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Are you Prepared for This Hurricane Season???

This is one of the most useful tools for your home in Flood Protection!

Taking Skid Steers to a New Level
The Boom-Grapple

  Diverse Specialties takes skid steers and tractor-loaders to a new level with their innovative Boom-Grapple. This attachment combines grapple truck capabilities with the versatility of a skid steer and for a fraction of the cost.

  During the 2004 Florida Hurricane season with its millions of yards of storm debris, the need was evident. Despite the number of skid steers out there collecting debris, many of the trailers and trucks were too tall for standard buckets and grapples to load. The Boom-Grapple now makes it possible to reach easily over the sides of any road legal vehicle.


Diverse Specialties Provides The Latest In
Bucket Attachments

  Diverse Specialties offers unique design features and durable construction in three styles of buckets for use in multiple applications.
  These attachments are constructed of industrial strength 3/16?steel plate and feature 緮 x 6?cutting edges. Cutting edges are not wrapped around, but instead are welded together to ensure longer wear and additional durability. Safety treads are standard on all of our buckets to prevent accidents while maneuvering in and out of the machine. The steps give your feet a solid foundation to support your weight and the texture prevents slipping in wet or muddy conditions.
  All buckets are available with or without large or small teeth.

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Pulling posts of any kind has never been easier. DSI's Post Puller & Pullin-Out Plates can make removing existing fence posts as quick as 2 posts per minute. No need to dig and loosen.

A vital tool in the tree industry, this skid steer attachment is quickly becoming a necessity among all contractors today. We offer this unique skid steer attachment in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications: the Standard Root Grapple and the Monster Root Grapple.

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