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"I have the world's largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world... perhaps you've seen it."
-- Steven Wright

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(red dot) About The Saddest Thing I Own: Picture And Story (turbulence.org)
(red dot) ArtCyclopedia.com: Searching And Viewing Artists' Works Online
(red dot) Art On The Internet (art.net)
(red dot) ARTStor.org Digital Library Of Artistic Images
(red dot with black border) Bonnie Katz Art: Fitness And Outdoors Depicted
(red dot) B3ta Challenge: Extending [Music] Album Art
(red dot) Beyond Interface: On Line Artists Work
(red dot) Big Picture: News Stories In Photographs, Alan Taylor's Blog Site (boston.com)
(red dot) Boardsofcanada.com: Audio-Visual Imagery By James Tindall
(red dot) Canstockphoto.com: Professional Royalty Free Licensed Stock Photography (More Than 1 Million Images) Starting At $1
(red dot) Chris Jordan Photo Gallery Of American Culture Through Statistics
(red dot) ClipArt Video: 787 Clips Of The Varieties Of Human Activity (Loop Using Quicktime)
(red dot) Cornelia Hediger.com: Surreal Split Photographic Art Portfolio
(red dot) dart.fine-art.com: d'ART's Internet Art Database (Items For Sale)
(red dot with black border) Dailymonster.com: Videos Of Spilled Ink Blots Converted Into Monsters (One A Day) By Stefan G. Bucher
(red dot) (red dot) Design Discipline: Five Years Of 100 Days (OBlog: Michael Bierut)
(red dot with black border) Electricsheep.org: Open Source Network Based Screensaver That Morphs Abstract Animations (Sheep) Based On Popularity
(red dot) Eric Grohe Murals.com: Public Mural Art To Transform The Environment And The Community
(red dot) Flickr.com Commons: Public Domain (Non-Copyrighted) Photography
(red dot) Flickr.com: Explore Most Interesting Photos Uploaded In the Last 7 Days In Sets Of 9 (Owned By Yahoo.com)
(red dot) Fotosearch.com: Royalty Free Images And Stock Photos (Purchasable But Free To Search And View)
(red dot) Fractal Recursions: Fractal Art Renderings In Still, Animated And Zoomable Galleries (Jock Cooper)
(red dot) Freefoto.com: Free Photographs For Private Non-Commercial Use On The Internet ($25 And Up For Others)
(purple dot) Christina Ray Gallery And Consulting (Previously Founded Glowlab Artists' Lab Using Urban Public Spaces and Psychogeography 2002-2010)
(purple dot) Goanimate.com: Create Animated Stories, Slideshows, Characters, Cartoon Panels And Personalized Greeting Cards (Free Registration)
(red dot) Google Image Search: Search By Images Or Text Keywords To Produce Search Results (Previously Google Image Labeller Existed From 2005-2011)
(red dot) Grafarc.org: Time-Lapse Graffiti Archeology
(red dot) Hello Natalie: Over 30 Years Of A PhotoLog With A Collaboratively Made Up Back Story
(red dot) Ian Rowland Site
(red dot) Ian Rowland: Photos Of Rowland Cards (Kirigami)
(red dot) Imagekind.com: Buy, Create, Sell Digital Art (Beta)
(red dot) Information Aesthetics (Infothetics.com) Form Following Data To Create Unusual Information Visualization
(red dot) Jacquie Lawson Animated Cards ($12/year)
(red dot) Jeanniejeannie.com: A New York City Design Blog (Jeannie Huang)
(red dot) Jill Greenberg Studio: Photographic Art (Flash Required)
(red dot) Linkdup.com Excellent Design, Content And Technology Web Sites
(red dot) Logolounge.com: 2013 Trends (And Previous Years) In Logo Design And Branding And Logo Resources And Keyword Search
(red dot) Mailbox Photos (Sam Blomberg)
(red dot) Mark Lombardi (1951-2000) Art And Politics: Networks Of Power And Money
(red dot) Mary Doodles: The Migrant Art (With The Pony, Music Video By Feat) Backwards Animated Art Set To Music
(red dot) Mattstuart.com Photographic Visual Puns (Puzzling User Interface)
(red dot) Museum Collections: Metropolitan Museum Of New York On-Line Art Collections
(red dot) Museum Collections: National Museum Of Art Of Romania On-Line Art Collections (Romanian/English/French Languages)
(red dot) Neen.org Renamed Superneen.com Demo Samples
(red dot) One Thousand Paintings.com: One number (1-1000), one painting - the number is the art is the limit is the price (Sala From Zurich, Switzerland)
(red dot) Optical Illusions: Amazing Optical Illusions Video (0:8:52)
(red dot) Optical Illusions: A Japanese Collection By Akitaoka
(red dot) Optical Illusions: Mr. Angry And Mrs. Calm Swap Feelings Video (0:1:02)
(red dot with black border) People And Their Breakfasts Photo Series By Jon Huck at jonhuck.com
(red dot with black border) Pictures I Like For A Variety Of Reasons: At fantasygoat.livejournal.com
(red dot with black border) Postsecret: A Community Art Project That Displays People's Secrets On Homemade Postcards (Blog Site)
(red dot) Predigital Photo Care (Chouette Design Group of Atlanta, GA)
(red dot) Sistine Chapel in Virtual Reality (360 degree view) In The Vatican (Flash Required)
(red dot) Image Resizing: Advanced Photographic Image Manipulation (Video Demonstration)
(red dot) Seam Carving For Content-Aware Image Resizing By Shai Avidan And Ariel Shamir (PDF File)
(red dot) Skyscraper.org Museum Of Buildings And Architecture
(red dot) SmARThistory.org: Free, Supplemental Art History Multi-Media Web-Book Replacing Static Art History Textbooks
(red dot) 10 Things I Have Learned (March 23, 2002 AIGA Voice Conference Lecture) By Milton Glaser, Graphic Artist
(red dot) Terminus1525.ca: Canada Based Art Studios And Blog Sites
(red dot) 21 Ways To Shoot Better Photographs (Via Vinhphu Nguyen June 21, 2012)
(red dot) 28 Tips For Hanging Art (From About.com)
(red dot) Uncomfortable Project: Redesigning Functional Objects So That They Are Almost Not (Katerina Kamprani)
(red dot with black border) Virtual Postcard: Reclining Woman Manifesting From Inside Out (Pen, Ink, Eraser) (fcmx.net)
(red dot with black border) Virtual Postcard: Russian Uses Of Flash Animation To Compose Line Art Drawings, A Collection (fcmx.net)
(red dot with black border) Wit And Delight: A Visual Journal


(Rev 21210)

(red dot) All Consuming.net: Monitor Of Popular Books And Other Media On Weblogs (Hourly Updates) By Erik Benson (Tag Based)
(red dot) AltWeeklies.com: Audio Book Cafe: Worldwide Reviews Of Audio Books
(red dot) Amazing Adventures Of Lethem And Chabon: A Comic By Patricia Storms
(red dot) Amazon.com: Major Literary and Other Book Award Links
(red dot) Arts And Letters Daily.com: Articles, New Books, Opinion
(red dot) Audio Book Narrator Profiles (audiofilemagazine.com)
(red dot) Author Yellow Pages.com: A Searchable Directory Of Author Websites
(red dot) bedbooks.net: Public Domain Books Printed On Sideways Pages To Be Read Laying Down In Bed
(red dot) Berkeley Book List: Recommendations By University Faculty Members
(red dot) Bibliomania.com: Free Online Literature, Study Guides, Book Information And Research Resources
(red dot) Book Crossing.com Found Books, Bookclubs, Journals Of Book Finding
(red dot) Bookdwarf.com: Megan Sullivan, Book Buyer, About Books
(red dot with black border) Book Finder 4U.com Search For Books By Title, Author, And/Or ISBN Code
(red dot) Book List From The Notices Of The American Mathematical Society (Through May 2005)
(red dot) Booklist Online: Awards, Blogs, Newsletters, Webinars, Book Reviews From The American Library Association
(red dot) bookmistakes.com: Inconsistencies And Mistakes In Published Books (Jon Sandys)
(red dot) booksfree.com: Lending Of Books And Audio Books (Subscriptions Start At $9.99/Month And $22.49/Month Respectively
(red dot) Books Recommended By The Seattle NE Library Goddess (Retired)
(red dot) Books Of The 20th Century: Top 10 Best Sellers, Critically Acclaimed And Historically Significant (Compiled By Daniel Immerwahr)
(red dot) Chegg.com: Rent And/Or Sell Textbooks Cheaply
(red dot) Children's 100 Best Books: N.Y. Public Library Compilation 2013
(red dot) Classic Reader.com: Read Free Classic Books Online
(red dot) Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme Listing For All Books (23th Edition Abridged 2011)
(red dot) Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme Summaries (23th Edition Abridged 2011)
(red dot) Dewey Decimal Classes And Descriptions, (23th Edition Abridged 2011)
(red dot) Digital Dead Sea Scrolls, The (Israel Museum, Jerusalem) 5 Scrolls Online As Of September 26, 2011
(purple dot) eBooks: oysterbooks.com: Streaming Service For Books ($9.95/Month) For Apple iOS, Android, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, And The Web.
(purple dot) eBooks: scribd.com: Digital Book Subscription Service Including AudioBooks ($8.99/Month; 1st Month Free) For Apple iOS V6+, Android, Nook HD, Kindle Fire, And The Web.
(purple dot) eBooks: Vook.com: Mixed Text And Video for Tablets and eBook Readers
(purple dot) Fantastic Fiction.co.uk: Huge Fiction Database
(red dot) Fivechapters.com: A Short Story Per Week In 5 Episodes
(red dot) Free Downloadable PDF Formatted Math Books, Textbooks, Monographs, Lecture Notes, And Other Mathematics Related Documents
(purple dot) Galleycat Book Blog Site
(red dot) Interaction Design Reading List (School Of Visual Arts)
(red dot) Internet Book Database Of Fiction Reader Discussions and Reviews
(red dot) Internet Book List Database With Reader Submissions and Reviews
(red dot) Internet Guide To Search Engines For Academic Research (Chris Strobling, 6/2/2017; Comparitech.com)
(red dot) Internet Top 100 Science Fiction And Fantasy [Book] List
(red dot) ISBNdb.com: Cross Reference ISBN And Corresponding Dewey Decimal Number Based On Many Library Holdings; Also Shows Nearby Books On The Same Shelf
(red dot) Joseph Wu Origami (Art Of Paper Folding)
(red dot) Larry Kahaner: Insightful Business, Spiritual Competitive Intelligence, and other Books
(red dot) Letters Of John Keats To Fanny Brawne (1819-1821) Digitized By Google Books
(red dot) LibraryThing.com: Self-Book Catalogues And (Crowd-Sourced) Book Recommendations; Membership ($10/Year Or $25) Optional
(red dot) Librarian.net Jessamyn West, Library Technologist (Since 1999)
(red dot) Library Journal.com: Independent (U.S.) National Library Publication Including Media Reviews and Book Lists
(red dot) Librivox.org: Collection Of Audio Books In The Public Domain
(red dot) Lulu.com: Self-Publishing Books And Other Digital Media Worldwide, Many Free Downloads
(red dot) Magportal.com: Magazine Portal And Search
(red dot) McSweeneys.net: Literary Oriented Online Magazine (Timothy McSweeney)
(red dot) Morning News.org: New York Oriented Online Magazine (Rosecrans Baldwin & Andrew Womack)
(red dot) Mygazines.com: Free Place To Browse, Share, Archive and Customize Unlimited Uploaded Magazine Articles
(red dot) National Book Critics Circle Awards For Books By Critical Mass Blog Site
(red dot) New York Review of Books
(red dot) New York Times Book Best Seller Lists (Subscription Required)
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2017
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2017
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2016
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2016
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2015
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2015
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2014
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2014
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2013
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2013
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2012
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2012
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2011
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2011
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2010
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2010
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2009
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2009
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2008
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2008
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2007
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2007
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2006
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2006
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2005
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Chilren's Books For 2005
(red dot) New York Times 100 Most Notable Books For 2004
(red dot) New York Times Most Notable Children's Books For 2004
(red dot) Old Farmer's Almanac: Astronomy, Weather, Gardening, Food, Outdoors, Recreation
(red dot) One Star Amazon Reviews Of Time Magazine's 100 Best Books
(red dot) 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (May 2, 2008)
(red dot) Online Books Page: Over 20,000 Free Books (University Of Pennsylvania)
(red dot) Paul Brians Science Fiction-Related Materials
(red dot) Readersplace By Gail The Bookbabe
(red dot) Reading Group Guides For Popular Books
(red dot) readprint.com: Free Online Library Of Public Domain Books, Articles, Coupons For Consumer Items
(red dot) Smalldemons.com: Links To People, Places, Things Found In Books (Founded By Valla Vakili In August 2012)
(red dot) Statistics About The Book Industry: From Dan Poynter's ParaPublishing.com
(red dot) Technorati.com Books: Popular Books Based On Blog Site Readings/Citations (Currently Unavailable As Of February 12, 2010)
(red dot) The Book Report Network: Book Reviews, In-Depth Author Profiles And Interviews, Excerpts, Literary Games And Contests,
(red dot) The Design Observer: The Next Page: Thirty Tables of Contents
(red dot) Who-dunnit.com: Reviews of Works By Mystery Writers
(red dot) Wiki Booklist Technical Computer Oriented Categories
(red dot) Worldcat.org: (Was Redlightgreen.com): Worldwide Library Locator (And Bookseller) Search For Books And Topical Research Materials Sought
(red dot) WorldCat Bibliographic Database: Find A Book In Any Library In The World (English Site)


(Rev 12810)

(red dot) Arbitrary Precision Calculator
(red dot) Astronomical Applications Of U.S. Naval Observatory: Sun And Moon Data For Any Day
(red dot) Basal And Active Metabolism Calculator (Room 42 Software)
(red dot) Binomial Probability Distribution Calculator
(red dot) Body Mass Index Calculator
(red dot) Calculator Collection Via A Webring
(red dot) Chi Square Calculator
(red dot) Choosetosave.org: Ballpark E$timate Of Saving For A Comfortable Retirement Calculator
(red dot) Convertit: Measurements, Currency, Time, Calculators
(red dot) Cost Of Living Calculator
(red dot) Cost Of Living Index (2018) Where Our Money Goes
(red dot) Currency Conversion (Universal) Using Live, Up-To-The-Minute Currency Rates For Over 180 Different Currencies (xe.com/ucc)
(red dot) Dinkytown.net: Financial Calculators: Investment, Retirement, Insurance, Auto, Mortgage, Loans, Credit Card & Debt, Tax, Personal, Spanish, French Canadian, Canadian, Australian (With AutoSave Partial Results)
(red dot) Financefreak.com: The Math of Money Including Compound Interest, Annuity, Loan, Mortgage, Time-Value Of Money Calculators
(red dot) Graphing Calculator And Scientific Calculator
(red dot) Heart Attack 10 Year Risk Calculator
(red dot) Homes and Moving Tools And Calculators
(red dot) Hypergeometric Probability Distribution Calculator
(red dot) Java Mathematical Graphing System Calculator
(red dot) Longevity Game: Calculate Your Longevity Based On Life Style Factors
(red dot) Martindale Calculators Online Center: References More than 23,275 Calculators By More Than 8,850 Creators
(red dot) Math And Science Calculators (1728 Software Systems)
(red dot) Mortgage Calculator Irregular, Biweekly and Monthly Amortization Tables
(red dot) Mortgage Loan Financial Calculators (137 As Of January 28, 2010) Including CD Investment, Tax, Retirement And Personal Finance
(red dot) Network Calculator (Subnet Mask, Network Node, IP Address Converter/Inverter)
(red dot) SAFER Driving Calculator For Older Drivers (University Of Michigan Transportation Research Institute)
(red dot) Savings Bonds (U.S.) Calculator
(red dot) Seattle Schools Nutrition Services: Healthy Snacks Calculator
(red dot) Shapesense.com: VO2 Max Physical Fitness Calculators (With Equations)
(red dot) Sizeasy.com: Compare Product Dimensions (2D, 3D) With Known Object Sizes Calculator
(red dot) Software (and Hardware) Salary Calculator
(red dot) Unit Conversion Of Mass, Time Zones, Area, Angle, Length, Volume, Pressure, Temperature, Data Storage Calculator
(red dot) UnitConverter.com: Handles Distance, Length, Volume, Capacity, Pressure, Time And Fuel Efficiency, Energy, Torque, Weight, Mass, Temperature, Volume, Speed, Area, Data Storage, Power And Angle Conversion Calculations
(red dot) UniVirtual Slide Rule Emulator [Analog Calculator] (Replaces Java Sliderule By Andrew Davie)
(red dot) Voice Over IP (VoIP) Calculator
(red dot) Worldometers.info: A Realtime Numerical Look At Earth (Javascript Required)


(red dot) aboutus.org: To promote Wiki For Worldwide Collaboration By Providing Tools And Infrastructure For The Community's Vision
(red dot) accelerating.org: Acceleration Studies Foundation (Non-Profit) Interested In The Quickening Changes Of The Near Future
(red dot) allabilities.com: Internet Community and Center for Disability Resources
(red dot) All things Katz...
(red dot) American Memory Project: Historical Collections From The Library Of Congress
(red dot) Animal Stories Catoftheday.com: Daily Stories Of Cats And Their Owners (Painted Turtle Productions)
(red dot) Animal Stories Dogoftheday.com: Daily Stories Of Dogs And Their Owners (Painted Turtle Productions)
(red dot) Animal Stories Petoftheday.com: Daily Stories Of (Exotic) Pets And Their Owners (Painted Turtle Productions)
(red dot) Being Poor: Let Me Count The Ways, September 3, 2005 (John Scalzi)
(red dot) Best Places To Visit (On Earth) (jenreviews.com)
(red dot) Boomerangit.com: Reclaim Lost Objects and Owners [Part of NBR (National Bike Registry) ]
(red dot) Catalog For Philanthropy.org: U.S. Generosity Index, by State
(red dot) Center For Cooperative Research (cooperativeresearch.org) Grassroots Participation To Document The Public Historical Record Using An Open-Content Model
(red dot) Chernobyll 2004, A Motorcycle Tour of a Ghost Area With Photos
(red dot) Choiceadvisory.com: First Choice Advisory Services For Elder Assisted Living and Care In Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Vancouver WA, Couer D'Alene, ID, and Portland, OR
(red dot) CityStories.com: A Network Of City-Based Storytelling Sites
(red dot) CreativeCommons.org: A Nonprofit Offering A Flexible Copyright For Creative Work
(red dot) Direct.gov.uk: A Central Source For The Widest Range Of United Kingdom Government Information And Services
(red dot) Earthhour.org: Reducing Your Impact On Climate Change Worldwide
(red dot) Ecological Footprint Quiz (earthday.org): Determining How Much 'Nature' [acreage] Your Lifestyle Requires
(red dot) Elclasificado.com: A Free Online And Print Service For Classified Advertisements (37 Cities And 20 Countries As Of July 1, 2010) For The Hispanic (Spanish Speaking) Communities
(red dot) Elder Wisdom Circle.org: A Free Service Giving Practical Advice And Guidance From Empathetic Volunteer Seniors
(red dot) Flags.net: Flags Of The World (Viewable and Purchasable)
(red dot) Flex Your Rights.org: Citizen's Guide To Refusing New York Subway Searches
(red dot) Freecycle.org: Community Based Recycling And Exchange
(red dot) Freenets and Community Networks (Worldwide list)
(red dot) Friendly Favors Network (Worldwide): Support Projects, Sharing Know-how, Connections and Resources
(red dot) Ghostcycle.org: A Seattle Project To Identify Bicyclist, Pedestrian Accident Site Trouble Spots In A Database
(red dot) Idealist.org: A Project of Action Without Borders; Searchable Worldwide Non-Profit And Community Organizations Database
(red dot) International Panel On Climate Change (IPCC): Includes Summary For Policy Makers, April 6, 2007 (United Nations Environment Programme Sponsored)
(purple dot) Inhumanity Report: Wikipedia Report On London Bombings On July 7, 2005
(red dot) I Used To Believe.com: A Collection Of Ideas That Adults Thought Were True When They Were Children
(red dot) Jewish World Review.com: Cultural Commentaries
(red dot) King County, WA Emergency Links By ZipCode (kingcounty.gov/LinksByZip)
(red dot) Kickstarter.com: A Funding Platform For Artists, Designers, Filmmakers, Musicians, Journalists, Inventors, Explorers (Funding Via Amazon.com)
(red dot) Learning Disability Resources.com: Discussions, Articles, Resources For the Learning Disabled By Richard Wanderman
(red dot) Loveisrespect.org: 24 Hour National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline (1-866-331-9474 or TTY 1-866-331-8453) Launched February 6, 2007
(red dot) MacArthur Foundation.org: 2009 Recipients Of MacArthur Fellows 5 Year Grants
(red dot) Meetup.com: Topical Meetings Face To Face Bulletin Board
(red dot) Modernloss.com: Navigating Your Life After A Death Through Writing, Resources, Links And Connections With Others
(red dot) National Bike Registry.com: Finding Lost Bikes (And Bike Owners)
(red dot with black border) 192021.org: Exploring Supercities - 19 Cities With 20 Million Population In the 21st Century, A 5 Year Project
(red dot) OMB Watch.org Promoting US Government Accountability And Citizen Participation
(red dot with black border) OneBusAway.org: Real Time Predicted Time Of Arrival Of Buses In King County, Washington; For Web, Phone, SMS And Multi-OS Mobile Devices (Brian Ferris, University Of Washington, Open Source Code)
(red dot with black border) Outside.in: Collecting Myriad Topical Web Information About Your Locality In One Place (Steven Johnson)
(red dot) Parentgiving.com: Giving Care And Resources For Aging Parents
(red dot) Paxusa.org: Real Solutions To Gun Violence - News, ASK, SPEAKUP (Hotline) Campaigns, Non-Profit And Non-Partisan
(red dot) Petfinder.com: A Searchable Database of 9 Animal Categories
(red dot) Pledgebank.com: A Place To Publically Declare Personal Pledges With Collective, Mutual Responsibility Of Others
(red dot) Recycler.com: Buy, Sell, Let Go Of Products in Los Angeles And 13 Other California Cities; Includes Community, Announcements, Employment, Real Estate And Services Listings
(red dot) ReunitePeople.com Reconnecting Family
(red dot) Right To Know Network.org Environmental Information for Communities
(red dot) Regional Public Information Network (RPIN) For King, Snohomish And Pierce Counties (Puget Sound) Washington State
(red dot) Seattle Community Network (Freenet)
(red dot) Social Network: Busyparentsonline.com: Advice, Ideas And Support For Busy Parents
(red dot) Social Network: Chatroulette.com: One-To-One Random Sequential Chatting (Worldwide) Using Web Cameras, Microphones (Required) Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: Collegetonight.com: Nightlife Info, Discounts For Students, Alumni (.edu Email Required), 197 Colleges (10/14/06) Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: Facebook.com: An Online Directory To Connect People Through Social Networks Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: Google Buzz: Using Gmail To Connect People Through Social Networks Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: "I'm So Totally, Digitally Close To You" (Brave New World Of Digital Intimacy) By Clive Thompson, New York Times Magazine, September 8, 2008
(red dot) Social Network: Group Forming Networks Resource Page By David Reed Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: Lively.com: Create An Avatar, Rooms, Integrate With Other Social Networks; Windows XP/Vista, IE Or Firefox Required (Beta Version By Google) Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: MySpace.com: Free Networking Via: Invitations, Email, Blogs, Music, Photos, Forums, Groups, Games, Classifieds Web 2.0
(red dot) Social Network: Power.com: Aggregator (Inter-Network Site) For Orkut, MySpace, Hi5, Or Facebook Sites
(red dot) Social Network: Pownce.com: Twitter-Like Micro-Blogging Site (Sold To Six Apart; Closing December 15, 2008)
(red dot) Social Network: Social Networking Services MetaList
(red dot) Social Network: Shelfari.com: Free Networking Via Books And Reading
(red dot) Social Network: Summize.com: Searching Twitter For Conversational Tidbits
(red dot) Social Network: Twistori.com: Aggregating The Present Tense -- I {Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, Wish} Twitter Sentiments Shown
(red dot) Social Network: Twitter.com: Documenting the Present Tense
(red dot) Social Network: Twittercounter.com: Enumerating The Documentation Of The Present Tense (Also Pro $150/Month; Premium $15/Month)
(red dot) Social Network: wefeelfine.org: Documenting Modalities Of Internet Source Human Feelings Since August 26, 2005
(red dot) Spinsanity.com: Countering Political Rhetoric With Reason (Last Update on January 19, 2005)
(red dot) Squidoo.com: Simple Blog (Lens) Creation That Has Economic Benefits To Charities (Or You) Since March 2006
(red dot) Stop405tolls.org: Stop I-405 Tolls In Washington State, Petition, Discussion, Blog (David Hablowitz)
(red dot) Stellar.io: Keep Track Of Your Favorite Things On The Web; Free Accounts By Invitation
(red dot) Strong Middle Class Task Force (astrongmiddleclass.gov): Insight And Connection To Communicate With Administration On U.S. Middle Class Concerns Since January 30, 2009
(red dot) Support Any Soldier.com Sending Customized Packages Fulfilling Requests From Soldiers Serving In Harm's Way
(red dot) Support Letssaythanks.com Sending A Message Of Thanks To Soldiers Serving In Harm's Way Courtesy Of Xerox Corporation
(red dot) Treat Any Soldier.com: Sending Care Packages For Soldiers Serving in Harm's Way
(red dot) Voice Portal Intervoice.com: Business Automated Call Center ($$)
(red dot) Voice Portal Tellme.com: (1-800-555-TELL) Voice Recognition Technology (VoiceXML 2.1) (Free) Personal And ($$) Business (US Based), Text Search (Text 83356), Tellme Download Beta (Some Phones) (Microsoft Subsidiary In 2007)
(red dot) Suicide Prevention metanoia.org Resources for Suicide Prevention
(red dot) Suicide Prevention preventsuicide.net: Information To Educate The Public About Suicide And Its Prevention
(red dot) Suicide Prevention ulifeline.org: Resources for Suicide Prevention (Flash required)
(red dot) Urbanspoon.com: Restaurant Popularity, Reviews By Critics And Diners, Uses Google Maps 29 Cities (U.S. And Canada) Represented
(red dot) Walkscore.com: Ratings Of Seattle Neighborhoods For Walkability And Car Independence (40 Cities As Of July 6, 2010)
(red dot) WROC.org: Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition (Washington State)
(red dot) Yellowtag.com: International Finding Lost Property (and Property Owners)
(red dot with black border) Yackpack.com: Recording And Issuing Voice Messages To Selected Group Members (Email And Phone Voicemail Alternative)

