Calibrate button
    Angle Accuracy
    Aluminum box frame
    Mode button
    Built-in acrylic bubble vials

    Listen & Level: audible tone alerts you when level or plumb is reached
    Hold Button: freezes any reading and can be converted from one mode to another
    Always Accurate: can be re-calibrated at the touch of a buttonApplications:
    Stair rails

    Leica DISTO

    Leica DISTO? Classic 5 a, Laser Distance Measuring Device.

    Features & Applications:
    Leica Geosystems' NEW DISTO? Classic5 a Laser Distancemeter is the most accurate DISTO classic ever, measures up to 650ft within 1/16 of an inch! Technically up to date, with proven ease of use, numerous additional functions and a new Hi-Viz Green design, the Leica DISTO? classic5a gives quick accurate measurements with high precision.
    We also offer an excellent Training CD that will have you mastering the Leica DISTO classic5 a in less than an hour! (Z410-4703)

    Range of measurement from 0.7 up to 650ft
    Pythagoras function (triangulation)
    Add, subtract, and multiply measurements
    Minimum/Maximum tracking
    Integrated 2x telescopic viewer
    Illuminated LCD
    Bubble level
    Hand loop and holster
    Stores the last 15 measured values plus 10 additional constants (e.g. ceiling heights)
    Measures from both flat surfaces and out of corners
    10,000 measurements per pair of AA 1.5v batteries

    Spec Summary:

    Measuring accuracy:
    0.06 in.
    0.7 inch to 650 ft. within 1/16 inch
    Time for aMeasurement:
    0.5 to about 4 sec.0.16 to about 1 sec.
    Units of measure:
    mm, cm, in, ft, ft in 1/16
    Distance in ft/m:Diameter of laser dot in in/mm:
    32, 164, 328/10, 50, 100 m0.2, 1.2, 2.4/6, 30, 60 mm
    Calculations, functions total:
    Changes, stores constants:
    Up to 10,000
    2 AA included
    6.8 x 2.9 x 1.8 in.172 x 73 x 45 mm
    Weight including batteries:
    11.11 oz.335 g

    Telesteps Ladder

    Telesteps? 12.5 foot Telescopic Extension Ladder with 225lb rating

    Features & Applications:
    You won't believe the convenience and versatility of this innovative ladder. The Telesteps? Telescopic Ladder allows for multiple height adjustments starting as low as 2-1/2 feet and increasing in length by one foot increments up to 12-1/2 feet maximum. So easy to store and carry, your task is always hassle-free.

    Meets ANSI, Type II OSHA standard with a duty rating of 225 pounds
    Strong, safe, portable
    Easy, automatic one-person operation and adjustment
    Opens in one-foot increments


    Easy access to:
    Tight spaces
    Under a roof
    Any other projecting edgeSpec

    Extends to 12? feet
    Weighs 23 lbs.
    Closed measurements: 2-1/2' high x 1-1/2' wide

    Little Giant

    Little Giant 13 to 23 Foot Extension Ladder System, Type 1A (Model 26)

    Features & Applications:
    Each of the Little Giant aluminum ladders can replace several sizes of step ladders, easily converting to an extension ladder, and may be converted into two scaffolding trestles as well. It can also adjust to fit safely on stairwells and other uneven surfaces.Ladder systems meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA standards, as well as complying with UL code. Little Giant ladders have skid resistant feet, flared legs for improved stability and are shipped assembled and ready for use.

    Spec Summary:
    Extended Height:
    13' to 23'
    Stepladder Height:
    6' to 11'
    Storage Height:
    6' 7"
    54 LBS
    Rating (LBS.)

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Features & Applications:

    Digital Carbon Monoxide Detector measures up to 1000ppm.
    Ergonomic pocket size housing
    Easy one button operation
    Easy to read 1999 count backlit displays CO levels from 0 to 1000ppm
    1ppm resolution with ±5% or ±10ppm basic accuracy (whichever is greater)
    Utilizes a stabilized electrochemical gas specific (CO) fast response sensor
    Audible alarm starts at 35ppm
    Backlight for low light conditions
    Max Hold and Data Hold buttons
    Auto Power Off
    Complete with 9V battery and carrying case

    Ambient air checks on residential appliances
    CO emission of hot air furnaces and boilers
    Combustion checks on fireplaces, and grills
    HVAC service on furnaces and hot water heater
    Home Inspections
    Industrial environments where the accumulation of CO is possible

    Spec Summary:
    0 to 1,000 ppm
    ±10 ppm
    Power source:
    1 9V battery
    6.3 x 2.2 x 1.6"

    Extech Spygas

    Extech Spygas Carbon Monoxide Detector.