Community Disaster

(red dot) Disaster Donations: Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance: give.org - Helping With Emergency Relief And Sustainable Communities Nationwide
(red dot) Disaster Donations: Hidaya.org - A Non-Profit Foundation For Helping In Pakistan/India/Afghanistan Earthquake Aftermath
(red dot) Disaster Donations: Mercycorps.org - Helping With Emergency Relief And Sustainable Communities Worldwide
(red dot) Disaster Donations: South-East Asia Earthquake/Tsunami December 26, 2004 - News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts.
(red dot) Disaster Donations: South-East Asia Earthquake October 8, 2005 - News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts.
(red dot) Disaster Donations: The Command Post.org - Earthquake/Tsunami: How to Help
(red dot) Disaster Donations: Network For Good.org - Donation Filtration And Emergency Preparedness Hurricane
(red dot) Disaster Donations: Worldvision.org - Helping Children And Their Communities Worldwide
(red dot) Disaster Recovery: HurricaneHousing.org - Donating And Finding Housing, A Project Of Moveon.org (Closed October 14, 2005)
(red dot) Disaster Recovery: Katrina Housing.org - Donating And Finding Housing For Refugees A Non-Profit Project Of The National Heritage Foundation
(red dot) Disaster Recovery: Katrina People Finder Project, A Wiki Centralizing Data Input, Database Communication, And Shelter Finding Hurricane
(red dot) Disaster Recovery: Information About Recovery 2.0 - An Opensource Disaster Recovery Initiative Suggested By Jeff Jarvis Hurricane
(red dot) Disaster Recovery: Buzz Machine.com: A Discussion Of Recovery 2.0 A Disaster Recovery Initiative By Jeff Jarvis Blog Hurricane
(red dot) Disaster Relief: Digital Divide Network - Disaster Relief and Emergency Preparedness Hurricane
(red dot) Disaster Relief: Red Cross.org - Disaster Response, Relief and Emergency Preparedness Hurricane Toll-Free 1-800-975-7585
(purple dot) Disaster Report: Ernest's Whirrled Blog Site Earthquake/Tsunami
(red dot) Disaster Report: Kathryn Cramer.com Blog Site: Collaborative Mapping - NOAA And Other Overlays Of Post-Hurricane Katrina Area Using Google Earth Maps
(red dot) Disaster Report: New Orleans Times Picayune.com: Online Newspaper, Forums, Chat And Resources Hurricane
(red dot) Disaster Report: New York Times.com: Asia's Deadly Waves -- Pictorials and Photos Earthquake/Tsunami
(red dot) Disaster Report: New York Times.com: Pakistan/India/Afghanistan Earthquake
(red dot) Disaster Report: Pakistan Earthquake 10/5/05: WikiCities.com: In Pakistan/India/Afghanistan Earthquake
(red dot) Disaster Report: New York Times.com: Hurricane Rita/Katrina Aftermath Coverage
(purple dot) Disaster Report: NOAA.gov: Information And Resourses Including Post-Hurricane Rita/Katrina Area Pictures
(purple dot) Disaster Report: Panoramic Views Of New Orleans, Pascagoula, Biloxi, and Waveland (Washington Post) Hurricane
(purple dot) Disaster Report: Scipionus.com: Collaborative Mapping Informational Push-Pins Overlayed On Google Earth Maps (Blog Site) Hurricanes
(purple dot with black border) Disaster Report: Washington Post.com: Chronology And History Of The Hurricane Katrina Preparation And Response 9/10/05
(purple dot) Disaster Report: Waxy.org: Amateur Earthquake/Tsunami Video Footage (Blog Site)
(purple dot) Disaster Report: WWL TV.com: New Orleans Link To Hurricane Rita/Katrina Updates Blog
(purple dot) War Report: The Lifeline: Aftermath Of Soldiers Wounded In Iraq (2003-2006) By David Zucchino and Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times Special 3 Part Series

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Navigate The National MS Society.org Web Site Using Windows Or Mac OS X

(red dot) Trackpad Gestures: Mac OS X 10.7+ Operating Systems, MultiTouch Trackpads Or Magic Mouse Devices

(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Browsers On Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating Systems
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: GMail (Google)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Gnome Desktop (Linux)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: HTML Definitions Using The AccessKey Attribute In Forms And Links
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Internet Explorer 5 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Internet Explorer 6 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Linux Commands And Shortcuts
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS and Mac OS X
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX For Windows And Mac OS X (PDF Downloads)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Frontpage 2000 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Frontpage 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Access 2000 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Access 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Access 2007 Accessibility (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2000 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2002 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2007 Accessibility (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2010 Accessibility (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: InfoPath 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: InfoPath 2007 Accessibility (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Outlook 2000 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Outlook 2002 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Outlook 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Outlook 2007 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Outlook 2010 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Powerpoint 2000 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Powerpoint 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Powerpoint 2007 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Powerpoint 2010 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Project 2007 Accessibility (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Publisher 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Publisher 2007 Accessibility (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2000 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2002 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2003 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2007 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2010 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2016 (MacOSX)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Word 2016 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2016 (MacOSX)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Excel 2016 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Powerpoint 2016 (MacOSX)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Microsoft Office: Powerpoint 2016 (Windows)
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Mozilla Browser On Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating System
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Netscape Browser On Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating System
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Special Characters in HTML Name/Number Codes, Windows and Mac OS X
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 And Windows 10
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows 7 Printable List
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows XP
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows 2000
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows 95, 98, ME
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows Media Player For Windows XP
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows Media Player For Mac OS X
(red dot) Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows Movie Maker 1.1 For Windows 2000, XP

Computer Reference

(red dot) AboutTTY.com: TTY (Text Telephone) Same As TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf Or Speech Impaired)
(red dot) Apple-History.com (All Computer Models)
(red dot) Bandwidthplace.com Speed tests for any internet connections
(red dot) Best HTML Error 404 Custom Pages
(red dot) Computer Architecture Simulator Tools
(red dot) Computer Desktop Encyclopedia; 25000 Computer And Electronics Terms Defined (Alan Freedman and Irma Morrison) Since 1980 via computerlanguage.com
(red dot) Computer History Museum Steve Jobs Speech Circa 1980 Video (0:22:59)
(red dot) DARPA Open Source Catalog
(red dot) Device Driver Guide (New and Old Downloadable)
(red dot) DNA Archival Storage Via Molecular Computing Paper (James Bornholt, Luis Ceze et al, 2016) (pdf)
(red dot) Domain Name Server Records Lookup
(red dot) Dot What? (dotwhat.net): File Extension Database For Windows, Mac OS X And Linux Files
(red dot) DSL Broadband Reports and News
(red dot) Easter Egg (Hidden author-created amusements) Archive (Software, Movies, Music, TV, Books, Art)
(red dot) Errors Messages: Alphabetized, Exact Error Message Text, Meaning Or Symptoms For Windows And Internet Explorer (Henri Leboeuf)
(red dot) Excel Excel Q & A Forum
(red dot) Excel Hack Examples By D & R Hawley
(red dot) Excel Information By Andy Pope
(red dot) Excel Is Fun By Mike Girvin (Highline Community College) Tutorials And Videos
(red dot) Excel Tutorials + Practice Tests: Excel (2013, 2016) Tutorials: Formulas, Functions, Shortcuts And Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) Coding) (Steve Rynearson)
(red dot) Excel Mr. Excel (Bill Jelen) Q & A Forum
(red dot) Excel Spreadsheet Addiction By Patrick Burns
(red dot) Excel Spreadsheet Page By John Walkenbach
(red dot) Excel Storytellingwithdata.com Blog About Data Visualization Design (Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic)
(red dot) Extreme Tech.com: News, Opinions, Projects Involving Computer Hardware and Software
(red dot) 56k.com Modem reference, to include xDSL and Cable Modems
(red dot) File Extensions.org: Searchable Database For File Extensions For Windows, Mac OS X And Linux/Unix Files (Don't Type The Dot!)
(red dot) File Extension/Application Database
(red dot) FireFox 1.0 Extensions Download
(red dot with black border) Livescribe.com: Computer In A Pen (For Ages 8-14 And Older) Special Paper Required. Transferred To Livescribe from Flypentop in 2007
(red dot) Fontscape.com: Searchable Directory of Typefaces, Categorized Showing Full Samples
(red dot) Geek Tools.com Geektels: Hotels Worldwide with Internet Access
(red dot) GMail.com IMAP Setup Instructions for Apple Mail and iPhone
(red dot) Intel (Interactive) Museum
(red dot) Internet Top Level Domain Country Codes
(red dot) Internet Top Level Domain Country Codes (Text File)
(red dot) iPod: ~50 Fun Things To Do With Yours (Jason Kottke)
(red dot) iPod: Hidden iPod Commands: Hard Reset, Diagnostic Mode, Disk Mode (Collin Allen)
(red dot) LastPass.com: Encrypted Account/Password Storage And Retrieval, Storing Encrypted Data, Document Backups, Shared Accounts
(red dot) Nielsen Norman Group: Usability Strategies To Enhance The User Experience On Desktops, Mobile Devices
(red dot) NSA.gov: Security Configuration Guides To Mac OS X, Sun Solaris 8 And 9, And Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 2003) PDF Downloads
(red dot) Ogg Vorbis Open Source Multimedia Coding Format (Audio)
(red dot) Operating Systems (15) Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
(red dot) Operating Systems News: Exploring The Future Of Computing
(red dot) PDAs Reviewed (pda-reviewed.com): Palm OS, Pocket PC, RIM Blackberry
(red dot) Pair Programming Method Of Software Development
(red dot) PDF Conversion: From, To, And Edit PDF 50 Solutions And Tips (Also HTML And Microsoft Office Tutorials)
(red dot) Personalized PCHelp
(red dot) Quantum Computing Demo And Simulator Via IBM Corporation (Request Invitation For Required Login)
(red dot) Re-PC.com: Seattle and Tukwila WA Recycled Computers and Peripherals
(red dot) Replacement Docs.com: Web Archive Of Game Manuals
(red dot) Search Engine Dictionary of Terms
(red dot) Share The Technology.org Donate Pentiums and PowerPCs and newer
(red dot) Sound-of-sorting: Videos Of Real Time Effects Of Sorting Algorithms
(red dot) Spam Archive.org: Database Of Known Spam For Producing Anti-Spam Tools
(red dot) Steven Forsyth Graphics Design: Links To Graphics Software Tutorials
(red dot) Team Photoshop.com: Tips, Tools, Tutorials For Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator And Other Graphics Software
(red dot) Tech Tutorials.net: Free Computer Reference
(red dot) Technology Review.com: Emerging Technology News MIT Magazine
(red dot) TextEdit Tips: Cocoa-Based Mac OS X Application Enhanced With Services
(red dot) Tutorial Guide.net: Tutorial Links For Graphics And Internet Software Including Photoshop
(red dot) 25 License-Free Fonts (Vitaly Friedman)
(red dot) Webopedia.com: Definitions Of Computer And Internet Terms And Phrases With Links To Information Sources
(red dot) Whatis.com: IT Encyclopedia, Dictionary Of Terms, Quick Reference, Knowledge Base, Career Center And White Papers
(red dot) Expressvpn.com/what-is-my-ip: Free IP (Hostname) Address Lookup, DNS Leak Test, WebRTC Leak Test With Descriptive Explanations
(red dot) Whatismyip.com: IP (Hostname) Address Lookup, Speed Test, WHOIS Lookup, Server Headers Check, Blacklist Check, Traceroute and User Agent Information With Descriptive Explanations
(red dot) Wikipedia.com: A Comprehensive Online Crowdsourced Encyclopedia (Multi-Lingual; Includes Dictionaries, Books, Quotes, News, Data, Commons
(red dot) Wikitosh.com: A Comprehensive Mac OS X User Wiki
(red dot) Windows Annoyances, Tips, Resources, Solutions to Windows: 9x, Me, 2000, XP
(red dot) Wired News Technology oriented, part of Terra Lycos Network
(red dot) World Computer Exchange.org International Educational Non-profit for Computer Donation And Distribution
(red dot) Zamzar.com: Complete Online File Conversion; Uploaded Converted Result Emailed Back


(red dot) Angie's List (angieslist.com) Of Favorite Home Service Contractors And Companies In 32 U.S. Cities ($10 + $5.95/Month Membership)
(red dot) Annual Credit Report.com: Free Annual Credit Reports Operated By Equifax, Experian, And TransUnion (Also By Phone Or U.S. Mail)
(red dot) Ase Network Worldwide Lodging Directory Service
(red dot) Auto: Automobile Buying Research Service: Autobytel.com
(red dot) Auto: Auto Extra.com: Find, Sell A Ride, Used Car Price Checker, Payment Calculator, Browse by U.S. Region
(red dot) Auto: Auto Trader.com Buying And Selling (Used) Cars And Research And Comparison Service
(red dot) Auto: Avego.com: Avego Shared Transport (Computerized Hitchhiking) iPhone GPS Application Required For Driver only .85*($1/1st Mile + 0.30/Next Miles)
(red dot) Auto: Carfax.com: Used Cars Problem Database (Vehicle History Reports)
(red dot) Auto: Carmax.com: Buying And Selling Cars, Research And Financial Calculators
(red dot) Auto: Cars.com: Buying And Selling Cars, Research And Advice
(red dot) Auto: Edmunds.com: Pricing, Reviews, Ratings, Advice For New, Certified And Used Cars
(red dot) Auto: Kelley Blue Book.com: New And Used Cars: Retail, Private Party And Trade-In Prices
(red dot) Auto: Vehicles.com: New And Used Vehicle Information Tracking, History And By Type
(red dot) Auto: Zipcar.com: Hourly Car Rentals In 22 U.S. And Canadian Cities (Including Vancouver BC And Toronto ON)
(red dot) Avoiddelays.com: Flight Checks, Complaint Database, Worst Offenders (2 Month Data Delay)
(red dot) Baby Products windsorspeak.com/babybargains: Product Reviews For Babies, Shopping Guides And Tips (Previously babybargainsbook.com)
(red dot) Baby Products windsorspeak.com/toddler411: Product Reviews For Toddlers, Shopping Guides And Tips (Previously toddlerbargains.com)
(red dot) Benefits Checkup.org Senior Citizens Questionaire and Services
(red dot) B Independent.com Brain Injury Assistive Products
(red dot) Caffeinated And Unstrung: A Guide To Free Wireless Coffee Shops Using Google Maps (Wiki) For Seattle, WA, Vancouver, B.C., Chicago, IL and Boston, MA
(red dot) Cardcops: Credit Card Fraudulent Use Database Page
(red dot) CardWeb: Credit Card Rate Comparison Page
(red dot) Cell Phone Tips, Including Free International Calls Starting From Iowa (712-858-8883), Free Directory Assistance (800-373-3411) From David Pogue, New York Times Technology November 23, 2006
(red dot) Cell Phone: www.business.orange.co.uk: International Cost And Map Coverage Checker For 182 Countries' Mobile Phone Networks Including SMS (Business Plan)
(red dot) Cell Phone: www2.business.orange.co.uk: International Cost And Map Coverage Checker For 182 Countries' Mobile Phone Networks Including SMS (Personal Plans)
(red dot) Cell Phone: worldxs.net/sms.html: International Free SMS (Short Message Service) Via Web Or Email On Mobile Phone Networks (Other Two Tables Linked At Bottom Of Page)
(red dot) Cell Phone: World Wide Free Email To SMS (Short Message Service) Gateway Formats On Mobile Phone Networks (Compiled By Robert Katz From Various Internet Sources June 8, 2009)
(red dot) Cellswapper.com: Swap With Someone To Take Over Your Cell Phone Service Contract
(red dot) Celltradeusa.com: Trading With Others To Replace Unsatisfactory Cell Phone Service Contracts
(red dot) Child (Day) Care childcareaware.org: Information, Directories And References For Providers And Parents About Child Day Care
(red dot) Child (Day) Care nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/childcare.html: Information, Directories And References About Child Day Care
(red dot) Child (Nanny) Care nanny.org: International Nanny Association: Information, Education And Guidance To Parents And Professionals About Child (In Home) Care
(red dot) Child (Nanny) Care nannynetwork.com: Agency (In U.S.) Directory, Payroll Tax Calculator, Information For Parents And Professionals About Child (In Home) Care
(red dot) Child (Nanny) Care 4nannies.com: Free Locator (In U.S.) For Nannies And Baby Sitters (Since 1998)
(red dot) Child (Nanny) Care 4nanny.com: Free Locator For Nannies And Baby Sitters (Since 1999)
(red dot) Chilling Effects Clearinghouse: Intellectual Freedom Constraints
(red dot) Corporate Consumer Contacts Page; Useful Addresses, Phone Numbers and Websites (Part Of Consumeraction.gov)
(red dot) Consumer Search Product Reviews Page
(red dot) Coupons: Offering Promotional And Discount Coupons And Codes For Online Retailers (Canada, U.S. Based); Shared Coupons And Newsletters Featured (couponlawn.com)
(red dot) Coupons: Free And Merchant Approved Online Discounts (FabulousSavings.com)
(red dot) Coupons: Daily Deals For Localized Coupons (groupon.com)
(green dot) Coupons: Dealhack.com: Discounted Deals, Promotional Codes By Store, Brand Or Category
(red dot) Credit Card Payoff Calculator and Card Rate Comparisons (bankrate.com)
(red dot) Countrycallingcodes.com: Interactive International Country Calling Codes And World Time Zones
(red dot) Couponmountain.com: Free online coupons
(red dot) Crisis Of Credit Visualized: Jonathan Jarvis Video (11:10)
(red dot) Cyberhomes.com: Free Home Valuations (U.S. Only) With Microsoft Visual Earth Mapping Software
(red dot) Cellswapper.com: Swap With Someone To Take Over Your Cell Phone Service Contract
(red dot) Celltradeusa.com: Trading With Others To Replace Unsatisfactory Cell Phone Service Contracts
(red dot) Chilling Effects Clearinghouse: Intellectual Freedom Constraints
(red dot) Consumer Search Product Reviews Page
(red dot) Credit Card Payoff Calculator and Card Rate Comparisons (bankrate.com)
(red dot) Countrycallingcodes.com: Interactive International Country Calling Codes And World Time Zones
(red dot) Couponmountain.com: Free online coupons
(red dot) Crisis Of Credit Visualized: Jonathan Jarvis Video (11:10)
(red dot) Cyberhomes.com: Free Home Valuations (U.S. Only) With Microsoft Visual Earth Mapping Software
(red dot) Darkening Ocean: What Carbon Emissions Are Doing To The Oceans, New Yorker, November 20, 2006 By Elizabeth Kolbert
(red dot) Daylight Savings Time: When We Change Our Clocks
(red dot) Data From U.S. Government: data.gov: Increasing Public Access To High Value, Machine Readable Datasets Generated By The United States Executive Branch
(red dot) Data From U.S. Government: usaspending.gov: A Single Searchable Website For Federal Contract Awards And Financial Assistance
(red dot) DecisionAide Analytics (decisionaide.com): Making Loan Comparisons, Retirement Savings And Mortgage Calculators (Charles Freedenberg)
(red dot) Don't Buy Junk.com: Accurate Electronic Product Recommendations
(red dot) Dynamic Living.com Home Products and Unique Daily Living Aids for the Time-limited, Handicapped or Elderly
(red dot with black border) Economics And Money Bankrate.com: Assessing The Health Of U.S. Banks Based On Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Profitability And Liquidity (CAEL) Updated Quarterly With 6 Month Lag
(red dot with black border) Economics And Money Europac.net: Euro Pacific Capital, Economic Commentary By Peter Schiff
(red dot) Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).org: Public Interest Research Center In Washington, D.C. Since 1994
(red dot) E-loan.com Comparison Mortgage, Auto, Credit Card, Business Financing and other loans
(red dot) Enlux LED.com: LED Based Lighting Solutions Replacing Incandescent And Halogen Floodlights
(red dot) Eppraisal.com: Home Valuations Calculator With Comparable Neighborhood Sales
(red dot) Fare Report.com: What An Airplane Ticket Should Cost (6000 Routes Based On U.S. DOT)
(red dot) Farecast.com: Comparison Airline Prices With Price Prediction Near Term Trends, (Beta) Major U.S. Airports
(red dot) Federal Trade Commission (FTC-U.S) Identity Theft Page
(red dot) Flightaware.com: Free Flight Tracking Services For Both Private And Commercial Air Traffic In The United States
(red dot) Free After Rebate.com (after 6-8 weeks, that is) Computer Oriented Products
(red dot) Gas Buddy.com (U.S. & Canada)
(red dot with black border) Gas Price "Temperature" Map By Canadian Census Division (Zoomable) (Gas Buddy.com)
(red dot with black border) Gas Price "Temperature" Map By U.S. County (Zoomable) (Gas Buddy.com)
(red dot with black border) Gas Price Watch (U.S. & Canada)
(red dot with black border) Gas Price "Temperature" Map By U.S. County (Zoomable)
(red dot) Globalfreeloader.com: Matching Global Travelers And Hosts: Free Accomodations, Home Swaps And More
(red dot with black border) Global Warming/Climate Change Economic Effects Of Climate Change (Viva Labs)
(red dot with black border) Global Warming/Climate Change Economic Effects Of Global Climate Change (Jonathan M. Harris And Brian Roach, Tufts University) (PDF file)
(red dot with black border) Global Warming/Climate Change Impact, Vulnerabilities And Adaptation On Developing Countries (PDF File)
(red dot with black border) Global Warming/Climate Change Climate Change And Economic Growth (Robert Mendelsohn, Yale University) (PDF File)
(red dot with black border) Global Warming/Climate Change Sir Nicholas Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (U.K. Full Report 10/30/2006)
(red dot) Google Checkout A One-Stop Business-To-Consumer e-Commerce Transaction System
(red dot) Google Finance A One-Stop Financial (World) Markets Picture Sectors, Stocks, Bonds, Financial News And Trends
(red dot) Greendisk.com: Online And Mail Order Recycling Of Computers And Their Peripherals And Media ($/Pound)
(red dot) Grubnboogie.com Restaurant, Nightclub, Sports Bar, Pub Portal (currently AZ, CA, WA [full links] NV, UT [partial links]
(red dot) Housing Rentals
(red dot) Housing Sales And Rentals, By City, Property Type, Price, Number Of Bedrooms, Bathrooms Using Google Base
(red dot) (red dot) Google Checkout A One-Stop Business-To-Consumer e-Commerce Transaction System
(red dot) Google Finance A One-Stop Financial (World) Markets Picture Sectors, Stocks, Bonds, Financial News And Trends
(red dot) Greendisk.com: Online And Mail Order Recycling Of Computers And Their Peripherals And Media ($/Pound)
(red dot) Grubnboogie.com Restaurant, Nightclub, Sports Bar, Pub Portal (currently AZ, CA, WA [full links] NV, UT [partial links]
(red dot) Housing Rentals
(red dot) Housing Sales And Rentals, By City, Property Type, Price, Number Of Bedrooms, Bathrooms Using Google Base
(red dot) Humanizing Automated Phone Systems Via An Online Database Of Shortcuts To Speak To A Person
(red dot) Index Credit Cards.com: Tips, Latest News, Over 700 Cards Cited By Card Type, Weekly Average Credit Card Interest Rates
(red dot) Interviewly.com: Interviews With Interesting Celebrities Pulled From Reddit.com (Reddit AMA - Ask Me Anything)
(red dot) iPhone iphoneatlas.com: A Resource For Apple's iPhone, Containing Guides To Usage, Troubleshooting Information, Pertinent News
(red dot) Inventables.com: A Resource For Materials That Designers, Artists, And Inventors Use To Develop/Create New Products
(red dot) iPhone iPhone (Including 3G) Battery Life Tips
(red dot) iPhone iPhone V2.0 Application Store (iTunes 7.7+, iPhone Software V2.0 Required)
(red dot) iPhone iPhone Web Application That Are Browsable And Demonstrable
(red dot) John Williams' Shadowstats.com: Shadow (U.S.) Government Statistics - Analysis Behind and Beyond Government Economic Reporting
(red dot) King County, WA Solid Waste Take It Back Electronics Recycling Listing Pickup, Dropoff, And Mail In Locations
(red dot) Lets Talk.com Price Comparisons Of Cellphone Calling Plans (or Phones) By Zip Code
(red dot) Interviews With An Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager (nplusonemag.com) March 26, 2008: Reviewing The (U.S.) Financial Meltdown
(red dot) Kindcoupons.org: Free Online Coupons With 50% Of Monthly Profits Going To One Or More Published Charities
(red dot) Sugarcrumbsclothing.com: Designer Baby Online Boutique Clothing
(red dot) Medicare.gov Drug Information and Comparison Prices Of Prescriptions
(red dot) Money Meltdown: Facts And Predictions, A One Page Directory Of Clarity
(red dot) MoneySavingPro.com: Consumer Product Research, Guides And Advice Related To Computing Devices, Cell Phones, Residential Internet, TV, Smart Homes, Finance And Insurance
(red dot) Mortgage Professor's Web Site: Information About Mortgages (Jack Guttentag)
(red dot with black border) mygallons.com: Purchase Prepaid (Regular) Gasoline Just Like The Airlines Do Using A MyGallons Gas Debit Card
(red dot) myrateplan.com: Cell Phone Rates And Plans Compared
(red dot) National Fraud Information Center
(red dot) OrderInn.com: Room Service For Hotels With No Room Service, 16 States As Of August 18, 2008
(red dot) Payments Online: paypal.com: An Online, Global, Realtime Payment System (Owned By Ebay.com)
(red dot) Payments Online: venmo.com: An Online, Global, Realtime Payment System (Send Money And Make Payments)
(red dot) Peak Oil (Hubbert Peak Theory) Excellent Wikipedia Article
(red dot) Peak Oil Consequences: Interview With James Howard Kunstler (Author Of The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century)
(red dot) Peak Oil Consequences: Commercial Extraction From Oil Shale (Shell Oil) 2005
(red dot with black border) Plumbing Directory And Information: (theplumber.com): Site For Plumbers And Do-It-Yourself-ers By Hill Daughtry
(red dot with black border) Priceprotectr.com: Watching Prices For You In Stores Offering A 30 Day Price Protection Guarantee
(red dot with black border) Prosper.com: Direct, Auction Style Lending And Borrowing Money to Individuals And Groups
(red dot with black border) Real Estate Rollercoaster: History Of U.S. Home Values (Adjusted For Inflation) Plotted On A Rollercoaster! (Video)
(red dot with black border) Real Estate Rollercoaster: History Of U.S. Home Values (Adjusted For Inflation) Updated To Mid 2009, Plotted On A Graph (Image)
(red dot with black border) Reducing Water Consumption: Good Magazine Comparison Diagram Of Savings Suggestions
(red dot with black border) Repair Clinic.com: Appliance Parts and (Free) Repair Help
(red dot with black border) Spacer.com: Host-Renter Marketplace For Storage, Parking, Other Space Rental; Managed, Guaranteed Through Spacer.com.au, Login Required, Australian Bank Account Needed By Hosts
(red dot) Scamorama.com: Guide To And Database Of Advance Fee Fraud Email
(red dot) Showcase.com: Free Search Engine Of Commercial Real Estate In Selected U.S., U.K. Cities (Unlimited Lease/Buy Listings Are $50/Month)
(red dot) Sidestep.com: Search Engine Of Air Fares, Car Rentals, Hotels Using Multiple Search Sources (But Excludes Southwest Airlines!)
(red dot) Smoketels.com: Reservation Service For Hotels That Offer Rooms Where Smoking Is Allowed (Worldwide)
(red dot) Theshredstop.com: High Speed Shredding Of Paper (50 Sheets Thick), Checkbooks, Diskettes, CDs, DVDs At $2.50/Minute (Puget Sound, WA; Portland, Oregon Grocery Stores: Safeway, Haggen, Fred Meyer) (Since August 2012)
(green dot) Thewirecutter.com: Best Technology Products For The Home
(green dot) Thinkgeek.com: Unusual Technologically Themed Products
(green dot) Tjoos.com: Coupon Sharing Service By More Than 66,000 Online Stores Worldwide Via Search Engine (Australia Based)
(red dot) Today's New York Airfare Report: Amazingly Low Priced Air Fares, Updated Daily (Part Of airfarewatchdog.com)
(red dot) Toyswap.com: Swap Your Toys For Someone Else's; Membership Free But Required And $1 per swap
(red dot) TravelInsurance.org: Comprehensive Online Listings For Consumer Action Resources For Travelers And Consumers Of Travel Insurance Information
(red dot) Trulia.com: Searching For Real Estate In Selected California Cities And New York City Using Google Maps (Web 2.0)
(red dot) TV Guide.com Listings
(red dot) U.S. Department Of Agriculture (Food And Drug Administration): Potentially Salmonella-Tainted Peanut Butter Products Recall
(red dot) Videohelp.com: Extensive DVD Player, Recorder Feature Comparisons And Hacks
(red dot) Zillow.com: Home Valuations Calculator With Comparable Neighborhood Sales
(red dot) Zoomerang.com: Issue Surveys and Questionaires to others

Cooking And Food

Rev 13010

(red dot) Accidental Hedonist.com: Food Recipes And Information About And Related To Food By Kate Hopkins Blog Site
(red dot) All Recipes.com: 26,000+ Recipes Database, Advice, Offers
(red dot) Blog Of Maira Kalman (New York Times): Back To The Land In Words And Pictures (November 26, 2009)
(red dot) BooRah.com: Restaurant Ratings And Reviews Aggregator, U.S. Only Search Engine And A Blog
(red dot) Bruni Digest Blog: Parody Of Frank Bruni, New York Times Dining Out Section, Chief Restaurant Critic (Julia Langbein)
(red dot) Chowhound.com: Discussion Forums About Food By Region And Topic (Jim Leff)
(red dot) Cleansingorsurgery.com: Cleansing Resources And Recipes
(red dot) Coffee Shops With (Free) Wireless in Seattle, WA (Wifimug.org)
(purple dot) Cooking For Engineers (Michael Chu) WebBlog Site
(purple dot) Cookstr.com: Search For Recipes By Ingredient, Chef or Recipe (Will Schwalbe, Since 2008)
(red dot) egullet.org: Discussion Forums About Food, Reviews (eGullet Society For Culinary Arts And Letters)
(red dot) Epicurious.com: Recipes, Cooking, Drinks, Restaurants, Special Features (Conde Nast)
(red dot) Flying Pizzas.com: New York Pizza Shipped Anywhere In The United States Free Delivery
(red dot) HartbeatVista.com: Offering Food And Nutrition Culture Content (Videos)
(red dot) Healthydiningfinder.com: Evaluating The Nutrition Content Of Restaurant Meals (Southern California) Launching January 2007 (Beta)
(red dot) Hometown Favorites: Oldtime And Regionally Exclusive Foods
(red dot) I Was Just Very Hungry: A Food Blog Site (Including Japanese Culture)
(red dot) Julie Powell's Blog: What Could Happen? A Food And Commentary Blog Site
(red dot) Kosherculinaryarts.com: Kosher Cooking School With Extensive Recipes
(red dot) Kossarsbialys.com: Oldest Bialy Bakery In The United States, Mail Order Overnight New York Bialys And Bagels
(red dot) Life Hack.org: Over 100 Quick And Easy Healthy Foods
(red dot) Little Courtney, Big City: Food Oriented Blog
(red dot) Local Farms, Online Stores, Farmers Markets, Community Supported Agriculture (Subscriptions), Restaurants, Groceries And Coops (localharvest.org)
(red dot) Martha Stewart Living.com: Recipes, Cooking Tips, Tools And Techniques
(red dot) Meals.com: Recipes, Cooking Tips (Nestle's Co.)
(red dot) Mouthfulsfood.com: A Nonprofit Discussion (Moderated) Site Devoted To Food, Drink And Other Lifestyle Topics
(red dot) Mychefbyrequest.com: West Coast (Of U.S.A.) Food Preparation And Delivery Service And Recipes For Cooking At Home For CrossFit Training, Weight Loss And Restrictive Diets ($)
(purple dot) NikChick Cooking Recipes Blog (Part of: Discolor Online)
(purple dot) 101 Cookbooks.com: Exploring Cookbooks One Recipe At A Time (Heidi Swanson)
(purple dot) Only Sushi.com: Online Sushi Bar Finder, Ratings, Reviews, Covers U.S. And Selected Canadian Cities
(red dot) Punchfork.com: Searchable Pictorial Lists Of Recipes By Real-Time Popularity, Newness And High Rating
(red dot) Recipelook.com.uk: Visual Recipes For The Right Brain
(red dot) Recipe Source.com: Recipes Organized By Ethnicity And Region, Type Of Dish And Type Of Cooking
(red dot) Saveur.com: Recipes, Cooking Tips, Drinks, Where to Buy What, Culinary Traditions
(red dot) Scoville Scale Of The Pungency (Heat) Levels Of Various Chillies (Note That Cayenne (50,000) < Wasabi < Habenero (80,000) )
(red dot) Slice NY.com: Focused On New York Pizza-News, Restaurant Reviews, Musings; Group Blog Site
(red dot) Smittenkitchen.com: Comfort Foods, Recipes, Tutorials By Deb From New York City
(red dot) SushiFinder.com: Locating Rated Japanese Sushi Restaurants In 14 U.S. Cities (Site Cancelled By Partner Disagreement January 19, 2006)
(red dot) Sushi Eating HOWTO: Detailed Guide (Eugene Ciurana [Yuji-san] )
(red dot) Top Secret Recipes.com: Recipes, Cooking Tips, FAQs, Reader Comments


(red dot) Ageless Project: Directory Of Personal WebSites Displaying Creativeness And Diversity
(red dot) All Experts.com: Directory Of Topics For Question And Answer Service
(red dot) Animated GIF Of Evolution Of The Million Dollar Home Page ($1/Pixel) By Fred Benenson
(red dot) Anxiety Help: Remedies For Math, Test, Performance, Public Speaking And Other Anxiety Disorders (theanxietyhelp.com)
(red dot) Braingle.com: Brain Teasers, Memory Exercises And Tests, Games, Vocabulary And Stress
(red dot) Buckminster Fuller: Everything I Know -- 42 Hour Seminar Given In 1975, In Depth, About His Inventions And Discoveries
(red dot) The Captcha Project: Tests for Distinguishing Humans from Computers
(red dot) Chindogu.com: Unuseless Japanese Inventions (Weird Tools) Part of the International Chindogu Society
(red dot) Cool Site Of The Day By C Notes Interactive, Inc.
(red dot) Cool Tools By Kevin Kelly
(red dot) Rolltop Computer Of The Future (Video)
(red dot) Dean Kamen Robotic Arm Descriptions And Demonstrations (May 2008)
(red dot) Dear Prudence Articles About Life Problems (Emily Yoffe, Slate)
(red dot) Densa Quizzes and Fun Stuff (Also Pressanykey.com)
(red dot) Edisonnation.com: Collaborative Site For Inventors To Publicise Their Inventions
(red dot) eHow.com: Clear Instructions On How To Do Anything
(red dot) e-Tractions.com: Creative Internet Marketing Campaigns
(red dot) Flylady.net: Suggestions For UnCluttering Your Environment Or Home
(red dot) Goodexperience.com: Project That Foster Good, Meaningful Experiences
(red dot) Gullibility Factor Test: Mind Slave - Free Thinker Spectrum (Mike Adams)
(red dot) Hello Quizzy.com: Creating, Sharing And Taking The Best Tests Online
(red dot) How Stuff Works by Marshall Brain (Bought By Discovery Communications 10/15/2007)
(red dot) Improveverywhere.com: Causing Scenes Of Chaos And Joy (New York City Based) By Charlie Todd
(red dot) Interesting Thing Of The Day by Joe Kissell
(red dot) IQ Estimated Conversions Based On SAT Or GRE Scores
(red dot) IQ test On-line
(red dot) IQ tests and more
(red dot) Kurt Vonnegut At The Blackboard: Story Graphs Transcript (2005)
(red dot) Kurt Vonnegut Story Shapes Video (2005)
(red dot) Learn2: Online Course Materials (Microsoft Centric) (Previously Learn2.com: The Ability Utility)
(red dot) MacArthur Fellows 2006: 5 Year Foundation Grants To Support Exceptionally Creative People In The United States
(red dot) learningtoloveyoumore.com: Assigning Projects, Following The Instructions Exactly And Displaying The Artistic Results Online (Assigned By Harrell Fletcher, Miranda July, Yuri Ono)
(red dot with black border) Lifehacker.com: Tips And Downloads For Getting Things Done (GTD) Daily Blog
(red dot with black border) Majority Judgement Voting By Michel Belinski And Rida Laraki: In French And In English
(red dot with black border) Makezine.com: Creative Do-It-Yourself Solutions Using Available Objects Based On Make: Magazine (Technology On Your Time) Associated With O'Reilly Publishing
(red dot) Malcolm Gladwell: In the Air: Who Says Ideas Are Rare? New Yorker Article May 12, 2008
(red dot) Many Eyes: Shared Data Visualization And Discovery (Web 2.0) Via Maps, Bubble Charts, Network Diagrams, Tree Maps (Alpha Version)
(red dot) Neurotic Test (queendom.com)
(red dot) NLP Comprehensive (nlpco.com): Trainings And Resources
(red dot) NLP Information (nlpinfo.com): Concepts And Resources
(red dot) Now.sprint.com Widget (Interactive And Downloadable) Miscellaneous Statistics And Activities In The Present Tense (Sprint Mobile Broadband)
(red dot) Nude Men Analog And Digital Clock (Click On Number To Switch) Also App For iPhone
(red dot) Obscure List Of Information And Data Visualization Sites
(red dot) Obsoleteskills.com: How Pleasant It Is To Not Need To Learn/Do These Anymore
(red dot) Sharpbrains.com: Focusing On Brain Fitness via Classes And Computer Based "Brain Gyms"
(red dot) Selective Attention Test, Change Blindness And Other Videos (Professor Daniel Simons)
(red dot) SimpleTrend: Inspiration and exploration of new ideas and technology trends
(red dot) So You Wanna.com: Learn How To Do All The Things Nobody Taught You In School
(red dot) Straight Dope by Cecil Adams (Ed Zotti)
(red dot) thegardenhelper.com: Monthly Gardening Guide With Details Of Tasks And Projects
(red dot) The Remembering Site.org: Create, Share Your (Updatable) Personal, Family History, Life Story Via (Many Detailed) Questions And Answers ($10 Registration Required)
(red dot) 25 Media Maxims From Ken Auletta Excised From Googled: The End of the World as We Know It
(red dot) Thingiverse.com: MakerBot User Shared Free Resources (Digital Design Files) For Digital Fabrication Like 3D Printing (Zach Hoeken And Bre Pettis) Since 2008
(red dot) Wiki eHow.com: Free Resource To Help People Via Clear, Concise Solutions To Everyday Life's Problems

Data Mining

(red dot) Datasift.com: Re-Syndicator Of Real-Time Twitter Data Back To 2009; Offers Tools For Managing And Extracting User Defined Meaning [Offshoot Of Tweetmeme] (Since August 2010)
(red dot) Factual.com: Discover And Find Data (Since 2011)
(red dot) Gnip.com: Social Media And Twitter Data (Since July 2008)
(red dot) Infochimps.com: Geographic And Social Structured Datasets (15,000 Since Launched In January 2009)
(red dot) Windows Azure Marketplace (microsoft.com): An Online Market Buying, Selling Software As A Service (SaaS) Applications And Datasets (Since October 2010)
(red dot) WolframAlpha.com: Computational Knowledge Engine, Many Knowledge Categories, See Also Under Math (Since May 2009)