    The Spygas Carbon Monoxide Detector is the most up to date and technically advanced, yet simple to use, CO gas leak detector available. Designed to fit into overall pockets, the Spygas has also been developed to provide easy access in difficult to reach areas. The automatically activated backlight allows for easy viewing of the digital display, whilst the crescendo alarm increases in pitch, with both indicators warning when CO safety levels are exceeded. The built-in timer allows for ambient room CO monitoring applications, with the maximum value recorded for the test period.

    Digital concentration display shows carbon monoxide levels
    Automatic blue backlight for the display, which switches on automatically in low light conditions
    2 AA size batteries included
    Single on/off keySpec Summary:
    Gases detected:
    Carbon monoxide. Cross sensitivity tohydrogen approx 40%.
    Stabilization time:
    20 seconds.
    CO range:
    0-999ppm, resolution 1ppm.Above 999ppm the display shows "Hi"
    Blue-automatic operation in low ambient light.
    Battery life (Alkaline):
    30 hours backlight on-intermittent use.50 hours backlight off-intermittent use.
    Audio alarm:
    1Hz tick at 0ppm rising to ~2700Hz at 35ppm.Above 35ppm a two tone beep is emitted.
    Maximum reading:
    This is displayed at the end of a 15 minute period whena two tone alarm is sounded.
    Product is compliant with EMC standards EN50270:1999and forthcoming BS7967 for CO measurement.

    Pen Style (CO) Detector

    Portable Pen Style Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector .

    Features & Applications:Detekta-CO is a compact and portable, large pen sized, battery operated Carbon Monoxide (CO) leak detector that also detects static. This portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector has been developed for the purpose of detecting leaks of highly toxic carbon monoxide that are found from faulty heating appliances. The Detekta- CO is very easy to use, simply turn the detector on and hold it near the area that you suspect a leak and if a trace of CO is found the red LED will illuminate and the audible alarm will sound.

    Bacharach Leakator 10

    Bacharach Leakator 10 Combustible Gas Leak Detector. Bacharach's Leakator 10 is a low maintenance combustible gas leak detection unit, small enough to be operated with just one hand, yet loaded with advanced features and technology professionals demand. Powered for up to 30 hours of continuous operation by alkaline C-cell batteries, Leakator 10 includes a flexible 20-inch long probe for hard-to-reach areas and a patented solid state sensor that will last for up to five years. Leakator 10 pinpoints large and small leaks quickly, while quickly checking a large area no calibration required.
    10 Ultra-bright LEDs
    Audible Indicator - loud audible ticking rate
    30 hour battery life - replaceable C-cells
    Sensitivity: 20ppm useable sensitivity (methane)
    Sensitivity thumb-wheel
    Operational status LEDs
    Patented solid state sensor
    20 inch flexible probe for hard to reach locations
    Carrying strap
    UL Listed
    CE Mark - electronic performance standard
    Intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1, GroupsA, B, C, and D hazardous areas

    TIF 8800 Gas Detector

    TIF 8800 Combustible Gas Detector.
    This rugged broad range combustible gas detector is an extremely useful tool in any environment where gasoline, propane, natural gas, fuel oil and many other explosive gases may be present. As a combustible gas or vapor source is approached, a "geiger counter" type signal increases in frequency to show the intensity of the leak. The unique flexible probe gives you access to gas leaks in hard to reach places.This combustible gas detector is UL, CE, and MSHA approved.
    Don't forget to replace the sensor tips every 12 to 18 months depending on usage!