Educational For Children Or Students Or Adults, Even Instructors

(red dot) 1001 Rules For My Unborn Son: Insights And Wisdom (Which May Or May Not Apply In The Future)
(red dot) 826 Boston: Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18), Free Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops
(red dot) 826 Chicago: Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18) Opened Fall 2005
(red dot) 826 Michigan (Ann Arbor): Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18); Tutoring, Workshops, Blog
(red dot) 826 LA (Los Angeles): Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18); Blog, Workshops, Tutoring
(red dot) 826 NYC (New York City): Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18); Blog, Workshops, Tutoring
(red dot) 826 Seattle: Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18), Free Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops (Formerly Studio 26)
(red dot) 826 Valencia (San Francisco): Support With Creative And Expository Writing Skills (Ages 6-18), Tutoring, Field Trips, Workshops
(red dot) Advanced Technological Education (atecentral.net): Online Portal Of Resources For Educators, Students, And The Public
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: Agent Analyst: Agent-Based Modeling In ArcGIS: Open-Source Software Workbook For Modeling Exercises (Downloadable PDF By Kevin M. Johnston)
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: Center For Connected Learning And Computer Based Modeling (Northwestern University)
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: Methodology And Philosophy For Agent-Based Models Information Hub And Blog
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: NetLogo, A Programming Language For Multi-Agent Programmable Modeling Environments For Simulating Natural And Social Phenomena (Uri Wilensky)
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: Open ABM: A Collection Of Tutorials And FAQs On Agent-Based Modeling [Network For Computational Modeling For SocioEcological Science (CoMSES) ]
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: Online Guide For New-Comers To Agent-Based Modeling In The Social Sciences (Robert Axelrod And Leigh Tesfatsion)
(red dot) Agent-Based Modeling: StarLogo, A(n Open Source) Programmable Modeling Environment For Exploring The Workings Of Decentralized Systems (MIT)
(red dot) Article Myriad (articlemyriad.com): Original, Insightful Articles & Ideas On A Broad Range Of Humanities Topics.
(red dot) AskA+ Locator Of Subject Matter Experts To Answer Questions Interactively (Part Of Virtual Reference Desk)
(red dot) Ask Jeeves for Kids Search Engine and Directory
(red dot) Baby: Babycorner.com: Information, Advice, Calculators and Support To New, Expectant And Potential Parents All About Babies (Since 1998)
(red dot) Baby: Parenthood.com: Pregnancy And Parenting Information And Forums For New Parents And Families
(red dot) Baby Health: aap.org: American Academy Of Pediatrics Children's Health Information, Education And Resources
(red dot) Baby Health: kidshealth.org: Part Of The Nemours Foundation; Information And Resources For Parents, Children And Teens And Educators
(red dot) Baby Health: mlanet.org: Medical Library Association Web 2.0 Resources And References
(red dot) Baby Health: zerotothree.org: Nurturing Early Childhood Development Ages 0 to 3
(red dot) Bootstrapworld.org: Computer Programming Emphasizing Images And Animations Based On Algebraic and Geometric Common Core Concepts (Emmanuel Schanzer)
(red dot) Careerlauncher.com: Offshore (India Based) Academic Support For Content Development, Demand Online Tutoring, Passing Standardized Tests, Interviewing, Career Advice
(red dot) citationmachine.net: Provides Web Form For Creating Proper Research Citations In MLA, APA, Chicago Or Turabian Formats
(red dot) citefast.com: Provides Web Form For Creating Proper Research References And In-Line Citations In MLA, APA Or Chicago Styles
(red dot) CLEP (College Level Examination Program) High School And College Practice Exams
(red dot) College Board.com SAT, PSAT, AP, and CLEP Tests
(red dot) Code.org: Foundation For Promoting Computer Programming Courses Into Schools (Founded By Hadi And Avi Partovi)
(red dot) Onlinecollegesdatabase.org: Search Tool With Google Maps, Specialty Guidebooks For Students, Minorities, Veterans And People With Disabilities
(red dot) Communication: Compassionate Communication.org Reframing Communication To Be Non-Violent
(red dot) Communication: Non-Violent Communication Training
(red dot) Coping.org: Tools for Coping with Life's Stressors
(red dot) csunplugged.com: Computer Science Activities Without Using A Computer
(red dot) Dale Kirby's Meta-Web Page (Selected Arts, And NLP)
(red dot) Data Science Programs.org: Help Job Seekers, Professionals And Students Understand The Emerging Importance Of These Online University Degrees And Certificate Programs For Careers And Employment.
(red dot) TypesOfEngineeringDegrees.org: Online Engineering Degrees (40 different types) For Supplemental, Enhanced Careers Reviewed.
(red dot) Datedex.com: Lists Event Calendars Of The World's Most Influential Organisations, Countries, Religions, Sports, Etc.
(red dot with black border) Dumbing Of America, The By Susan Jacoby February 17, 2008 Washington Post
(red dot with black border) Edheads.org Virtual Knee Surgery, Weather And Simple Machines, Force And Motion
(red dot with black border) Educationworld.com: Repository Of Professional Development, Administration, Lesson Plans, Technology, Teaching And Current Events In Education
(red dot with black border) Elevate America: Free Or Low-Cost Access To Basic Technological Literacy And Skills Training, Web Portal For Further Training (Sponsored by Microsoft)
(red dot) FFFBI.com (Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation) Promoting Global Literacy (Sponsored By National Geographic)
(red dot) Farmington Municipal Schools (New Mexico) Portal For Students, Teachers and Parents
(red dot) Feynman Lectures On Physics, Volume 1 (Mechanics, Radiation And Heat)
(red dot) Flowingdata.com: Data Visualization, Design And Statistics (Nathan Yau)
(red dot) Gograd.org: Resource Website For Potential Graduate Students To Satisfy Professional And Further Educational Goals
(red dot) Google Literacy A Resource For Teachers, Literacy Organisations For Reading And Education (German And English Sites)
(red dot) Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles
(red dot) How To Write, Think, Learn More Effectively (Michael Covington)
(red dot) Infinitethinking.org: Ideas To Help Teachers And Students Thrive In The 21st Century (Includes Blog)
(red dot) Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy Assessment (Educational Testing Service)
(blue dot) Internet Resources And Learning Center For Parents And Children
(blue dot) iSEEK Education: Targeted Search Engine For Students, Teachers, Administrators, And Caregivers
(red dot) Kids Click.org Age Appropriate (And No Ads) Directory and Search Tools For Students, Teachers and Parents
(red dot) Kids Learning Center: Energy Conservation, Savings And Safety For Students, Teachers And Parents
(red dot) Kids Programming Language.com Learning Computer Programming In An Understandable And Appealing Way To Children And Students (Version 2.0 Called Phrogram)
(red dot) Lecture Properly By Rob Weir (April 20, 2009)
(red dot) Lee Lady's Homespun Web Page (Media Reviews, NLP, Math, Linguistics)
(red dot) Mathschase.com: Arithmetic Games (Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, Division, Odd/Even, Sequential) Customizable and scored
(red dot) New York Times Learning Network For Students, Teachers and Parents
(red dot) New York Times Student Navigator (Reference Web Links)
(red dot) NITLE (National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education) Using Information Technology To Benefit Higher Education Since 2001 (nitle.org)
(red dot with black border) Online Courses: Coursera.org: Free Online Courses For Learning Or Teaching
(red dot with black border) Online Courses: GetEducated.com: Online Resources and Articles for Getting An Education Or Teaching Online
(red dot with black border) Online Courses: Lynda.com: Online Courses For Learning Or Teaching ($20-$25/Month)
(red dot with black border) Online Courses: Pluralsight.com: Online Courses For Learning Or Teaching ($25-$29/Month)
(red dot with black border) Parable Of The Polygons: Simulations Of Triangular and Square Shapes With Implications To The Shape Of Society (Vi Hart and Nicky Case)
(red dot) Pickaprof.com: Database Of Professorial Reviews (Worldwide) Conferred By Students (Registration Required); Professor Support System Available
(red dot) Piazza.com: Question And Answer Web Site For Online Course Resources Written And Shared Web Content (Login required)
(red dot with black border) Quamut.com: Customizable Compendium Of How-To Topics On Home, Leisure, Business, Mind/Body, Computers And Technology (Barnes And Noble)
(red dot) Quora.com: Question And Answer Web Site Community Written And Shared Web Content
(red dot) Ramapo Catskill Internet Guides: Kids Search Tools
(red dot) Ratemyprofessors.com: Database Of Ratings Of Professors (Worldwide) Conferred By Students
(red dot) Ratemyteachers.com: Database Of Ratings Of Teachers (K-12) Conferred By Students And Parents
(red dot) Regarding Wikipedia By The New Yorker: Annals Of Information, Knowing It All, July 24, 2006 By Stacy Schiff
(red dot) Research Papers In Economics: A Free Decentralized Database Of Working Papers, Journal Articles And Software Components
(red dot) College Board SATs: 2006 College-Bound Seniors Tables and Related Items
(red dot) Share My Lesson.com: Free Teaching Resources Created And Shared (Membership Required), Common Core Standards, K-12 And Special Populations, Sponsored By American Federation Of Teachers And TES Connect
(red dot) Sloan Semester.org: Free Online College Courses for Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina
(red dot) Spritzinc.com: Compact Text Streaming One Word Per Line For Faster Reading And Comprehension In English, German, Spanish, French Or Russian; Will Be Developed For Android, Javascript, And iOS (Debut March 21, 2014)
(red dot) teacherspayteachers.com: Marketplace For Educational Course Materials, 18 Or Older ($29.95 + 15% To Sell, Via Paypal, Paid Quarterly)
(red dot) Teaching And Learning Resources.co.uk: Interactive Resources For Children Ages 7-11
(red dot) Ted.com: Technology, Entertainment, Design Via Instructional (Audio-Visual) Talks On All Subjects
(red dot) Thankstextbooks.tumblr.com: A Collection Of Examples Of Textbook Writing Humorously Deconstructed (Updated Mondays)
(red dot) Vian Public Schools Instructional Resources in All Subjects
(red dot) uniontestprep.com: Union Test Preparation, TEAS, CNA (Health Care); ASVAB (Defense); CDL (Transportation); ACCUPLACER, ACT, SAT And GED (Education) -- Online Practice Tests, Flashcards, Study Guides (No Signup Required)
(red dot) University Of Phoenix Western Washington Campus Facebook View (No Signup Required)
(red dot) Varsitytutors.com: Practice Tests In All Academic Subjects Including Advanced Placement, Standardized Tests, CLEP; Paid Localized Tutoring Also Available (Free Registration Required For Creating Practice Tests)
(red dot) Wikibooks.org Free Textbook Project Begun July 2003: A Wikiwiki Site to Edit Texts Collaboratively
(red dot) Yahooligans.com Web Guide for Kids Directory and Search
(red dot) Your Science Diva: A Guide To Free Internet Science Games And Simulations For Those In Kindergarden Through 12th Grade (U.S. High School)

Health and Fitness

>  (red dot) Covid19 or Coronavirus Information And Resources From Google.com: Offers Reliable Disease Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment; Safety, Data, Insights, Alerts, Resources, Relief Efforts, Other Related Websites
(red dot) HealthCare.Gov: Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) Web Site For Obtaining (Subsidized) Health Insurance
(red dot) Alcohol Addiction And Mental Health Treatment ( Quitalcohol.com )
(red dot) Alcohol: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Alcoholism and Alcoholics
(red dot) Avian Flu (Bird Flu) Via Wikipedia
(red dot) Bird Flu Article, The Guardian, October 15, 2005
(red dot) Vaughn's One Page Summaries: Selected Medical And Pharmaceutical Topics
(red dot) Blood Pressure Charts And Tables (Vaughn's One Page Summaries)
(red dot) Chemocare.com: Chemotherapy And Its Side effects By The Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center
(red dot with black border) ComeClean.com: Confession Is Good For The Soul (And The Body)
(red dot) Dietary Guidelines For Americans 2005
(red dot) Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center: Patient And Family Resource Center Newsletters
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Cocaine Addiction And Cocaine Abuse
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Drug Addiction And Drug Addicts
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Heroin Addiction And Heroin Abuse
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Inhalant Addiction And Inhalant Abuse
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Marijuana Addiction And Marijuana Abuse
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Methamphetamine Addiction And Methamphetamine Abuse
(red dot) Drug Addiction: Major Signs And Symptoms Of Prescription Drug Addiction And Prescription Drug Abuse
(red dot) Drug Information: (Drugdangers.com) Information About Drug And Device Dangers, Recent Lawsuits, Consumer Safety, News (Sponsored By Seeger Weiss LLP)
(red dot) Ebola (Hemorrhagic Fever) And Marburg Viruses Symtoms (mayoclinic.com)
(red dot) Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Symtoms (cdc.gov)
(red dot) Ebola: Ominous Math Of The Ebola Epidemic (Joel Achenbach, Lena H. Sun And Brady Dennis, Washington Post, October 9, 2014)
(red dot) Ebola No, Seriously, How Contagious Is Ebola? (Michaeleen Doucleff, Health News From NPR, October 2, 2014)
(red dot) Exrx.net: Exercise Instruction, Kinesiology And Weight Training With Videos Of Exercises
(red dot) Fitday.com: Free Web-Based Diet And Weight Loss Journal (Non-Vista Windows Desktop Download Version $29.95)
(red dot with black border) Fitness Together (West Seattle, WA) Personalized Physical Training
(red dot with black border) Fitness Together (West Seattle, WA) Physical Training Blog
(red dot) Gilda's Club Seattle And 20 Other Sites In The U.S. And Toronto, Canada (Free)
(red dot) Google Dengue Trends Of The World And Map Of Mexico (and Individual Coastal States), South America, India, Phillipines, And Southern Asia With Current And Previous Year Comparisons Since 2007-2008
(red dot) Google Flu Trends Of The World And Map Of The United States (and Individual States) And Current And Previous Year Comparisons Since 2007-2008
(red dot) Interactive Healthy Eating Index (Free)
(red dot) Happy Cow.net: Global Guide To Vegetarian Restaurants And Health Food Stores
(red dot) Healia.com: Search Engine For Consumers And Patients With High Quality, Accurate Search Results (Beta)
(red dot) Healthline.com: Human Body Maps, Interactive Mouseover, Interior Systems, 360 Rotation
(red dot) The Line Diet: Reinforcing Weight Goals
(red dot) Low Cholesterol Risks
(red dot) Lung Diseases Including Sleep Apnea Canadian View
(red dot) Medical World Search (At least $45 For 1 Year Subscription--Required)
(red dot) Medicare Discount Drug Database
(red dot with black border) Medline Plus.gov: A Service Of National Library Of Medicine and National Institutes Of Health
(red dot) Mesothelioma: mesocare.org: Free Service For Helping Mesothelioma (Rare Cancer) Patients Get Financial Assistance, Community And Support
(red dot) Mesothelioma: mesotheliomafund.com: Support And Resources And Peace Of Mind For Helping Mesothelioma (Rare Cancer) Patients, Families And Friends Regarding Symptoms, Treatments, Susceptibilities And Financial And Legal Resources (No Charge For Website Services)
(red dot) Mesothelioma: mesotheliomahelpnow.com: Resources For Helping Mesothelioma (Rare Cancer) Patients, Families And Friends Regarding Symptoms, Treatments, Susceptibilities And Financial And Legal Resources
(red dot) Mesothelioma: (Rare Lung Lining Cancer From Asbestos Exposure) Hope, Support And Help Resource
(red dot) Metabolic Fingerprint.com: Find Out Your Individual Metabolic Rate For Calorie Intake Control
(red dot with black border) People Living With Cancer (The Asco Foundation)
(red dot) Nuvo For Head Lice (Non-Prescription) By Dr. Dale Pearlman (Uses Cetaphil Cleanser)
(red dot) Positivehealth.com: Alternative Health And Integrative Medicine Magazine With Large Article Archive
(red dot) Real Age.com: What Is Yours? THE Self Harm Support Community (Non-Judgemental)
(red dot) Recover Your Life.com: THE Self Harm Support Community (Non-Judgemental)
(red dot) The Recovery Village.com: Comprehensive Substance Abuse And Eating Disorder Treatment Facility Via Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Sober Housing Accommodations And Aftercare (Currently In Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Ohio And Washington State); Also Recovery Information Blog
(red dot) Reducing Inflammation Without Statins By Deborah Katz U.S. News And World Report, November 11, 2008
(red dot) SimpleCare.com Cash Only Medical Services
(red dot) Sleep: Your Ancestors Didn't Sleep Like You - Are We Doing It Wrong? (Arjun Walia, October 2, 2014)
(red dot) AAA Foundation, Carnegie-Mellon University, Foundation For Traffic Safety Offer TrafficSTATS: STAtistics on Travel Safety And Risks Of Death
(red dot) USDA National Nutrient Database Search Engine
(red dot) Vision Lasereyesurgeryhub.co.uk: Worldwide Resources For The Blind And Vision Impaired
(red dot) Vision Lighthouseguild.org: Resources For Low Vision And Vision Loss
(red dot) Weightwatchers.com Online Journal, Weight Tracker, Healthy Recipes ($20/Month; $15/Month after 3 Months)
(red dot) Whoissick.org: Post Searchable Sickness Information, Discussions, Trends Via Google Analytics (Web 2.0)
(red dot) World Health Organization (WHO): Stopping Extensive Drug-Resistant (XDR) Tuberculosis (TB)

Humor And Satire

(red dot) Adventures of Action Item Comics Page Satire
(red dot) Amazon.com Reviews Of Tuscan 1 Gallon Milk From Their Grocery Section
(red dot) Animation: A Cautionary Tale, A Film By Run Wrake (Quicktime Required)
(red dot) antigravitygoogle.com: An Alternative, Free-Form Google Search Page
(red dot) Apple User Interface Parody
(red dot) Baby Care Instructions
(red dot) Bbspot.com: Humor From The Web By Brian Briggs
(red dot) Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Jerry Seinfeld And GuestsVideo (0:22:59)
(red dot) Cyranet.com: Emailable Ascerbic Greeting Cards
(red dot) Damn You AutoCorrect.com: Hilarious Contributions Of (English Text Message) Autocorrect in Action
(red dot) Despair.com: Demotivational Paraphenalia
(red dot) Disturbing Auctions.com Disconcerting Auction Examples
(red dot) Door Magazine.com Unique Religous Satire
(red dot) Fark.com True, Strange Humor
(red dot) Funny2.com: Categorized Humor
(red dot) German Instructional Forklift Training Film: Heavy Duty Black Humor
(red dot) List Of Google Hoaxes And Easter Eggs
(red dot) HEMA.nl Netherlands Department Store Welcome Page
(red dot) HomeStarRunner.com Heavy Flash Humor
(red dot) Humansofnewyork.com: Pictures And Interview Vignettes Of New Yorkers
(red dot) Humorix.org: Fake Stories About Linux
(red dot with black border) If The IRS Discovered The Quadratic Formula ... By Daniel J. Velleman Of Amherst College
(red dot) Indignant Online Humor By Todd Allen
(red dot) Instant Messaging Fight (Quicktime Movie) From Wayback Machine
(red dot) Isolatr.com: Anti-Social Networking Web Site Parody
(red dot) JibJab.com: Bush Parody Animations
(red dot) John Walkenbach Humor Page
(red dot) Math Joke: Abbott And Costello Payday Accounting
(red dot) Math Joke: Job Seeking Minority Group Member And Reluctant Boss
(red dot) Math Joke: Division And Multiplication (Ma And Pa Kettle)
(red dot) Memepool.com: Humorous and Odd News Items
(red dot) Morenewmath.com: Humorous Word Equations (Craig Damrauer; Site Design by David Mikula)
(red dot) Stress Release And Sharing: Fmylife.com: Contributed Vignettes Of Short, Humorous, Sad, Boring Or Unjust Experiences Of Life's Activities
(red dot) Stress Release And Sharing: Mylifeisaverage.com: Contributed Vignettes Of Short, Humorous, Sad, Boring Insights About Life's Activities
(red dot) News Of The Weird: Summarized Stories By Chuck Shepard
(red dot) Odd Todd: A window into the unemployed (Flash desirable)
(red dot) The Onion: Satirical online Newspaper
(red dot with black border) 1-click.jp: 1 Click (One Click) Award 2007
(red dot) Overheard In Athens.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Athens, Greece
(red dot) Overheard In The Classroom.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Classrooms
(red dot) Overheard In Dublin.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Dublin, Ireland
(red dot) Overheard In Law School.blogspot.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Law School
(red dot) Overheard In London.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From London, Great Britain
(red dot with black border) Overheard In New York.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes
(red dot) Overheard In Philly.blogspot.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Philadelphia, PA
(red dot) Overheard In Pittsburgh.blogspot.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Pittsburgh, PA
(red dot) Overheard In Portland.blogspot.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From Portland, OR
(red dot) Overheard In The UK.com: Hilarious Conversational Quotes From The United Kingdom (UK)
(red dot) Peepresearch.org: Science Research
(red dot) Pronunciation Manual Channel: American Pronunciations Of Difficult Words (8 Second Videos From YouTube.com)
(red dot) Truth Or Fiction.com: Get Information On eRumors, Warnings, Offers, Requests For Help, Myths, Hoaxes, Virus Warnings, and Humorous or Inspirational Stories
(red dot) Urban Legends Reference Page (snopes.com)
(red dot) Visual Puns From Worth1000.com
(red dot) Vidlit.com: Yiddish With Dick And Jane (Parody) (Dialup Connection Discouraged)
(red dot) Webtherapyshow.com: Lisa Kudrow [Video]
(red dot) Worst Of The Web: Bad Websites Critiqued


(red dot) Dan Bricklin's Home Page (Spreadsheet Co-Founder)
(red dot) First Monday (firstmonday.org): A Peer Reviewed Journal On The Internet About The Internet Since 1996
(red dot) Google Compute Engine: Using Google's Virtual Machine (Hosted In U.S. And Europe) To Compute (Up To 16 Cores And 104GB Memory + U.S. Price 1st 10 Minutes + U.S. Price/Additional Minute)
(red dot) Harley Hahn's Home Page With A Link To Internet Experience ($20/Year)
(red dot) How To Use Your Mac From Anywhere: Using SSH Tunnels And VNC Screen-Sharing Open Source Software
(red dot) Internet Predictions For 2007 Including Subway Maps Of Companies And Concepts
(red dot) Internet Scout Project: Tools And Services To Find, Filter, Present Online Information And Metadata
(red dot) Internet Technical Resources
(red dot) Internet Traffic Report
(red dot) Maps Of The Web
(red dot) Online X-Face Converter
(red dot) Pandodaily.com: IT Business Intelligence And Forecasting (Sarah Lacey)
(red dot) PC Hell Support Web Site (Especially Popup Ads and Spyware Removal)
(red dot) Phill Ryu's Top Ten Most Beautiful Mac OS X Apps (Shareware)
(red dot) Register.com: Check Web Site Origins, Web Hosting, Whois Lookup
(red dot with black border) Software Wars Graphic Map: Free And Open Source Software Versus Microsoft (Maintained By Steven Hilton)
(red dot) Spire Project: The Nature of Internet Research
(red dot) Touch graph.com Graphical Information Canopies including TG Google Browser V1.01
(red dot) Toward A Typological View Of Social Networks (Sean's Cheesebikini/208 Blog Site)
(red dot) Usable Web.com: Links for Web Usability (No Longer Updated As Of 2003)
(red dot) Vernacular Web: Web Page Cultural Design History; Decade Of Web Design Conference Talk January 2005 (Olia Lialina)
(red dot) WayBack Machine Internet Archive (to 1996)
(red dot) Web Map Study: Atlas Of Cyberspaces, Topology Maps Of Elements Of Cyberspace
(red dot) Web Map Study: Evolution Of The Web Structure (2003)
(red dot) Web Map Study: Global Internet Geography And Gazetteer
(red dot) Web Map Study: Graphs Of the Web (2000)
(red dot) Web Map Study: Internet Mapping Project
(red dot) Web Map Study: Mapping Cyberspace; Visualizing The Infrastructure And Information Spaces Of The Internet
(red dot) Web Map Study: Perception of the Information Value from Link Analysis Abstract (Igor Kanovsky) (2004)
(red dot) Web Map Study: Internet Geography Research Project
(red dot) Web Topics Study: Mining The Tagged Web By Ivars Peterson (2004)
(red dot) Web Topics Study: The Structure of Broad Topics on the Web (2002)
(red dot with black border) Wi-Fi Hotspot List: Directory of Wireless Hotspots Worldwide


(red dot) Bizjournals.com's Book Of Lists: Information On The Leading Buyers, Businesses And Employers In Over 60 Of The U.S.'s Most Dynamic Markets
(red dot) Career Interests Game: Test for Determining Your Personality/Work Type (Out Of 6)
(red dot) Careerjet.com: A Search Engine For Jobs, Local Through World-Wide, Sortable By Post Date Or Salary
(red dot) Career Key.org: 10 Minute Test for Determining Your Personality/Work Type (Out Of 6) Career Assessment ($13/Year Subscription Required)
(red dot) Careeronestop.org: Most Extensive Career Resource Library Online Searchable By Occupation, Location, And Keywords
(red dot) Craig's List Hall Of Shame: Sifting The Worst In Job Postings
(red dot) Dice.com: Specializing In Information Technology Jobs
(red dot) Dislocated Workers Program Website workforce3one.org: Information By U.S. State And Showing State-Based Resources ([Free] Registration)
(red dot) Domystuff.com: Outsource To Find The Best Assistants To Do Your Chores At Lowest Prices Via A Bidding System
(red dot) Employment Tools And Ads Page
(red dot) Foundation Center For Grant Seekers and Grantmakers
(red dot) Glassdoor.com: A Look Inside Companies By Employee Testimonials (+/-), Salaries Offered And Interview Process
(red dot) Guidestar.org: National Database Of Over 850,000 U.S. Charitable Organizations With Donor And Volunteer Guides ([Free] Registration)
(red dot) Indeed.com: Search Engine For Jobs, Salaries, Trends and Forums, U.S. And Worldwide
(red dot) Insidehighered.com: News, Opinion, Jobs For College Instructors
(red dot with black border) Jobbait.com: Helping The Higher Paid To Continue To Be Higher Paid (Mark Hovind)
(red dot) Jobs.answers.com: Answers And Strategies About Finding That Job (part of answers.com)
(red dot) Jobster.com: Web 2.0 Listings, Company Information, Workplace Reviews
(red dot) LinkedIn.com: Social Networking Focused On Job Recruiting And Local Services
(red dot) Micro-Jobs: Amazon Mechanical Turk (mturk.com): Complete Tasks That Humans Do Better Than Computers (Artificial Artificial Intelligence) For Pay (Sponsored By Amazon.com)
(red dot) Mynextmove.org: Career And Job Search By Job Category, Industries Or Interests
(red dot) Personal Outsourcing Article: My Outsourced Life By A. J. Jacobs
(purple dot) Neuvoo.com: Careers And Job Listing Resource By Job Category, Source And Date Filters, Salary And Location; Also Salary And U.S. Tax Calculator
(purple dot) OpenCollegesBlog: Careers And Job Hunting Resource Categories (Australia)
(red dot) Personal Outsourcing domystuff.com: Errands And Chores By Businesses And Individuals Near You At Reasonable Prices
(red dot) Personal Outsourcing Rentacoder.com: Software Projects Bid And Asked At Reasonable Prices
(red dot) Personal Outsourcing Templatekingdom.com: Web Site And Logo Design, Templates, Hosting, Support At Reasonable Prices
(red dot) Princeton Review.com Career Center: Career Quiz (Home Page Has Applications And College Entrance Exams (P)SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL)
(red dot with black border) Retiredbrains.com: For Seniors Who Wish To Unretire Or Retire And Work ([Free] Registration Required)
(red dot with black border) Rileyguide.com: Employment Opportunities And Job Resources Gateway
(red dot with black border) Seniors4hire.org: Online Career Center For Job Seekers At Least 50 Years Old ([Free] Registration Required)
(red dot with black border) SkillMarket: An Historical Daily Look At In-Demand Tech Skills (Statistics Collected From April 2002 To November 2006 By Steven Hilton)
(red dot) SimplyHired.com: Search Engine Company Building A Large Online Jobs Database (Web 2.0)
(red dot) Work Force Explorer.com: A Washington State Resource including Career Center Self-Assessment Tools
(red dot) Yahoo!, Tumblr Careers: US And International, Searching, Candidate Profile Storing, Career and Jobs Resource


(red dot) Babelfish Word/Page Translation Service, (12 languages including Chinese, Russian, Korean and Japanese)
(red dot) FreeTranslation.com Free and Human (Paid) Translations (9 languages including Russian and Chinese)
(red dot) Japanese-English Translations
(red dot) Lingomatch.com: Language Exchange Network Where Language Learners Find Language And Cultural Exchange Swaps In Their Local Area; Free Ad Offers In Selected Cities In Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, United States, And South Africa
(red dot) Livemocha.com (Beta): Learn To Read, Write, Listen And Speak: English, French, Hindi, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese Via Native Speakers And Tutors (Free)
(red dot) Lost In Translation: English To Not English (8 Other Languages) To English
(red dot) Medical Mnemonics.com: Database of Medical Mnemonics
(red dot) Movie Subtitle Translations (English To Chinese To English): Revenge Of The Sith -> Backstroke Of The West
(red dot) Praxislanguage.com: Learn To Speak Chinese(Chinesepod.com) Or Spanish (Spanishpod.com) Via Daily Podcasts Through Itunes (Free) But Other Language Resources ($9-$200/Month)
(red dot) Forvo.com: All The Words Of The World Pronounced
(red dot) Signing: American Sign Language Dictionary: ASL Signing Resources
(red dot) Signing: Babysigns.com: Parent-Baby Signing Resources
(red dot) Signing: Mybabycantalk.com: Parent-Baby (Video) Signing Resources
(red dot) Signing: Sign2me.com: Parent-Baby Signing Resources
(red dot) Translate.google.com: Word, Phrase, Web Page/Site Translations 12 Languages To/From English, French To/From German, Some Beta Versions
(red dot) Writing Resources For English Academic Papers (University Of North Carolina)

Libraries (In English)

Rev 100613

(red dot) Library: Boston (MA) Public Library
(red dot) Library: British Council (India) Public Library Network
(red dot) Library: Brooklyn (NY) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Chicago (IL) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Dublin City (Ireland) Public Library And Archive
(red dot) Library: Edinburgh (Scotland) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Fairfax County (VA) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Free Library Of Philadelphia (PA) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Greater Victoria (BC) Canada Public Library
(red dot) Library: National Library Of Israel Public Library (English Version)
(red dot) Library: King County (WA) Library System
(red dot) Library: London (GB) The British Library
(red dot) Library: Long Island (NY) Library Resources Council
(red dot) Library: Los Angeles (CA) Public Library
(red dot) Library: National Diet Library Of Japan Public Library (English Version)
(red dot) Library: National Library Of Ireland (Eire) Public Library
(red dot) Library: National Library Of New Zealand Public Library
(red dot) Library: National Library Of Scotland Public Library
(red dot) Library: New York (NY) Public Library
(red dot) Library: New Zealand (NZ) Library (University Of Waikato)
(red dot) Library: New Zealand (NZ) Public Library System
(red dot) Library: New Zealand (NZ) Medical, Dental, Law, Education Research And Hocken Libraries (University Of Otago)
(red dot) Library: Open Univerisity Of Hong Kong Public Library
(red dot) Library: Oregon U.S.A. Public Libraries Directory
(red dot) Library: Ottawa (ON) Canada Public Library
(red dot) Library: Queens (NY) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Regina (SK) Canada Public Library
(red dot) Library: Richmond (BC) Canada Public Library
(red dot) Library: Run Run Shaw Library Hong Kong, City University Of, Public Library
(red dot) Library: San Francisco (CA) Public Library
(red dot) Library: Seattle (WA) Public Library
(red dot) Library: State Library of New South Wales, Australia Public Library
(red dot) Library: State Library of Queensland, Australia Public Library
(red dot) Library: State Library of Tasmania, Australia Public Library
(red dot) Library: State Library of Victoria, Australia Public Library
(red dot) Library: State Library of Western Australia Public Library
(red dot) Library: Toronto (ON) Canada Public Library
(red dot) Library: University Of Hong Kong Public Library
(red dot) Library: Vancouver (BC) Canada Public Library
(red dot) Library: World-Wide Public Library Directory

Lists Of Lists

(red dot) Best Of The Web Directory (Since 1994)
(red dot) Bob Jensen's Full Bookmarks
(red dot) Craig's List Community Directory Of 450 Cities And Countries Worldwide By December 15, 2007 including San Francisco, New York, Portland and Seattle
(red dot) Craig's List Best Of Postings
(red dot) Dewey Decimal System Organized Web Sites (Created and Maintained by Gail Shea Grainger)
(red dot) Fact-Index.com Lists By Topic Hierarchy
(red dot) Fimoculous.com: Aggregated Lists Of The Year 2010 In Review
(red dot) Forbes.com's Best Of The Web
(red dot) Infobear.com's Reference Shelf lists
(red dot) Information: Resources And Links For Each Of 153 Key Phrases That Include That Word
(red dot) Internet Of Things: Working Bibliography From Pursed Lips Square Jaw Blog (Anne Galloway)
(red dot) Kijiji.com: International Native Language Free Classified And Want Ads (91 Cities Based In Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, China, Taiwan) (Owned by eBay.com)
(red dot) Listology.com Lists for Movies, Books, Music, Television, Quotes and Definitions, and Poetry
(red dot) Lists Of Bests: Books, Movies, Music Web Lists
(red dot) Martindale's The Reference Desk (Jim Martindale)
(red dot) New York Times Business Connections
(red dot) New York Times Cybertimes Navigator
(red dot) New York Times Health Navigator
(red dot) New York Times Political Navigator
(red dot) New York Times Top 25 News Articles Emailed By Readers In The Last 7 Days
(red dot) New York Times Top 25 News Articles Emailed By Readers In The Last 24 Hours
(red dot) 100 Top Web Sites Network
(red dot) Paul Brians Favorite Sites
(red dot) PC Magazine Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites 2002
(red dot) PC Magazine Top 101 Undiscovered Web Sites 2004
(red dot) PC Magazine Top 101 Web Sites 2005
(red dot) PC Magazine Top 100 Undiscovered And Needed Web Sites 2004
(red dot) Penguin Information Network: Category And Keyword Directory To Animals (Pets), Pizza, Cars, Many Other Links
(red dot) Power Reporting.com Computer-Aided Resources for Journalism
(red dot) Pulitzer.org: Pulitzer Prize Archives Since 1917
(red dot) Squirl.info: Organizer And Categorizer Of Media And Other Real Object Lists
(red dot) The Online Toolbox For College Students: Blog of Text Oriented Tips
(red dot) The Noughtie List: the 2000s in Review
(red dot) Timeline (Interactive) On The History Of Information And Media: From Cave Paintings To The Internet (Formerly From Gutenberg To The Internet) By Jeremy Norman
(red dot) Timeline Of Timelines By Sasha Archibald And Daniel Rosenberg (cabinetmagazine.org)
(red dot) Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites (Newest)
(red dot) Tour Bus.com: Information, Opinion Newsletter About Best Web Sites (Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispen)
(red dot) Utah State University Internet Quick Resources (Steve Weiss)
(red dot) Vaughn's One Page Summaries: Arts, Music, Computing, Languages, Medicine, And More
(red dot) Voice Of The Shuttle Academic Research Resources
(red dot) Webby Awards and Nominations (Also People's Choice) Since 1997
(red dot) Wikipedia: Lists Of Lists Of Lists: General, Culture, Geography, Math, Science, People, Beliefs, Societies, Technology Web Lists
(red dot) Wikipedia: Portal: Contents - Lists: General, Culture, Geography, Health, History, Math, Science, People, Beliefs, Societies, Technology Web Lists


(red dot) 3DEM Software: For Terrain Visualization And Flyby Animation (Richard Horne)
(red dot) BioMapping.net: Documenting Emotion and Location Using Galvanic Skin Response and GPS Devices
(red dot) Brainy Atlas.com Extensive Maps and Gazeteer
(red dot) David Rumsey Map Collection And Map (Historical) Resources
(red dot) Degree Confluence Project: Documenting every Latitude, Longitude Intersection (GPS Device based)
(red dot) Distance between any 2 Cities and Mapping facilities
(red dot) Earthquake Map of California Showing Probability of An Earthquake in 24 Hours, Updated Daily
(red dot) ESRI.com Geographic Information Systems
(red dot) FreeGIS.org: Project To Provide Free GIS Software And Geo-Data
(red dot) Free Topographical Maps For Hiking And Biking Based On Google Earth
(red dot) Geocoder: Project To Provide Latitude, Longitude Given An Address, Postal Code, City Or Clickable Map Location
(red dot) Google Earth: Ogle Earth Description Of Center Of Gravity Calculator
(red dot) Google Earth: Satellite Zoomable Views Of Earth With Superimposed Maps (Free), GPS ($20), Downloadable (PC Only) Software, Also View Google Sky Since August 23, 2007
(red dot) GPS: The New Navigation: GPS Device Tutorial (Part of Longitude Program)
(red dot) LetterBoxing.org (also North America): Geocaching And Locating Objects (GPS Device required)
(red dot with black border) Lost In Seattle.com: Map Search For Shops, Buildings, Information, Opinions of About 21,000 Neighborhood Objects, Demo of Live Village (Villageware, Preview Edition)
(red dot with black border) Mapping: Google Maps: Cool Google Maps: Collected Mashups Of Various Subjects With Google Maps
(red dot with black border) Mapping: Google Maps: With Overlapped, Transparency Controlled, Satellite and Labelled Maps, Zoomable, And With Latitude, Longitude Input/Shown
(red dot with black border) Mapping: Google Maps: Zoomable Maps, Localized And Satellite Search and Directions Between 2 Points, Also Customizable (Mashup) Maps Tab (April 2007)
(red dot) Mapping: Google Map Pedometer: Map A Route And Note The Distance (Or Expended Calories!) From Point A To Point B
(red dot) Mapping: Google Transit Maps: Map A Transit Route In Seattle (King County), WA; Eugene, OR; Portland, OR; Tampa, FL; Honolulu, HI; Pittsburgh, PA; Duluth, MN; Las Vegas, NV; Reno, NV; Burbank, CA; San Diego, CA; Humboldt, Orange Counties, CA; Japan
(red dot) Mapping: NORAD Tracks Santa Via Google Maps 5 Minute Refresh On Position
(red dot) Mapping: Map Facilities: Yahoo! Maps: Maps, Driving Directions In The United States
(red dot) Mapping: Map On Us: Maps, Driving Directions, Yellow pages In The United States
(red dot with black border) Mapping: Map Quest: Maps, Driving Directions, Live Traffic Reports In The United States
(red dot) Mapping: MSN MapPoint (previously Map Blast: Maps, Driving Directions, GeoSearch, Yellow pages) In The United States
(red dot) Mapping: Multimap.com: Maps, Driving Directions In United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, US, And The World
(red dot) Mapping: Whereis.com: Maps, Driving Directions In Australia
(red dot) Map and References University of Iowa
(red dot) Map Room: A Blog About Maps (Jonathan Crowe)
(red dot) Metro Regional Bus Systems, Maps, Trip Planner, Timetables, Ride Share, Bus Passes (Seattle, King County, Pierce County, Snohomish County In Washington State)
(red dot) National Geographic Map Machine (e.g. World Climates, Toxic-waste hazards, population distributions)
(red dot) New York City Transit Guide (Hopstop.com) Directions (All Subways And Only Brooklyn, Manhattan Buses)
(red dot) Peters Projection: An Area Accurate Map Of The World
(red dot) Sailwx.info: World Map Of Ocean Going Ships' Current Locations (At Sea Or Docked)
(red dot) Social Explorer.com: Selected Demographic Data On Data Maps
(red dot) TerraServer-USA high resolution USGS aerial imagery and USGS topographic maps
(red dot) Traffic Map of Puget Sound WA (Updated Every 3 Minutes)
(red dot) Traffic Map of Puget Sound WA With Many Web Cameras (Updated Every 1.5 Minutes)
(red dot with black border) Virtual Earth.msn.com (Beta): Zoomable North American Maps and Satellite Views of Address-Based (Yellow Pages) Search Topics Including Self-Location
(red dot) World Atlas.com Maps and Attributes
(red dot) World-Gazetteer.com: Downloadable World Cities/Towns/Hamlets Names List With Their Attributes (3 MB Zipped UTF-8 Format)

Maps With Content (GoogleMaps And Others)

(red dot) Air Quality: purpleair.com: Air Quality Monitoring With World Map, Location Monitoring History, Sensor Purchases Available
(red dot) ATT (AT&T) Wireless Coverage Viewer For The United States: Voice, Data, GoPhone, Smart Limits, Mobile TV
(red dot) Batchgeo.com: Using Google Maps, Geocodes A Batch List Of Addresses, With Names, Phone Numbers, Groupings, and URLS (Free Version and Pro $99/Month)
(red dot) GeoBloggers.com: Using Google Maps, Collects Geotagged Items By 2500+ users Including Photos, Notes, Webpages, Podcasts, Videos
(red dot with black border) Google Maps Mania: Blog Of Mashups And Content Using Google Maps
(red dot) Google Mars: NASA Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor Missions Data Combined With Google Maps
(red dot) Google Moon: NASA Apollo Missions Data Combined With Google Maps
(red dot with black border) Hopstop.com: Maps And Subway/Bus Directions For Traveling On Selected City Transit Systems (New York Metropolitan Area, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D.C.) With Trip Time Estimates
(red dot with black border) Housingmaps.com: Housing From Craig's List and Google Maps (For Rent, For Sale, Rooms, Sublets)
(red dot with black border) Iraq War Coalition Military Fatalities 2003-2007 (Ongoing)
(red dot with black border) KPBS.org: San Diego, California Fires Map: Google Search (Updatable) Results Of Fire Locations And Burn, Evacuation Areas Shown Via Google Maps
(red dot) Mediamap.info: Mapping The Media In The Americas, University Of Calgary (Canada And Peru Completed)
(red dot) Mysociety.org: Interactive London Maps With Travel-Time And Housing Prices Slider Map Overlays To The Department Of Transport
(red dot) Nationalgeographic.com: Animation Of Year 2006 Carbon Dioxide And Carbon Monoxide Emissions Worldwide Via A NASA Visualization Simulation
(red dot with black border) Prejudice Map: Google Search Results Of Most Popular Opinions Of National Characteristics Using Google Maps
(red dot) Statestats.appspot.com: Explore The Popularity Of Google Search Queries In States Of The U.S. Using Spearman's Rank Correlation
(red dot) Strange Maps: Attributes Of Objects And Maps Displayed And Discussed (Blog Site)
(red dot) Triptropnyc.com: And Google Maps Colorized Heat Map (2 Hour Maximum Shown) Of Combined Subway, Bus And/Or Walking Travel Time From Any Address (Jonathan Soma)
(red dot) Traffic Data (Yahoo!) And Google Maps Also Summarizes Weather Conditions (Greg)
(red dot with black border) Virtual Sightseeing With Satellite Google Maps Worldwide Web-Based Views (RSS Feeds For Newest And Most Popular Sites)
(red dot) Weatherspark.com: Interactive Weather Graphs and Maps
(red dot) Weather Underground (And Weather Bug) And Google Maps Temperature (With Graph), Wind, Humidity, Dew Point
(red dot) Weather Underground Sea Surface Temperatures, Storm And Typhoon Activities
(red dot) Where In The World Using Google Maps Locating Selected WITW Users
(red dot) Zip (Postal) Code Locator Geographically Locating Regions, States And Cities Associated With Zip Codes