    Minimum detectable concentration 1 – 500 ppm
    Instantaneous response
    Used in almost any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues
    Rapid warm up
    Adjustable sensitivity
    Audible signal
    Carrying case, rechargeable batteries, and battery charger included
    Gas lines and pipes,
    Heat Exchanger leaks
    Hazardous living/working environments
    Fuel in marine bilges
    Exhaust and fuel leaks
    Propane filling stations
    Check manholes for safety
    Spec Summary:
    Battery Charger:
    Probe Length :
    15” (38cm)
    Power Supply:
    (2) 2.4V Ni-Cad Batteries
    Operating Temp:
    32 to 125? F (0 to 52? C)
    11.562 X 7.625 X 3.125 inch
    3.15 lb
    UL, CE, and MSHA
    Battery Life:
    4 Hours/Charge
    Partial List of Detectable Compounds:
    Hydrogen Sulfide
    Lacquer Thinners
    Methane (Natural Gas)
    Accessories:G276 - Rechargeable Batteries for TIF 8800, 8800A, and 8850 Combustible Gas DetectorsG277 - Battery Charger for TIF 8800, 8800A, and 8850 Combustible Gas DetectorsG278 - Replacement Sensor Tip for TIF 8800, 8800A, and 8850 Combustible Gas Detectors

    FLIR ThermaCAM? B2

    The FLIR ThermaCAM? B2 Portable Infrared Thermal Imager Camera offers a noninvasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings. It provides immediate documentation of as-built or post restoration quality, post-casualty cause and origin data, plumbing and building envelope water leakage, post-flood and fire water-damaged material assessment, energy use inefficiency, roofing, and even rodent or pest discovery.

    Features & Applications:
    The FLIR ThermaCAM? B2 Portable Infrared Thermal Imager Camera offers a noninvasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings. It provides immediate documentation of as-built or post restoration quality, post-casualty cause and origin data, plumbing and building envelope water leakage, post-flood and fire water-damaged material assessment, energy use inefficiency, roofing, and even rodent or pest discovery.
    Find Problems Fast
    Monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings quickly and view crisp thermal images on the 2.5" color LCD. Highlightand analyze problems, store images and document results.
    Flexible Jpeg Image Storage
    Store and recall up to 100 JPEG thermal images in the camera's on-board memory. Recall, analyze and share your findings with others in the field using the camera's LCD.
    Fast Detection For Fast Action
    Instantly image entire rooms, inspect places that can't be physically reached with moisture meters, reveal wet conditions behind surfaces such as enameled walls and wallpaper that don't readily water stain, track leaks to their source, monitor the drying process, and confirm when a structure is dry.
    Note: Only available to our United States customers
    Crisp, high-quality images
    Dew point & color alarm feature
    Easy-view integral 2.5" LCD
    Built-in Laser LocatIR?
    JPEG image storage
    Download images easily to a PC
    Interchangeable lenses
    Thermacam? B2 System Includes:
    IR camera with lens
    Ruggedized transport case
    Power supply
    Hand strap
    Lens cap
    QuickViewTM software
    USB cable
    User manual
    Power cord
    2 Batteries with 2 bay charger
    Training CD
    Plumbing and building envelope water leakage
    Post-flood and fire water-damaged material assessment
    Energy use inefficiency
    Rodent or pest discovery
    Spec Summary:
    Imaging Performance
    Field of view/min focus distance:
    25° X 19° / 0.3 m
    Thermal sensitivity:
    Detector type:
    Focal plane array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer
    Spectral range:
    7.5 to 13 ?m
    Image Presentation
    2.5" color LCD, 16K colors
    Video output:
    NTSC, standard RCA composite video
    Image controls:
    Palettes (Iron, high contrast rainbow, B/W, B/W inv), level,span, auto adjust (continuous/manual)
    Set-up controls:
    Date/time, language (english, spanish), info, LCD intensity(high/normal/low)
    Temperature range:
    -4 to +212°F (-20 to +100°C)
    Image Storage
    Digital storage functions:
    Freeze, Standard JPEG images, Delete all images, Deleteimage, Open
    Image Storage Capacity:
    Approximately 200 Jpegs
    Power Source
    Battery type:
    Battery operating time:
    1.5 hours. Display shows battery status
    Battery charging:
    In camera, AC adapter or 12V from car with optional 12Vcable. 2 bay intelligent charger included.
    AC Operation:
    AC adapter, 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz/12VDC out
    11-16 VDC
    Power Saving:
    Automatic shutdown and sleep mode (user-selectable)
    Operating Temperature Range:
    +5 to 113°F (-15 to +45°C)
    Storage Temperature Range:
    -40 to 158°F (-40 to +70°C)
    Operating and storage 20% to 80%, non-condensing, IEC 359
    Water and dust resistant (encapsulation):
    IP 54
    25G, IEC 68-2-29
    2G, IEC 68-2-6
    Physical Characteristics