(red dot) Academized.com: Organized Reference Math Resources, Graphs And Calculators From Elementary to Advanced Math Topics
(red dot) Akrowne's Planetmath.org: Collaborative Math Encyclopedia
(red dot with black border) Algebrahelp.com: Student, Teacher Algebra Resources including Equation And Other Calculators, Interactive Worksheets
(red dot) Algebra Project.org: Principles And Structure For Learning Math Starting In Middle School (Robert Moses)
(red dot) Allmath.com: Student, Teacher Math Resources
(red dot) Analyzemath.com: Calculus And Other Math Interactive Tutorials And Problems In English And Some French (Dr. Abdelkader Dendane, Ph.D)
(red dot) Animations Of n-Body Orbital Patterns (Carles Simo, Data; Richard Montgomery, Math)
(red dot) Aperiodical.com: Shared Blog Of Mathematical Knowledge And Insights (Katie Steckles, Christian Perfect And Peter Rowlett)
(red dot) Arachnoid.com: Calculus Primer And Other Science And Math Discussions (Paul Lutus)
(red dot) Archimedes Palimpsest: Oldest Surviving Manuscript Written By Archimedes And Timeline
(red dot) Ask A Math Tutor: Question And Answer Service For Students (Part of Virtual Reference Desk) By Henry Fliegler
(red dot) Atlas Of Lie Groups And Representations, Including The Collaborative Calculation of The E8 Structure, Presented March 19, 2007
(red dot) BBC: Learning Maths Web Sites
(red dot) Books About Math By Pat Willette
(red dot) Chinese University Of Hong Kong, Institute Of Mathematical Sciences: Useful Worldwide Mathematics Links
(red dot) CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Practice Math Exam
(red dot) Common Errors In Undergraduate Mathematics (Eric Schecter)
(red dot) Coolmath.com: 8 Websites Including Algebra; For Kids, Parents, Teachers; Games And Science
(red dot) cut-the-knot.org: Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Using Java Applets
(red dot) Daniel Gilbert Talk At SXSW March 11, 2006: How To Do Precisely The Right Thing At All Times (Audio Quicktime)
(red dot) Daniel Gilbert Talk At SXSW March 11, 2006: How To Do Precisely The Right Thing At All Times (Text Summary)
(red dot) DARPA's (23) Mathematical Challenges Research Request (September 26, 2008)
(red dot) Dewey Decimal System Organized Mathematics Sites (Created and Maintained by Gail Shea Grainger)
(red dot) Do Your Math.com: Tests, Puzzles, Book Lists, Special Topics, Emailed Questions And Answers
(red dot) Drilling Square Holes (Also Pentagonal, Hexagonal And Octagonal Ones): Investigating Reuleaux Triangles (after Franz Reuleaux, 1829-1905) By Scott Smith (1993)
(red dot) Ed Pegg Jr.'s Math Games, Sponsored By The Mathematical Association Of America
(red dot) Equation Calculator For Algebra, Statistics And Calculus With Derivations (Symbolab.com)/
(red dot) Finite Math On Line Tutorials (Also Alegbra, Applied Calculus) By Stepan Waner Of Hofstra University Including Review Exercises, Quizzes And Online Utilities
(red dot) Fractal Geometry Tutorial By Cynthia Lanius Of Rice University
(red dot) Khan Academy: Short Videos On Myriad Mathematics And Statistics Topics, As Well As Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Finance, Current World Economy, Banking And Money, History
(red dot) Math Anxiety: Le Moyne College: Math Anxiety Tips
(red dot) lmfdb.org: L-Functions And Modular Forms Database Connections And Their Interrelationships Forming An International Atlas Of All Mathematical Thought
(red dot) Math Anxiety: Math Academy.com: Coping With Math Anxiety (Platonic Realms)
(red dot) Math Anxiety: Math.com: Study Tips For Getting Around Math Anxiety
(red dot) Math Anxiety: Science News Online: Math Fears Subtract From Memory, Learning (Bruce Bower)
(red dot) Math Education: Nova: Fractals, Solving The Hidden Dimension Video (52:59, October 28, 2008)
(red dot) Math Education: Mathematically Correct: A Coalition Of Parents, Educators, Mathematicians To Redirect Standards Based Mathematics And Math Education Reform Towards Basic Skills
(red dot) Math Education: New York City HOLD (Honest Open Logical Decisions): A Coalition Of Parents, Educators, Mathematicians To Promote Effective Math Education Reform
(red dot) Egyptian Math: Numbers
(red dot) Graphing Calculators: Drawing Function Graphs (rechneronline.de)
(red dot) Graphing Calculators: Scientific Calculator With Function Graphing
(red dot) Handbook Of Mathematical Functions (Milton Abramowitz And Frances Stegun, Editors: 1964, 1972)
(red dot) History of Mathematics and Chronology (David E. Joyce Clark University)
(red dot) History of Mathematics Booklist (Jerrold Grossman Oakland University)
(red dot) Hoagies Gifted.org Mathematics Resources For Gifted Children And Adults By Carolyn K.
(red dot) Hotmath.com Tutorial Help in Algebra, Geometry, Calculus with Textbook Homework Problems
(red dot) Hundred Greatest Theorems
(red dot) Illinois State Board Of Education 10 Question 8th Grade Math Quiz
(red dot) Indian Numbering System Wikipedia Tutorial
(red dot) Institute For Figuring (theiff.org): See Especially Crocheting The Hyperbolic Plane
(red dot) Interactive Math Tutor.com: Online, Phone, Email From K-12 through Graduate School (Starting At $20/Hour)
(red dot) John C. H. Conway's The Game Of Life (Java Simulator And Downloadable application)
(red dot) John C. H. Conway's The Game Of Life (Wikipedia Article)
(red dot) Jolene Morris' College Algebra And Teaching Mathematics For Kindergarten Through 8th Grade Educators (University of Phoenix And Axia College Curricula)
(red dot) Karl's Calculus Tutor and Forum
(red dot) Lessonplanet.com: A Search Engine Of [K-12] Teacher-Reviewed Online Math Lesson Plans And Worksheets For Teachers ($39.95/Year)
(red dot) Logo Design And Mathematica (Chris Carlson, February 26, 2009)
(red dot) MacTutor History Of Mathematics Archive (University Of St. Andrews, Scotland)
(red dot) Math Archives Topics, Teaching Materials, Tutorials Sponsored by The University of Tennessee at Knoxville
(red dot) Math Cats.com: K-12 Math Topics (Wendy A. Petti)
(red dot) Math Class Archives University of Washington Department of Mathematics
(red dot) Math.com: Homework Help, Practice, Tutoring In Basic Arithmetic Through Calculus, Statistics And Other Advanced Topics
(red dot) Math Forge.net Power Tools For Online Math
(red dot) Math Forum @Drexel: Including Ask Dr. Math, Math tools, Student, Teacher, Parent, Research Resources
(red dot) Math Games.org (Ed Pegg Jr.)
(red dot) Math Guide.de: Mathematics Subject Gateway To Scholarly Information (Lower Saxony State and University Library, Gottingen, Germany)
(red dot) Math Goodies.com: Free Math Help With Interactive Lessons, Puzzles And Worksheets (Gisele Glosser)
(red dot) MathIsFun.com: Covering Numbers, Algebra, Geometry, Data, Measure, Puzzles, Games, Dictionary, And Worksheets
(red dot) Math Puzzle.com: Mathematical Puzzles and Solutions
(red dot) Math Resources (the-science-lab.com) Directory of Math Related Websites.
(red dot) Mathematics Education Resources, Artifacts and History
(red dot) Mathematics Science and Technology Education Resources
(red dot) Mathsphere Resources Of The United Kingdom, Especially Graph Paper
(red dot) Mathweb Reference Shelf English and Multi-Language Directory
(red dot with black border) MathWorld.com: Comprehensive, Interactive (LiveGraphics3D) Math Resources (Eric Weisstein) Sponsored By Wolfram Research And NSF
(red dot with black border) MathWorld.com: Realeaux Triangles And Its Rotational Characteristics Inside A Square (Eric Weisstein) Sponsored By Wolfram Research And NSF
(red dot) Matrix Calculator: Maximum Dimension Is 32x32 (Bluebit.gr)
(red dot) Matrix Calculator: Maximum Dimension Is 10x10 (mathisfun.com/algebra/index-2.html)
(red dot) Mindresearch.org: ST Math (Spatial-Temporal) Math Puzzles Without Words For Elementary, Middle School, High School Algebra And Home Schooling (Flash Required)
(red dot) Mobius Transformations Revealed: Youtube.com Video June 3, 2007 (2:34) By Douglas N. Arnold And Jonathan Rogness, University Of Minnesota
(red dot) Mysecretmathtutor.com: Math Videos (Basic, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Differential Calculus, Descriptive Statistics), Notes And Worksheets
(red dot) Nrich.maths.org: University of Cambridge (UK)Math Site For Students And Teachers; Topical Search With Problems And Solutions
(red dot) Numberphile.com: Short Videos About Numbers, Maths And Other Numbery Stuff Including Graham's Number
(red dot) Peakmath.com: 1st-6th Grade Math Topics Adaptive Practice Site (Beta) ($25/Month After First 30 Days)
(red dot) Plus.maths.org: Weekly News, Quarterly Magazine, Puzzles, Math Oriented Articles
(red dot) Poincare's Conjecture: Any 3-D Surface Without Holes Is Essentially Deformable To A Sphere Proven By Dr. Grigory (Grisha) Perelman Of St. Petersburg, Russia And Validated August 15, 2006
(red dot) Poincare's Conjecture: Links To Papers And Detailed Explanations Of The Proof
(red dot) Poincare's Conjecture: New Yorker Magazine Article: Manifest Destiny, About Grigory (Grisha) Perelman (By Sylvia Nasar And David Gruber)
(red dot) Mersenne Prime Numbers: Cooperative Processing To Find The Next (45th) Mersenne Prime Number
(red dot) Number Gossip: Defining And Categorizing Any Positive Integer Below 10000 (Tanya Khovanova)
(red dot) OEIS.org: On-Line Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences
(red dot) Pick a Number...
(red dot) Pi Searcher: Find Your Birthday String Within Two Million Digits of Pi In Less Than A Second [P(mmddyyyy)=.86]
(red dot) ProjectEuler.net: A Math-Computing Problem Resource For Creative Minds
(red dot) PurpleMath.com: an Algebra Resource
(red dot) Random Numbers: Hotbits Random Number Generator Based on Radioactive Decay Downloadable Numbers and Java Applet Software
(red dot) Random Numbers: LavaRand.org Cryptographically Sound Random Number Generator with Open Source Software Download (LavaCan Chaotic Source)
(red dot) Random Numbers: Randomnumbers.info Download Random Numbers From Quantum Optics Source
(red dot) Random Numbers: Random.org True Random Number Service (Radio Noise Random Source)
(red dot) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Math Resources and Math Puzzles
(red dot) S.O.S. Mathematics.com Math Review Material from Algebra to Differential Equations
(red dot) Sagemath.org: Free Open Source Mathematics Software System (Sage Version 7.3 August 4, 2016) For MacOSX, Linux and VMWare (Windows)
(red dot) Seven Millenium Unsolved Math Problems Contest By The Clay Mathematics Institute (Cambridge, MA)
(red dot) Shodor.org: Interactive Middle School Math Activities (Operations, Geometry, Algebra, Probability and Statistics) using a Java Applet
(red dot) Statistics: Introdction To Statistical Thought By Michael Lavine (Free Download); Using R For Calculation And Simulation
(red dot) Statistics: HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook (David M. Lane)
(red dot) Statistics: Hypothesis Testing (p-value) Graphing Generator Online (Normal or t Distribution With n > 29)
(red dot) Statistics: Online Statistics Education: Interactive Multimedia Course Of Study (Text, Exercises And Video) Developed By University Of Houston Clear Lake, Rice And Tufts Universities
(red dot) Statistics: R Project For Statistical Computing And Graphics By Free Software Foundation; Downloadable Software For UNIX Linux, MacOS X, And Windows
(red dot) Statistics: Google Style Guide For R Statistical Computing And Graphics By Google User Community
(red dot) Statistics: R Tutorial (S Plus Language Open Source Implementation) By Kelly Black, Union College
(red dot) Statistics: Statistics Glossary v1.1 (Valerie J. Easton And John H. McColl)
(red dot) Statistics: Stats.org - Dubious Data Awards For 2007
(red dot) Statistics: StatSoft.com Electronic Statistics Textbook
(red dot) 3D-XplorMath Surface Gallery: Minimal And Other Surface Pictures From Brandeis University
(red dot) To Infinity And Beyond: The Struggle To Save Arithmetic (Richard Elwes, New Scientist, August 16, 2010)
(red dot) TSM-Resources.com: Mathematics Web Sites And Technology And Internet Resources For The Classroom
(red dot) Tutor Vista.com: Math, Science And Other Subjects, Exam Preparation Via Unlimited Scheduled Online (English) Tutoring ($100/Month, 1st Month $50) US, UK and India Regions
(red dot) Understanding Mathematics: A Study Guide (Peter Alfeld) University of Utah
(red dot) Visual Calculus University of Tennessee at Knoxville
(red dot) Visual Math: Topics K-12
(red dot) Web Math.com: K-12 Math Topics With 1000 Solved Problems
(red dot with black border) webMathematica: Examples Of Applications Using Wolfram's Mathematica Engine
(red dot with black border) What's Special About This Number?
(red dot with black border) Wikipedia's Portal: Mathematics (History Of, Areas Of, Pure, Applied Mathematics)
(red dot) Wikiversity School Of Mathematics: Pure, Applied, Engineering Math, Philosophy, Statistics From Basics To University Level Topics
(red dot with black border) Wolframalpha Wolframalpha.com: A Computational Knowledge Engine (May 2009)
(red dot with black border) Wolframalpha Wolframalpha.com User Interface And Math Input Examples (Robert Katz)
(red dot with black border) Wolframalpha Wolframalpha.com User Interface And Science Input Examples (Robert Katz)
(red dot with black border) Wolframalpha Wolframalpha.com User Interface And Statistics Input Examples (Robert Katz)
(red dot with black border) Wolfram Demonstrations Mathematics, Science, Computations, Physical, Life Sciences, Business And Social Systems, Systems, Models, Methods, Engineering & Technology, Creative Arts, Kids, Mathematica
(red dot) Wolfram Differentiator (Step By Step Derivatives) (WebMathematica Based)
(red dot) Wolfram Integrator (WebMathematica Based)
(red dot) Wolfram Keynote Address For The New Kind Of Science 2006 Conference (NKS 2006)
(red dot) World's Fastest Number Game: Flash Anzan - Calculating Sums On Virtual Abacus
(red dot) World's Fastest Number Game: Flash Anzan - Soroban (Japanese Abacus) Classroom Video 3:13
(red dot) xThink Calculator: Works With Tablet PCs Using Handwriting Recognition

Movies And Film

(red dot) All Movie.com: Extensive Movie And Actor Database And Query Engine
(red dot) Carnegie-Mellon University Library.edu: Video Collection Cross Referenced By Title And Dewey Decimal Number (Database)
(red dot) Cinemedia.org: Large Searchable Film And Media Directory
(red dot) Cin-o-matic.com: Rated Theatrical Films And DVD Review Engine
(red dot) Criterion.com: Online Films From The Collection And (Discounted) DVD Film Store
(red dot) Video: Duelity.net: Duality of Bible And Evolutionary Creation Side By Side (Animated) Designed, Directed And Animated By Marcos "Boca" Caravolo And Ryan Ulrich
(red dot with black border) DVD talk.com: Searchable Movie Reviews and more
(red dot with black border) Film Critic.com: Searchable, Rated Movie Reviews and Related News
(red dot) Fwfr.com: Four Word Film Reviews And Summaries
(red dot) GreenCine.com: Primers to Movies Organized By Genre
(red dot) HiDef DVD.com: Discounted Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Regular DVDs; Also Audio DVDs, CD Music Categories; Detailed, Cross-Referenced Item Descriptions, Wishlists, US Versions (Region 1), (Previously Called dv-depot.com)
(red dot with black border) Indie Flix.com: Indie Movies On DVD For $9.95 Each
(red dot with black border) Internet Movie Database: Searchable Movie Reviews and more
(red dot with black border) Kids-In-Mind.com 3-D Movie Ratings: Searchable Movie Reviews Highlighting Levels Of Sex, Violence, And Profanity
(red dot) Laws Of Anime Version 6.0 (Compiled And Edited By Ryan Shellito And Darrin Bright)
(red dot) LocateTV.com: Two Weeks Out Free Future Search For TV Films And Shows; Notification via Email [Closing March 16, 2016]
(red dot) Mathematics In Movies (List With Scene Links)
(red dot) Metacritic.com Reviews And Collective Ratings Of Film, Music And Games Since 1999 (Acquired By CNET As Of August 8, 2005)
(red dot) Metacritic.com: Best Reviewed Top Twenty Film Lists 2000-2008
(red dot) Metacritic.com: Summary Of Top Ten Film Lists For 2007
(red dot) Metacritic.com: Summary Of Top Ten Film Lists For 2006
(red dot) Movie-Censorship.com: Comparisons Between Theatrical Releases and Extended Versions and Director's Cuts; Also Includes Music Videos, Comics, Games And News (Run By Gerald Wurm)
(red dot) Movie Fanfare.com: New Releases, Reviews, Lists, Movie Pairings And Patternings
(red dot) Moviefone.com: Movies, DVD Release Dates, Reviews, Preview Trailers
(red dot) Movie Mistakes.com: Technical Inconsistencies In Commercial Movies
(red dot) Movie Review Query Engine
(red dot) Movie Theatres Films And Showtimes In Chicago, IL Metropolitan Area (Via Chicagoreader.com)
(red dot) Movie Theatres Films And Showtimes In Los Angeles, CA Metropolitan Area (Via Laweekly.com)
(red dot) Movie Theatres Films And Showtimes In New York City, NY Metropolitan Area (Via Villagevoice.com)
(red dot) Movie Theatres Films And Showtimes In Seattle, WA Metropolitan Area (Via TheStranger.com)
(red dot) Movie Theatres Films And Showtimes In Vancouver, BC Canada Metropolitan Area (Via Straight.com)
(red dot) Netflix.com: DVD Lending By Mail (And Streaming Download To Your PC) Facility ($4.99/Month and up)
(red dot) New DVD Recommendations: World And Independent Films (About.com)
(red dot) New York Metro.com (Online Version Of New York Magazine), Books, Restaurants, Films, Theatre, N.Y. Cultural Scene
(red dot) New York Times Most Highly (Reader) Rated Movies: All-Time And Current Films
(red dot) 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (March 14, 2008)
(red dot) OnDVDreleases.com: Scheduled DVD Releases (Region 1: US And Canada Since January 2011), Reviews, Ratings, Viewing Access Sites
(red dot) Online Film Critics Society (OFCS): Reviews (With Links To Rottentomatoes.com) And Film Awards
(red dot) Performance: Amazing Indoor Radio-Controlled Airplane Demo With R. M. Finch (2:30, May 11, 2006)
(red dot) Performance: Beatbox Fame Game Cooking And Rhythm Demo By Loranger (2:58, December 11, 2006)
(red dot with black border) Performance: Cellular Visions: The Inner Life Of A Cell, SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theatre Show, Animation Created By XVIVO (3 Minute Excerpt)
(red dot) Performance: Chris Bliss Doing An 3 Ball Juggling Finale To The Beatles': Golden Slumbers From Abbey Road (4:31, March 3, 2006)
(red dot with black border) Performance: Chris Marker: La Jetee (1962), Part 1 (13:21, August 18, 2006, English Subtitled Version)
(red dot with black border) Performance: Chris Marker: La Jetee (1962), Part 2 (13:17, August 18, 2006, English Subtitled Version)
(red dot with black border) Performance: Emma: The Future of Paper (0:0:39)
(red dot with black border) Performance: Fifty Greatest Comedy Sketches Of All Time (nerve.com) (English Language)
(red dot with black border) Performance: Hans Klok World Record 15 Grandes Illusions In 5 Minutes (French Language) (6:29, May 10, 2013)
(red dot with black border) Performance: In My Language: An Autistic (silentmiaow) Interacting With Her Environment Without And Then With English Subtitled Computer Speech Translation (8:25, January 14, 2007)
(red dot) Performance: Jason Garfield Doing A 5 Ball Juggling Finale To The Beatles': Golden Slumbers From Abbey Road (4:37, March 13, 2006)
(red dot) Performance: Ernest Cline's Dance Monkeys, Dance (2/3/06)
(red dot) Performance: Eugene Mirman.com Sings In The Style Of A Very Frightened And Terminally Shy Small Child
(red dot) Performance: Fingers Breakdancing
(red dot) Performance: Gary Brolsma Lip-Syncing The Romanian "Dragostea Din Tei" ("Love From the Linden Trees") And Doing The Numa Numa Dance
(red dot) Performance: Gary Brolsma.net Web Site
(red dot) Performance: "iPad And Sleight Of Hand" (In German) (5:25, February 11, 2012)
(red dot) Performance: "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" Sung By Gayla Peevey
(red dot with black border) Performance: Jerome Murat: Amazing Mime, (8:19, September 23, 2006, France)
(red dot) Performance: Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation: Interpreting Germany's Invasion And Occupation Of Ukraine (Ukraine's Got Talent 2009 Winner) [0:8:33]
(red dot) Performance: Noah K. Everyday: 2356 Daily Pictures Since January 11, 2000, A Movie Work In Progress (Noah Kalima)
(red dot) Performance: OK Go: Here It Goes Again, Treadmill Dance (okgojorge)
(red dot) Performance: Project Grizzley, National Film Board Of Canada (1:12:00)
(red dot) Performance: Raie Da Costa: Nola (1:18) Piano (1932)
(red dot) Performance: Sita Sings The Blues (1:21:26) (March 7, 2009)
(red dot) Performance: SuperKate: Art Of The Belly 2013 (5:24) (March 23, 2013)
(red dot) Performance: Uncle Jay Explains: Year End 12-22-08 (3:21) Singing (2008)
(red dot) Performance: Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture (1:16:00) (2007); Also Other Videos And Links
(red dot) Performance: Taylor Ferrera: Legitimate Rape (0:1:50) (2012)
(red dot) Previews And Trailers: Apple.com: Quicktime Based
(red dot) Previews And Trailers: Cinema.com
(red dot) Previews And Trailers: 800-buy-movies.com
(red dot) Previews And Trailers: 1000films.com: Previews and Trailers
(red dot) Previews And Trailers: Video Detective.com: Current And Older Films
(red dot with black border) Reelviews: James Berardinelli Good Movies, Theatrical And DVD Reviews, Top 100
(red dot) Roger Ebert.com: Movies Reviews, Query Engine, Great Movies, Glossary, Blog
(red dot) Rotten Tomatoes.com Movies Reviews, Query Engine
(red dot) Runpee.com: The Best Time To Run To The Bathroom During A Movie And What Happened While You Were Gone (Dan Florio, AKA PolyGeek)
(red dot) Scarecrow Video, Seattle WA: Non-Profit Member Only Access To More Than 120,000 Films (Disc And Tape) Since 1986 (Blog)
(red dot) Streamondemandathome.com: Films, TV Series Accessible From Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime Anytime Streaming Services (Sean Axmaker)
(red dot) tccandler.com: 100 Greatest Movie Posters; Reviews, Movie Memorabilia
(red dot) Technorati.com Movies: Popular Movies Based On Blog Site Viewings/Citations
(red dot with black border) Television Blip.tv: Free Viewings Of Curated Web Series, Video Clips, Registration Required For Contributors
(red dot) Television: Fancast.com: Free TV Full Episodes, Movies, Listings (Comcast)
(red dot with black border) Television Hulu.com: View TV Episodes (5 Per Show), Video Clips, Edited For TV Movies (Free And Ad Supported), Video Sharing From Online Syndicator; U.S. Only (March 2007) Registration Recommended
(red dot) Television IPTVtimes.net: Internet And British Television Commentary Blog
(red dot) Television New York Times Television Arts Section
(red dot) Television On The Internet, A Guide (Jeff Pulver Blog, July 26, 2006)
(red dot) Television: Scifi.com: Cable Channel News, Forums And Other Distractions
(red dot) Television: Smashingtelly.com: Best Free, Web-Based Links To Instant Full-Length Television Shows (Documentary, Factual Programs)
(red dot) Television: The Bastard Machine.com (Tim Goodwin) San Francisco Chronicle Television Critic Blog And Podcaster
(red dot) Television: TVaddict.com: News And Reviews Of TV Shows
(red dot) Television: TVworthwatching.com: Reviews Of TV Shows And DVDs Including Best Bets (David Bianculli)
(red dot) Television: Webtvwire.com: Access To (Free) Internet TV Shows And Videos
(red dot) The Corporation.com (Documentary) Links To Resisting And Reforming Worldwide Corporations
(red dot) tvpicks.net: Laurel's TV Picks And Daily Recommendations, News By Laurel Krahn
(red dot) The Hot Button.com (David Poland) Film Reviews, Hot Blog, And Movie City News
(red dot) Twitchfilm.com: Film News, Reviews In Festivals, Hollywood, Indie Films, International And The Weird
(red dot) United States National Film Registry List Of Films Preserved (Wikipedia.org)
(red dot) Video: Clicker.com: Watching What's On Internet Television; Video Search Engine (Login Required)
(red dot) Video: Crackle.com (Previously Grouper.com): Watch, Share And Create Original Videos (Also iPod), Free Video Editing Software. Video Comments, (Purchased By Sony Pictures)
(red dot) Video: High-speed (Super Slow Motion) Video Clips By David G. Alciatore (Windows Media Player Required)
(red dot) Video: Broken A Hand Drawn Animation In Black And White By Freek Van Haagen (March 2011)
(red dot) Video: MediaMax (mediamax.com, Previously Streamload.com): Upload, Store, Access, Share Personal Videos, Photos, Movies, Music, Files, 25GB Free Storage
(red dot) Video: metacafe.com: Online Video Broadcasting Best Short Films To Watch Or Distribute
(red dot) Video: Newgrounds.com: Clearinghouse For Online Video And Animation
(red dot) Video: Pitchfork Music Festival: 100 Awesome Music Videos (MTV Era)
(red dot) Video: Singing Fish.com Audio-Visual Search Engine Indexing Free Media Based On Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, and MP3 Formats
(red dot) Video: Ten Second Films.com (Real Player Required)
(red dot) Video: Viddler.com: Watch And Share Original Videos Worldwide (Permits Direct Webcam Recordings To viddler.com)
(red dot) Video: Video, Film, DVD and TV World Web Resources
(red dot) Video: Video.yahoo.com: Video Search, Storage, Viewing, Popularity Of Video Files
(red dot) Video: Youtube.com: Watch And Share Original Videos Worldwide (Also Links To Its Blog)
(red dot) Web Resources for Mass Communication
(red dot) When It Drops.com: Recent, Current and Future Media Releases For Film, Music, DVDs and Books
(red dot) Woody Allen's Other Family Tree (New York Times January 3, 2014)
(red dot) Zap2it.com: Movies, Free TV Guide Listings, DVD, Video TV and Film Trailers


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(red dot) All Music Guide Review and Query Engine
(red dot) Beatport.com: Digital Music Store With MP3, MP4 And WAV Download Formats
(red dot) Boardsofcanada.com Musical Group's Web Site Designed By James Tindall
(red dot) Children's Music Web Children Oriented Music and Performance Resources
(red dot) Classical Archives.com Classical Music Guide, Downloads, and Query Engine
(red dot) Classical.net Classical Music Guide, Recommendations, Composer's Index and Search Engine
(red dot) Cylinder Digitization And Preservation Project (cylinders.library.ucsb.edu): A Collection Of 6000 Cylinders As Downloadable MP3, WAV, Streaming Audio (1890-1930) Cylinder Recordings
(red dot) David W. Niven Collection Of Early Jazz Legends, 1921-1991 (Downloadable Formats: FLAC, JPEG, Ogg Vorbis, Torrent, VBR M3U, VBR MP3, WAVE)
(red dot) Duke University Classical Music Resources: Composer's Index, Classical Radio Stations And Search Directory (Web Site Discontinued As of July 20, 2007)
(red dot) Ectoguide.org: The Ectophiles' Guide To Good Music Including Comments, Recommendations And Reviews
(red dot) Finale Notepad: Graphic User Interface For Music Notation, Fully Functional, But Limited Features (Free)
(red dot) Freehand Systems.com Sheet Music Management System: MusicPad Pro
(red dot) imslp.com: International Music Score Library Project With Journal And Forum (Free)
(red dot) iTunes Music Store (Apple): $0.99 Per Song, $1.99 per TV Show, $12.99 per Film, $4.99 per Game, Limited Free Song Downloads On Tuesdays; iTunes 9.0+ Required (Also Quicktime 7.6+, Mac OS X 10.4.11+: Safari 4.0+, Windows XP: Window-Eyes 7.1.1+)
(red dot) iTunes smartplaylists.com: Tips For Creating (Smart) Playlists For iTunes and iPod
(red dot) K-12 Resources For Music Educators
(red dot) Listen And Learn Music (listenlearnmusic.com): Big Book Of Music Therapy Songs Plus Other Music Resources For Music Therapists, Educators And Parents (Rachel Rambach) (Since September 2008)
(red dot) Los Angeles Philharmonic: (laphil.com/music) Classical Musicians, Composers and Music Database With Amazon.com Auditory Samples
(red dot) Last.fm: Personalized Music Profiles, Recommendations, Custom Radio Stations Of Selections; Free Subscription (Web 2.0)
(red dot) Library Of Congress Classification Outline (Especially Music And Fine Arts)
(red dot) Library Of Links (With Descriptions) For Music Teachers
(red dot with black border) Lilypond.org: Music Notation For Everyone (Open Source), Free Sheet Music Engraving Software/Encoding System (PDF Output)
(red dot) Music Minus One.com Music CDs Without One Instrument Part
(red dot) MusicBrainz.org: Community Music Meta-Database And Information Site With Music Search Engine
(red dot) Music Search.com: Automated and Human Music Search
(red dot) Musipedia.com: A Collection Of Tunes, Melodies, And Musical Themes; Melody Search Engine
(red dot) Mutopiaproject.org: Offers Sheet Music Editions Of Classical Music For Free Download, Written In Lilypond Software
(red dot) Naxos.com: Classical Artists' Biographies, Instruments, Albums, Composers, (Classical) Music In Movies, Selected Track Auditions
(red dot) Musopen.com: An Online, Public Domain, Classical Music Repository With Free Access (Originated By Aaron Dunn)
(red dot) Odeo.com: MP3s And Audio Channels To Freely Listen To Or Download Or Share (Web 2.0)
(red dot) Pandora, Created By The Music Genome Project: Discovering Enjoyable Music Based On Known Preferences
(red dot) Playlist Of 100 Tracks Offering The Most Diverse Styles Of The 20th Century (Alex Ross, New Yorker Music Critic)
(red dot) Pulsate: Click To Create Expanding Circles That Make Music When They Collide (Andre Michelle)
(red dot) The Rest Is Noise (Alex Ross Book, Blog); 20th Century Classical Music Audiofile Excerpts And Links
(red dot) Pender's Music Company Sheet Music Service (Previously Portland Sheet Music Service.com): A Collection Of Sheet Music (All Kinds) With Searchable Database (1-800-772-5918)
(red dot with black border) Rona Sass' Brassapalooza 2019 Brass Camp: The Pacific Northwest's Only Brass Music Summer Camp! (Since 2005)
(red dot with black border) Rona Sass' Northwest Brass Choir 2019-2020: The Pacific Northwest's Only Brass And Percussion Ensemble In Seattle For Student Musicians (Since 2019)
(red dot with black border) Rona Sass Trumpet: Studio Resources (Teaching) and Performance (Weddings et al)
(red dot) Song File: Find Lyrics, Sheet Music, Concerts, CDs, Tapes
(red dot) Software That Translates Genetic Activity Into Music For Detecting Abnormalities (i.e. Cancer) (Gil Alterovitz, Harvard Medical School)
(red dot) Soundtrack Collector.com: Database of Composers' Films And Discographies
(red dot) Syracuse University Library Radius Project: Development Of A Non-Destructive Playback System For Cylinder Recordings By William A. Penn And Martha J. Hanson
(red dot) University Of Washington Music Library 78 RPM Records And Cylinder Recordings Sites of Interest
(red dot) Wildbits.com: Identify Artist And Title Of Auditory Music Samples Via Free Download Of Tunatic Sound Search Engine For Macintosh Or Windows
(red dot with black border) Wolfram Tones: Downloadable Music (Ringtones And Algorithmically Generated) Based On Mathematica And A New Kind Of Science
(red dot) Worldwide Internet Music Resources (Indiana University School Of Music)
(red dot) Yahoo! Audio Search (Beta): Music, Voice, Podcasts, Sound Effects On The Web (Yahoo! Music Beta)

Newspapers (And Magazines)

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(red dot) Alternet.org: Internet Information Source Provides Independent News, Crucial Facts And Passionate Opinions
(red dot) Annotated New York Times: Tracks Blog Postings That Cite Articles Published By The New York Times
(red dot) Atlantic Monthly Magazine: Cultural And Literary Magazine (Free) (Washington D.C.)
(red dot) The Australian: Australia Area News From News.com.au, Includes Local, National and International News, Digital Newspaper
(red dot) Boston Globe: Boston, MA Area, Includes Local, National and International News
(red dot) China View.cn: Asian News, International Newspaper, 7 Editions: Arabic, Chinese (GB, Big 5), English, French, Russian, Spanish
(red dot) Chicago Tribune.com: Chicago, United States, International Newspaper
(red dot) Christian Science Monitor: United States, International Newspaper
(red dot) Citizens Kane Blog: The Birth Of WikiNews, By Matthew Yeomans, A Rejected New York Times Magazine Article
(red dot) City-journal.org: An Quarterly Magazine Of Urban Affairs, Published By the Manhattan Institute
(red dot) Crosscut.com: U.S. Pacific Northwest News, Arts, Politics, Diversions And Other Features (Daily Troll)
(red dot) Daily/Sunday Telegraph Of London: United Kingdom Area, British, International News And Features
(red dot) Everett Herald: Washington Everett And Snohomish County Area, Local And National News
(red dot) Georgia Straight: Vancouver, B.C. Canada Area, Alternative Newspaper
(red dot) Globalpost.com: International News And Commentary, Digital Newspaper
(red dot) Google News Archive: Search And Explore Historical Archives And Create Timelines
(red dot) The Hindu (thehindu.com): International News And News Of India
(red dot) Houston Chronicle (chron.com): Texas, National, International News, Blog Watch And Commons
(red dot) I24 News (i24news.tv): Israeli 24 Hour International News, Electronic And Video, In French, Arabic And English
(red dot) International Herald Tribune (iht.com): International News, European and Asian Editions, Electronic Version Of Paper Edition
(red dot) Japan Times (japantimes.co.jp): International English Language News Of Japan
(red dot) Los Angeles Times.com: California, National And International News
(red dot) Montreal Gazette.com: Montreal, Ontario, Canada Area, Canadian And International News
(red dot) Newscloud.com: Collaborative Publishing (Blog): Read, Write, Discuss The News (Web 2.0)
(red dot) Newsday.com: Long Island, NY Area, Includes Cultural Media, Local And National News
(red dot) Newscan (rayogram.com): 14 Daily Front Pages Of Newspapers Worldwide with downloadable PDF files
(red dot) Newsvine.com: Collaborative Publishing: Read, Write, Discuss The News (Web 2.0)
(red dot) New York One (NY1.com): New York City, NY Area, Includes Cultural Features And News (Time-Warner)
(red dot) New York Times.com: New York City, NY Area, Registration Encouraged, Includes Cultural Media, Science And Technology
(red dot) North Carolina News-Record.com: Greensboro, NC Area, Includes Blogs
(red dot) Philadelphia Inquirer: Philadelphia, PA Area, Includes Blogs And PodCasts (philly.com)
(red dot) Ryot.org: International News With Action Choices For Participation
(red dot) San Francisco Chronicle: San Francisco, CA Area, Includes Technology Information And RSS Feeds
(red dot) Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Seattle, WA Area, Includes Information About Surrounding Communities
(red dot) Seattle Times: Seattle, WA Area, Includes Photojournalism And RSS Feeds
(red dot) Seattle Weekly: Seattle, WA Area, Alternative Newspaper
(red dot) Sun Magazine: Photographic And Literary Monthly Magazine (Chapel Hill, NC)
(red dot) Sydney Daily Telegraph: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Area, Australian And Asian News
(red dot) Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Area, Includes The Age.com And Brisbane Times.com
(red dot) The Paperboy.com: A Portal To Over 5,200 Newspapers In 175 Countries
(red dot) The Tyee.com: Independent Online Magazine That Publishes News, Reviews And Commentary For British Columbia, Canada
(red dot) The Week.com: International And National News Magazine
(red dot) Times Of India.com: Delhi And Other Cities In India; Indian, Asian And Worldwide News (Sponsored By indiatimes.com)
(red dot) Times Online.com: Times And Sunday Times Of London; European, Asian And Worldwide News
(red dot) Topix.net: Aggregated, Categorized And Localized News
(red dot) Toronto Globe And Mail (theglobeandmail.com): Toronto, Canada Based National Canadian Newspaper With Local, National and International News And Commentary
(red dot) USA Today.com: Nationwide Area, Includes News And Features
(red dot) Utne Reader: Alternative And Independent News And Lifestyle Monthly Magazine (Minneapolis, MN)
(red dot) Vancouver Sun: Vancouver, B.C. Canada Area, Includes Local, Canadian And World News
(red dot) TheVerge.com: Technology, Science, Art, Culture In-Depth News (Since 2011)
(red dot) Village Voice: New York City, NY Area, Alternative Newspaper
(red dot) Wall Street Journal: New York Area, Economic News, Headlines Free, Articles Content Requires ($$) Registration
(red dot) Washington Post: Washington D.C. Area, Registration Encouraged
(red dot) WikiNews.org: Free Content Reader-Editable News Source
(red dot) Zeenews.com: Mumbai, India And International Editions

Ning Playground

(red dot with black border) Ning.com: Free Online Service For Building And Using Social Applications (Beta)
(red dot) Ning (Gina Bianchini) Blog Site
(red dot) Resources For Ning Application Developers

Radio Sites

(red dot) Arts Fest.org (Real Player needed)
(red dot) BBC Radio (BBC Media Player Used)
(red dot) BBC World Service (BBC Media Player Used)
(red dot) Car Talk.com NPR Radio Show
(red dot) CBC Canadian Radio and Television
(red dot) DVD Talk Radio.com MP3 And Podcasts About DVD Reviews
(red dot) IDEA: International Dialects [And Accents] Of English Archive Since 1997 (MP3 Downloads And Selected Transcriptions) University Of Kansas, Paul Meier Director
(red dot) Itconversations.com: The Internet Of Things By Bruce Sterling From 2006 O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference Keynote
(red dot) Live365.com Radio Internet Portal (MP3, iTunes, Real Player used)
(red dot) 95.8 Capital FM Live In London Radio
(red dot) NPR News (NPR Media Player Used)
(red dot) Radio Lab Blog: Documentary Radio And Science (Jad Abumrad And Robert Krulwich)
(red dot) Radio Locator.com: Radio Station Search Engine
(red dot) Radio Scout.com: Public Radio Broadcast Search
(red dot) Seeing Ear Theatre: Online Sci-Fi Audio Drama (Podcasts, Downloadable Audio Books, Real Player Used)
(red dot) Sound Portraits.org (Real Player needed)
(red dot) Transom.org: Aiding New Talent To Public Radio Broadcasting
(red dot) Tunein.com: Radio Stations By Category Or By Location Worldwide Free Or By Subsription
(red dot) Yesterday USA: Old Time Radio Broadcasts


(red dot) Analytic Cycling.com: Technical Methods For Evaluating And Estimating Cycling Performance
(red dot) Astral Reflections (Tim Stephens) Canadian Web Site
(red dot) Astrological Directory of Horoscopes Web Site
(red dot with black border) Astrological (Free Horoscopes) Web Site
(red dot with black border) Polaris Business Guides [Previously Astrological Good-Timing Business Calendars] (Daily Guide By Madeleine C. Gerwick-Brodeur is free) Web Site
(red dot) Blue Highway Games (bluehighwaygames.com) Board And Card Games Library Available For Trying Out In Store in Seattle, WA; Game Lessons Available
(red dot) Board Game: Chess960: Fisher Random Chess Described
(red dot) Board Game: Quantum Chess: 2 Move Super Position Of All Pieces But The King
(red dot) Board Game: Go: Wikipedia Article For The Asian Game of Go
(red dot) Board Game: Shogi: Wikipedia Article For The Game of Japanese Chess
(red dot) Board Game: Shogi.net: Resources For The Game of Japanese Chess
(red dot) Board Game: Xiangqi: Wikipedia Article For The Game of Chinese Chess
(red dot with black border) Crayon Physics Deluxe Game (Kloonigames $19.95 Windows XP/Vista Only)
(red dot with black border) DHTML Lemmings: Online Javascript Based Addictive Game
(red dot with black border) Doubleagent.com: Videos And Text Of Girls (Socially) Spying On Girls For Guys
(red dot with black border) Elevator Moods.com: Short Films Per Floor Destination
(red dot with black border) Erasablegames.com: Power Sudoku² White Boards And Clipboards Using Dry Erase Markers To Solve Sudoku Puzzles
(red dot) ESP Game.org: Online 2 Player Game Of Matching Names Of Images (Human Computation)
(red dot) Evite.com: Online Free Event Invitation Service
(red dot) Eyeballing Game: Measure Your Visual Spatial Accuity (Matthias Wendel)
(red dot with black border) Falling Sand Game By Chirag Mehta (Addictive!)
(red dot) Geocaching Description: Maps, Mapping, GPS And Geocaching - Basics And References From The Viewpoint Of The Trucking Industry
(red dot) Geocaching Tutorial: GPS And Geocaching 101 - Basics And Guides (A GPS Device Needed To Search For Designated Objects)
(red dot) Geocaching With Kids: A GPS device needed for Treasure Hunting (Finding Designated Objects)
(red dot) Geocaching.com: A GPS Device Needed For Treasure Hunting (Finding Designated Objects)
(red dot) Geosense.net: Test Your Knowledge Of World Geography Alone Or Against Another Online
(red dot) Goodexperience.com: Excellent Online Games
(red dot) Goggles: The Google Maps Flight Simulator
(red dot) Gray's Brain Teasers and Riddles (Gray Watson)
(red dot) howmanyofme.com: How Many Of Me (My Name) In The United States (Based On Census Data And Statistics)
(red dot) How To Make Shiny Dorodango (Mud Balls) By Professor Fumio Kayo (Kyoto University Of Education)
(red dot) Image Puzzle: 15 Stages By Etienne Forsstrom
(red dot) Image Puzzle: Web Jigsaw Puzzle
(red dot) Jewel Diver Demo: Multitasking Brain Game From positscience.com
(red dot) Kongregate.com: Pictogrid Strategy Game
(red dot) Masterliness.com: World Knowledge Library Including Science, People, Places And History (Canadian Flavor)
(red dot) Mathematically Correct Breakfast: How To Slice A Bagel Into 2 Linked Halves (George W. Hart)
(red dot) Mental Flexibility Test: Putting Your Conscious And Subconscious To Work
(red dot) Mental Flexibility Test II: Putting Your Conscious And Subconscious To Work Some More
(red dot) Metaphorical.net: Experiments And Narratives That Stimulate Strange Passions And Enchantments
(red dot) Millions Of Games.com: Categorized Online Games Search Engine Based On Tags
(red dot) Must Pop Words: Tetris Like Word Game
(red dot) No Water No Life (nowaternolife.net) Panoramic Exploration
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Hidato.com: Gameblend Studios LLC (Harder Variation of Numbrix(tm) )
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Kenkenpuzzle.com: Arithmetic Sudoku-Like Strategy Puzzles
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Marilyn Vos Savant's Numbrix(tm) Archive On Her Parade Magazine Site
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Seattle Times: Hidato Online Puzzles For Novices And Experts
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Math Puzzle Information Including Sudoku Variants By Ed Pegg
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Paint By Numbers 591 Variously Sized Puzzles Repository
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Paint By Numbers Puzzle Page
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Pic-A-Pix (Paint By Numbers) And Other Puzzles Site (conceptispuzzles.com)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles (Mini) From sudokupuzz.com
(red dot) Number Puzzle: How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles (Tutorial) From puzzles.about.com
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Iron Sudoku: Online With Chat Capability (Free Registration Required)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Miniclip.com -- Sudoku And Other Online Games
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Printsudoku.com -- Sudoku And Variations With Solving Techniques, Archives And Daily Email available
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Simple Sudoku Solving Techniques (Angus Johnson)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: Beckysweb.co.uk: Online Sudoku Using Thematically Grouped Pictures Mapped To The Digits
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: Flickrsudoku.com: Online Sudoku Using Pictorial Digits (Ransom Note Style)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: For Kids (4 x 4)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: Lets Play (With 6 Other Japanese Games)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: Science News Article June 18, 2005
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: Seattle Times Daily Puzzle Graded For Difficulty, Timeable, Hintable, Game Sounds
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku: Wikipedia Article
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudoku.com: Puzzles By Pappocom
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudokulinks.com: A Collection Of Useful Sudoku Links By Categories (E.g.: Puzzles, Solvers, Variants, Tutorials, Downloads)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudokupedia.org: A Free Sudoku Reference Guide And Community Portal
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Sudokuprime.com: Solitary and Multiplayer Puzzles And Tutorials (Shockwave Player Required)
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Web Nikoli: Puzzles Including Sudoku, Hitori, Slither Link, And 11 Others
(red dot) Number Puzzle: Websudoku.com: Graded, Printable Sudoku Puzzles Including Jigsaws, Downloadable Application And eBook
(red dot) Online Games Scrabulous.com: Online Scrabble And Variants
(red dot) Orisinal (Flash based) Games
(red dot) Passionforpuzzles.com: Online Puzzle Games, Weblog, Many Puzzle Descriptions (Marcel van Leeuwen)
(red dot) Pavelspuzzles.com: Mechanical (Physical) Puzzle Games Designed By Pavel Curtis For Sale, Weblog And Many Puzzle Links
(red dot) Peekaboom Game: 2 Player Online Game To Help Train Computer Vision Algorithms (Human Computation)
(red dot) Phetch Game: 2 Player Online Game To Discover Hidden Images Based On Verbal Descriptions; Helps The Visually Impaired (Human Computation)
(red dot) Picture Puzzles: 2048 Beyonce Edition Based on 1024 and Threes (Gabriele Cirulli)
(red dot) Playbabble.com: (5x5 Boggle + Scrabble) Daily Online Game With Chat Facility (Free Registration Required)
(red dot) ponged.com: Over 500 Free Games Across Seven Different Genres, Including Action, Shooter, And Strategy (Flash based)
(red dot) Realm of Niftyness: John Gephart's idea of time wasting fun
(red dot) Regexcrossword.com: Using The Rules Of Regular Expressions To Produce Crossword Single Character Entries (Facebook Account Used for Tracking Solved Puzzles)
(red dot) Regular Expression Crossword Puzzle: Using The Rules Of Regular Expressions To Produce Crossword Puzzle Clues (Hexagonal And Extremely Difficult)
(red dot) Rubik's Cube Solver By Eric Dietz
(red dot) Rubik's Cube Solver Speed Cubing Algorithms By Dr. Jessica Fridrich
(red dot) Simcitysocieties.ea.com: Shape Cities, Cultures, Societies, Environments
(red dot) Similar Minds.com: Personality Test Resource Including Online Enneagram, Compatibility, Myers-Briggs-Jung, Big 5, Word Association, and Ask The Oracle Decision Maker
(red dot) Snow Globe Manipulation From e-Tractions.com and GetSomeSleep.com (Flash 5 or Later Required)
(red dot) sodaplay.com: Animated Geometric Sodaconstructor Game; A Wire-Frame, Jellyfish-Like Creature moving Within A Rectangle; You Alter Physique Or Physics (e.g. By Turning Gravity On Or Off)
(red dot) Spider: A Flash Based Recreation Permitting The Configurable Spider To Be Dragged And Fed
(red dot) Sudoku-Twin.com: Accessories For Enhancing Sudoku And Other Puzzle Solving: Multi-Ink Pens, Mechanical Pencils, Penlights, Paper Cutters
(red dot) 20 Questions.net Educate a Neural Net Learning System By Answering 20 (Y/N) Questions About An Object
(red dot) uclick.com: Sudoku, Kakoru, Up And Down Words, Word Roundup, Wonderword Online Games
(red dot) Viral Ads: Ameriquest: 30 Second Sight Gag Ads ("Don't Judge Too Quickly")
(red dot) Viral Ads: BrawnyMan.com: Brawny Viral Marketing, Offering Caring Conversation Minus One (Select Innocent Escapes)
(red dot) Viral Ads: Consumer Reports Prescription For Change.com: Cartoon and Musical Rendition Of: The Drugs I Need
(red dot) Viral Ads: Contagious Media: Nike Sweatshop Emails And The Rejection Line Links
(red dot) Viral Ads: Contagious Media Showdown Eyebeam Contest
(red dot) Viral Ads: Dothetest.co.uk: Are You Aware? Look Out For Cyclists
(red dot) Viral Ads: Federal Express Stick Ad (2006)
(red dot) Viral Ads: Hema Department Store (Netherlands)
(red dot) Viral Ads: HP Digital Photography Picture Book Ad (Windows Media Player or Real Player Required)
(red dot) Viral Ads: iFlea iPod Parody
(red dot) Viral Ads: iPhone Shuffle Tutorial (2:00 July 30, 2007)
(red dot) Viral Ads: Pomegranate Phone The Ultimate All In One Device
(red dot) Viral Ads: Shout Wipes Commercial: Save The Pants! By messyhunter (2:14 November 22, 2006)
(red dot) Viral Ads: Subservient Chicken.com: Burger King Viral Marketing Offered Keyboard Commands To A Chicken Costumed Person (Launched April 7, 2004); Video Clip On Vimeo.com
(red dot) Viral Ads: Viral Ads.Com: Greenpeace, Good Will Hunting, Other 3D, Flash Animation, Games
(red dot) Viral Ads: What Hands Can Do, A Shadowplay (VW Phaeton Commercial) [1:26, January 18, 2007]
(red dot) Viral Ads: WillItBlend.com: Various Blending Experiments (Tom Dickson)
(red dot) Subservient Chicken Request List: What the Chicken Can Do (335 Commands)


(red dot) BBC: Science and Nature: Human Body and Mind
(red dot) Bethe: Hans Bethe - 3 Video Lectures On Relatively Simple Quantum Physics (Cornell University)
(red dot) Biology: Insect Life Enlarged via Electron Microscopes (University of Hawaii)
(red dot) Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
(red dot) Brain Fitness: Brain Training Software From Positscience.com
(red dot) Chemistry: Kent's Video Chemical Demonstrations
(red dot) Chemistry: Periodic Table Of The Elements Characterized By Size For Various Entities (Mentions In Books, Human Body, By Volume, Earth's Crust)
(red dot) Chemistry: Visual (Photographic) Elements Of The Periodic Table
(red dot) Daily Planet Science and Technology
(red dot) Discover Magazine Top Science Stories In Various Science Disciplines And Various Years
(red dot) Encyclopedia Of Life: A Web Page For Each Species And Organism On Earth (Announced May 8, 2007)
(red dot) Engineering: eFunda.com: Engineering Fundamentals Including Units Conversion, Physical And Mathematical Formulas, Technical Calculators
(red dot) Google Body Browser: Diagrams of Various Body Systems using WebGL (Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome Browswers Required)
(red dot) Google Mars: A Shaded Relief Map Color-Coded By Altitude
(red dot) Hands-On Interactive Science Centers Worldwide
(red dot) Healthline.com: 3-D Human Body Maps
(red dot) Hurricanes As Seen From The Orbiting International Space Station
(red dot) Livescience.net: Space, Animals, Health, Environment, Technology, Culture And Other Scientific News And Discovery
(red dot) Motion Mountain.net: The Physics Textbook (Free)
(red dot) Mount Augustine (Alaska) Volcano Information, Updated Every Hour
(red dot) Mount St. Helens (Washington) Volcano Video Camera, Updated Every 5 Minutes
(red dot) National Center For Science Education: (natcenscied.org) Clearinghouse For Information And Advice On Evolution And Its Place In School Teachings
(red dot) NewScientist.com Magazine
(red dot with black border) Periodicvideos.com: Short Videos Linked To Each Element In The Periodic Table (University Of Nottingham)
(red dot with black border) Quantum Levitation [What]: ASTC 2011 Tel-Aviv University Demonstration 1 (0:1:56)
(red dot with black border) Quantum Levitation [How]: ASTC 2011 Tel-Aviv University Demonstration 2 (0:5:09)
(red dot) Robots That Teach (New York Times Science July 11, 2010)
(red dot with black border) Scale Of The Universe - Interactive (Verion 2: 2012) (Cary & Michael Huang) (Flash Required)
(red dot with black border) Science Cafes: Sciencecafes.org: Community Based Meetings, Conversations, Discussions With Scientists (Worldwide Cities Listings)
(red dot with black border) Science Cafes: Scienceontap.org: Seattle Community Based Meetings, Conversations, Discussions With Scientists (Archived Talks)
(red dot with black border) Science News Magazine
(red dot with black border) Seed Magazine.com (Beta): Where Science = Culture; Part Of Seed Media Group; Uses Moveable Type
(red dot) Solar System Exploration (Nasa)
(red dot with black border) The-Science-Lab.com Science, Math, and Computing Directory
(red dot) University Of Michigan Visual Human Browsers: Numbered Cross sections of Human Anatomy
(red dot) Water, Consciousness And Intent: How Crystallized Water Reflects The Influence Of Our Words And Emotions; March 16, 2009 Video [0:3:16] (Dr. Masaru Emoto)
(red dot) Whyfiles: The Science behind the news
(red dot) Why Most Published Research Findings Are Wrong: An Essay By John P. A. Ioannidis (August 30, 2005)


Rev 13110

(red dot) Apollo Missions 11-17: Virtual Reality (Quicktime VR), 360 Degree, Interactive Panoramas
(red dot) Astronomy Picture of the Day
(red dot) Bigelow Aerospace.com: General Contractor For The Inflatable Spacecraft Genesis I In Orbit Since July 13, 2006
(red dot) Bigelow Aerospace.com: Wikipedia Article
(red dot) Hubble Space Telescope: An Appreciation For The Last 18 Years Of Unobstructed Views Of The Universe (Harvard Magazine July 2008)
(red dot) Idle Words.com Blog (Maciej Ceglowski): Critique Of NASA's ISS and Manned Shuttle Program 8.3.05
(red dot) Liftport.com: Building A Space Elevator By 2018 For Mass Transportation In Space
(red dot) Mars Weather Reports (Through October 27, 2008) From The Phoenix Mars Lander Courtesy Of The Canadian Space Agency
(red dot) NASA Earth Lights At Night From Space (Mercator Projection)
(red dot) NASA Home Page for Students, Educators and the Media
(red dot) NASA Human Spaceflight
(red dot) NASA Spot The International Space Station (ISS) From Your Location
(red dot) Real-Time (ISS) Satellite Tracking Against Google Earth World Maps
(red dot) Size And Time Based Distances Of Our Solar System Infographic
(red dot) Science And Space Videos (National Geographic)
(red dot) Solar Eruptions Captured In 3-D Video (National Geographic)
(red dot) Space.com: News, Daily Images, Science, Technology, SETI, Starry Night, Entertainment
(red dot) Voyager 1 And 2: Status Report August 15, 2006 Traveling To Interstellar Space


(red dot) Alliance For Arts (Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver) Links To Organizations' Arts Portals
(red dot) Backyardtheatre.com: Use Of Projectors For The Outdoors
(red dot) Broadway.com Listings Of Current Shows In New York And London
(red dot) BroadwayWorld.com: Listings Of Current Shows In 13 Cities Including New York, Toronto, London; Performer And Show Database
(red dot) Brown Paper Tickets.com National Ticket Agency 99 cents + 2.5% fee
(red dot) Curtainup.com: Theatrical News, Reviews, Annotated Listings For New York, London, Philadelphia, California, Berkshires
(red dot) Eventseeker.com: Theatrical, Concerts, Festivals, Educational Events, Most World Cities
(red dot) Internet Broadway Database
(red dot) MyTelus.com, Previously British Columbia, Canada myBC.com Theatre and Dance, Alberta.com and MyTO.com (Use Advanced Search for: Theatre "CityName")
(red dot) NY Public Library.org Links to Theatre Resources
(red dot) Playbill.com: Articles About The Theatre And Persons Therein
(red dot) Theatre-Link.com Links to Theatre Information
(red dot) Toppest.com Links to Theatre Information

Web Clearinghouses

(red dot) Flickr.com: Store, Search, Sort, Share Your Photos (Free Account) (Tag Based) (Owned by Yahoo.com)
(red dot) 43things.com: Collective Goal Listings Of What To Do In Life -- Share Progress And Model Successful Experience (Tag Based)
(red dot) Glide Effortless: Online Applications For Storing, Managing, Viewing, Playing And Sharing Files And Folders (transmediacorp.com)
(red dot) NowPublic.com: Clearinghouse and Repository For News Media Written By The Public (Vancouver, B.C. Based)
(red dot) OurMedia.org: Clearinghouse and Repository For Digital Media Contributed By The Public (Free Storage And Free Bandwidth For Videos, Audio Files, Photos, Text or Software Forever.)
(red dot) Smugmug.com: Make Displaying Your Photos Easy And To Make Them Look Better Than Elsewhere
(red dot) Spurl.net: Web Repository For Your Favorites And Bookmarked Web Page URLs
(red dot) Upcoming.org: Collaborative Event Calendar (Tag Based)
(red dot) Vimeo.com: Clearinghouse And Repository For Video Media Contributed By The Public (Privacy Options To See And Be Seen)
(red dot) Wink.com: Tag Search Engine Based On Relevance (Web 2.0)
(red dot) Wists.com: Visual Bookmarks, Universal Wishlists, Visual Searching

Web PodCast Feeds

(red dot) 99percentinvisible.org: Audio Archive Of Various Unnoticed World-Changing Architecture And Design (Searchable) (20 Min)
(red dot) iPod: Assistivemedia.org: Audio Archive Of Various Publications Of Articles (Searchable)
(red dot) iPod: BBC Downloadable Podcasts Trial Between May And December 2005
(red dot) iPod: Canada.ca Downloadable Podcast Directory Of Canadian Origin (Ben Kenney, Editor)
(red dot) iPod: Create Your Podcast: How To Create, Issue And Distribute iPod PodCasts
(red dot) iPod: digitalpodcast.com: Categorized Directory of iPod PodCasts With Listener Reviews
(red dot) iPod: Earthcore: Podcast Science Fiction Novel And Audiobook By Scott Sigler
(red dot) iPod: electricsky.net: Podcast Visual Insound Portraits And Landscapes Of Audio Insights, Ideas And Music
(red dot) iPod: engadget.com: How To Receive And Issue iPod PodCasts
(red dot) iPod: Eric Rice.com: Video Blogs, iPod PodCasts and His Blog Site
(red dot) iPod: 50 Ways To Use Your iPod
(red dot) iPod: firesigntheater.com: Podcasting Links To Old Radio Shows And Segments
(red dot) iPod: How I Listen To 100 Podcasts A Day (iloveradio.org By Todd Maffin)
(red dot) iPod: How To Do Stuff PodCasts (Todd Maffin)
(red dot) iPod: ilounge.com: News, Reviews, Software For iPod Including RSS Feeds (Previously ipodlounge.com)
(red dot) iPod: iPodder.org: RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: iPodderx.com: RSS Feeds For iPod (Mac OS X podcast Client)
(red dot) iPod: Penguin Radio.com: RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: Podcast Alley.com: Portal Directory of Audio RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: Podcast Bunker.com: Listings, News, Reviews, 30 Second Previews, Of Audio RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: Podcast Central.com: Directory of Audio RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: Podcast.net: Categorized Directory of Audio RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: Podcaster.net: Directory of Audio RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting)
(red dot) iPod: Podcasters.org: Directory Of Audio RSS Feeds For iPod (PodCasting) Frozen At November 27, 2004
(red dot) iPod: podcastingnews.com: Podcast Top 25, Ratings And Directory
(red dot) iPod: SXSW 2008: Podcasts
(red dot) iPod: techphile.ca: Gadgets, Tech And Geek By Franklin Hares (Podcasting)
(red dot) TWiT.tv: Netcasting (PodCasting) Technology Resource
(red dot) Welcometonightvale.com: Twice-Monthly Podcast a la community updates For Town Of Night Vale (90 Min)

Web RSS Feeds

(red dot) Amazon.com: RSS Feeds
(red dot) Bob Crispen: Selected Links And RSS Feeds
(red dot) Complete RSS.com: RSS Feeds Search Engine and Custom Feed Generator
(red dot) Daily Rotation.com: Configurable Page of Technical Headlines Online Aggregator
(red dot) Dan Bricklin.com List Garden 1.0 RSS Generator Software for Win, Mac, Linux (Perl)
(red dot) eFeeds(sm) Registry RSS/XML: Web Feeds From Electronic Journals Science Topics Aggregator
(red dot) Feedly.com: Organize, Read And Share Content Of Your Favorite Sites; RSS service Online Aggregator
(red dot) Feed Validator.com: RDF File Validation
(red dot) Feeddemon.com RSS Reader And Aggregator For Windows Operating System ($29.95) Bradbury Software
(red dot) Findory.com Personalized News Aggregator
(red dot) Findory Blogory Personalized Weblog Aggregator
(red dot) iTunes Music Store RSS Feed Generator (RSS Reader needed)
(red dot) Lockergnome.com RSS Feed Tutorial And News Aggregator Resources
(red dot) Netnewswire RSS Feed And Aggregator For Mac OS X Operating System ($39.95) Ranchero Software
(red dot) Newsgator.com: Various RSS Readers For Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices (Go!) And Inbox For Microsoft Outlook
(red dot) NYTimes.com RSS Feed Generator (RSS Reader needed)
(red dot) O'Reillynet.com RSS Dev Center
(red dot) Pluck.com: Web Organizer And RSS Feed And News Aggregator Web Based Software (Free) Browser And Operating System Independent
(red dot) Reuters.com: News and Television RSS Feeds News Aggregator
(red dot) Syndic8.com: RSS and Atom News Feeds with Search Engine For Feeds and Feed Ids RSS Service Online Aggregator
(red dot) Yahoo RSS Feeds News and Custom Aggregator

Web Tools

(red dot with black border) AboutUs.org: Web Site Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ideas For Promoting Websites
(red dot with black border) Accessibility Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools (Currently 88), Part Of The Web Accessibility Initiative; Multiple Country Standards, Guidelines, Languages And Filterable (Via W3C)
(red dot with black border) Accessibility Web Based Web Accessibility Tools (10) Reviewed And Compared (Usabilitygeek.com)
(red dot with black border) Accessibility WAVE Accessibility: Page (Via Free Browser Extension) Or Site Checking Applications ($) (wave.webaim.org)
(red dot with black border) Accessibility Web Tutorial On Web Page/Site Accessibility (whoishostingthis.com/resources/)
(red dot with black border) Address-parser.net: Free Web (Physical) Address Parser (Output In html, xml, json, php, ruby, python, jaml)
(red dot with black border) Address-parser: Geoservices.tamu.edu: Free Web (Physical) Address Parser (Output In USPS, US Census, LA County); Also Offers Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding
(red dot with black border) Alexa.com Web Site Search with User Reviews, Traffic Rank and Site Information (Amazon.com interface)
(red dot with black border) Allprowebworks.com: Web Site Design, Hosting, Marketing (Previously Skye's The Limit Designs.com)
(red dot with black border) Amazon Echo Simulator (echosim.io): Web Browser Based Interactive Auditory Artificial Intelligence Assistant (Amazon Credentials Required)
(red dot with black border) Anybrowser.com: Web Page Link Checker And Verifier
(red dot with black border) Alphabet (abc.xyz): Holding Company For Google Enterprises (Announced August 11, 2015)
(red dot with black border) API Status: Uptime Condition Of Public APIs
(red dot with black border) Application Compatibility Table: MacOS X 10.7.x (Lion) roaringapps.com
(red dot with black border) Ask Smart Answers: A Closer Look At Ask's Smart Answers By Brian Smith, October 10, 2006
(red dot) Big Data: Many-eyes.com: Collaborative, Viewable Charts And Graphs That Are Self-Generated By Web Apps (Sponsored by IBM)
(red dot) Big Data: Searchable Database of Spoken Nouns In White House Press Briefings By Jay Carney And The Press Since 2009 (Linked Line Graphs Over Time)
(red dot) Big Data: StatShow: The Stat Maker; Produces Web Reports, Website Owner Lookup and IP Tracing For Websites
(red dot) BugMeNot.com: Sharing Existing Userid/Logins Of Those Sites Requiring Registration
(red dot) Blogrolling.com Web Page Link List Manager
(red dot) Brainy Zip.com: Zip Code Index And Search
(red dot) Browser: Amaya Web Editor And Browser For Mac OS X
(red dot) Browser: Camino Browser For Mac OS X
(red dot) Browser: Chrome Browser For Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2; Intel MacOSX V10.5.x/10.6.x; Linux (Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu/openSUSE) From Google
(red dot) Browser: Dillo Browser For Linux (With Minimal Computer Resources)
(red dot) Browser: Flock Browser For Windows, Mac OS X, And Linux (Social Network And Photos Focus) Beta (Unsupported Starting April 26, 2011)
(red dot) Browser: iCab Browser For Mac OS X
(red dot) Browser: Internet Explorer Browser For Windows and Mac OS X
(red dot) Browser: Konqueror Browser For Linux
(red dot) Browser: Lynx Text Browser For Unix, VMS, Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, Mac OS, Mac OS X, OS/2 Operating Systems
(red dot) Browser: Mozilla and Firefox Browsers For Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows Operating Systems
(red dot) Browser: Netcaptor Browser For Windows Operating Systems (Internet Explorer Replacement For Browsing)
(red dot) Browser: Netscape Browser For Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Operating Systems
(red dot) Browser: Opera Browser For FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows Operating Systems
(red dot) Browser: Safari Browser For Mac OS X
(red dot) Browser: Torpack Browser For Firefox On Windows Operating Systems, Anonymizes Web Surfing (Accesses) By Continually Randomizing Your IP Address
(red dot) Browser: Torproject.org: Offers A Network Of Virtual Tunnels To Enable Anonymous Web Surfing (Accesses) By Continually Randomizing Your IP Address
(red dot) Buzz Index on Yahoo.com Search Terms Updated Each Weekday (2 day lag)
(red dot) clustrmaps.com: Displays Monthly Cumulative Locations of Visitors To A Specified Site (New Beta? Version Started October 1, 2015)
(red dot) Codeacademy.org: Computer And Web Language Tutorials And Practice Exercises
(red dot) Color Codes And Color Names (216) That Are Color (Browser) Safe
(red dot) Color Picker (Colrpickr) Using Flickr Images: An Experiment In Visual Wonder By Jim Bumgardner
(red dot) Conferencing anymeeting.com: Supports Webinars, Video Conferences, Online (Recordable) Meetings Free With Ads Or $18 For Up To 25 attendees Or $70 For 26-200 Attendees; Access via Computer Or Smart Phone; Uses Flash, So Chrome Browser Preferable
(red dot) Conferencing join.me: Video Conferences, Online Meetings Free With Ads Or $19/Month ($149/Year); Access via Computer/Phone/iPad App; Uses Flash
(red dot) Content Management Systems Open Source Only
(red dot) Content Management Systems (CMS) Open Source List
(red dot) Copyscape.com: Determine (1st 20/Month Free) And Protect (.05 Cents Per Search) Copies Of Your Website Elsewhere On The Web
(red dot) CSS Reboot Twice Yearly Event Voluntarily Promoting XHTML/CSS Web Standards
(red dot) CSS Restaurant Menu Example
(red dot) CSS Zen Garden: Multiple Web Page Styles Demo (Reload Page For Style If Needed)
(red dot with black border) Cynthia Says Portal Web Content Accessibility Validator and Verifier (Section 508 and WCAG 1.0)
(red dot) Darrel.Knutson.com: All Web Browsers That Run On At Least One MacOS And/Or MacOS X OS Version
(red dot) Deobfuscator For URL Encoded Strings (Enable Javascript), Also Base64 Decoder And Entity Deobfuscator Spam Tools
(red dot) Dive Into Accessibility.org: Tips By People, Disability, Design Principle, Browser And Publishing Tool
(red dot with black border) Down For Everyone Or Just Me? Insert Website URL To Find Out (By Alex Payne)
(red dot with black border) Downdetector.com: Overview Of Status Information, Outages For Internet Providers, Mobile Providers, Airlines, Public Transport And Online Services
(red dot with black border) Down Right Now: Website Services Status Monitoring Via Crowd-Sourcing
(red dot with black border) Email Enkoder Using Javascript By Automatic Labs.com (Free Hiveware)
(red dot) Endless Pageless: No More Next Page When Receiving Search Results (Pete Forde Of unspace.ca)
(red dot) eProject.com Web based Project Management and Collaborative Software
(red dot) Fax Via Internet: 5 Free Internet Fax Services Domestic and International
(red dot) Fifi.com ping and traceroute CGI Gateway Server Web Page
(red dot) File Transfer jdempsey.com: Survey Of Free Web Based File Transfer And Storage Facilities (Creative Guy Blog By James Dempsey)
(red dot) File Transfer dropsend.com: Huge File Transfer Via Email Notification Of Link Via FTP Protocol (Free = 1GB; 250MB Storage)
(red dot) File Transfer transferbigfiles.com: Huge File Transfer Via Email Notification Of Link Via FTP Protocol (Free = 1GB)
(red dot) File Transfer webcargo.net: Huge File Transfer Via Email Notification Of Link Via FTP Protocol (Free = 100MB, $25/Month = 2GB), With Contact Management
(red dot) File Transfer yousendit.com: Huge File Transfer Via Email Attachment Or Via FTP Protocol (Free = 100MB; $4.99/Month = 2GB)
(red dot) Foxytunes.com: FireFox Music Player Add-on
(red dot with black border) Frogtaco.com: Web Site Development, Analysis, Editing, Content Management And Consulting
(red dot) frozenbear.com: Web Tools, Particularly with Google Maps
(red dot) Generator Blog: Various Kinds Of Software Name Generators (By The Presurfer)
(red dot) Generator Of Fantasy Names: Various Geographically Based Name Generators (Philip Riley)
(red dot) Ghost Sites of the Web
(red dot) gliffy.com: Draw And Share (Visio-Like) Diagrams On The Web
(red dot) go2web20.net: Web 2.0 Applications And Services Directory
(red dot) Google Analytics Technical Analysis Of Your Web Page/Site Based On Urchin On Demand Software
(red dot) Google Applications For Your Domain Gmail, Talk, Calendar, Page Creation Web Software
(red dot) Google Base Create Your Own Web Page(s) Show On Your Or Google's Base Site Using Structured Category Types, Pictures, Descriptions
(red dot) Google Calendar Web Based Calendar Tool: Manage Your Schedule Online And Coordinate With Friends And Family
(red dot) Google Code Resources For Faster Web Performance Via Tools and Google Public DNS
(red dot) Google Docs Web Based Documentation Projects: Create, Edit, Access Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Folders
(red dot) Google Earth Technical KML 2.0 (Keyhole Markup Language) Documentation
(red dot) Google Earth Technical KML 2.0 (Keyhole Markup Language) Tutorial
(red dot) Google Mac Developer Playground Technical Tools (iPhone Disk), Demonstrations And Blog
(red dot) Google Maps Technical Explanations Of Page Rendering (Joel Webber)
(red dot) Google Page Creator Create Your Own Web Page(s) Via Online Tool (Beta) Gmail Account Or Signup Required
(red dot) Google Sites Create Your Collaborative, Selectively Sharable, One Stop Site For Team Project Data Of All Types
(red dot) Google Spreadsheets Create Your Own Web Based Spreadsheets Via Online Tool (Beta) Signup Required
(red dot) Google Voice Centralized Google Phone Number Linked To Any/All Phones, SMS, Voicemail, Conference Calls, Directory (Currently Open To GrandCentral Users, Beta Requestors Only) March 12, 2009
(red dot) Google Webmaster Central Site Status, Site Maps, Webmaster Tools, Blog And Discussion Group
(red dot) Greasemonkey.mozdev.org: Javascript Based API For Enhancing Web Pages That Are Browsed
(red dot) Hackerwatch.org Port Scanning and Firewall Testing Tools
(red dot) Haloscan.com: Free Commenting And Trackback System For Weblogs And Websites, Allowing Visitors To Leave Instant Feedback
(red dot) History Of The World Wide Web (1991-2006) BBC News
(red dot) HTML Fixit.com Help And News Regarding Internet And Web Design
(red dot) HTML Goodies.com Primers on HTML, Javascript, Perl, CGI, ASP, SQL
(red dot) HTML Slidy: A W3C Powerpoint-like Slide Show Using XHTML (Dave Raggert)
(red dot) HTML Tidy Web Page Cleaner, formatter, Validator and Verifier
(red dot) HTML5 And CSS3 Feature Support Checklist By Browser (Mac OSX and Windows only) [fmbip.com/litmus]
(red dot) Internet Safety For Kids And Other Internet Users [allconnect.com/blog/keeping-kids-safe-online]
(red dot) Isitdownrightnow.com: Web Site Accessibility Verification (Unless the isitdownrightnow.com Site Itself Is Down Right Now)
(red dot) iview.com: Web Conferencing Using Only A Browser And A Telephone From Your Desktop (For Mac OS X and Windows XP)
(red dot) Javascript XmlHttpRequest Object Allowing Further HTTP Requests To Be Made From An Already Loaded Page
(red dot) Jungle Scan.com: Best, Worst, Most Discussed Items' Sales Rankings Over Time On Amazon.com
(red dot) Konfabulator.com: JavaScript Runtime Engine On Windows and Mac OS X For Running User Defined Widgets
(red dot) Kosmix.com: Category Search Aggregator And Portal Navigator
(red dot) Liminal Existence: Hacking Google Maps For Caffeine And Wireless (Vancouver, B.C.)
(red dot) Link Checker: (From Anybrowser.com)
(red dot) Live Plasma.com: Musicians And Bands And Films And Actors And Director Affinity Maps
(red dot) Logogle: Google Logo Maker: Replace Google's Logo With Your Own Text In The Same Style
(red dot) Lycos 50: Top 50 Search Terms on Lycos.com, updated weekly
(red dot) Make A Shorter Link: Long link transformation service
(red dot with black border) MathML Central.com: Rendering MathML (From Text, URL, Or A File), Converting Expressions To MathML, Plotting, Integration
(red dot) Messaging And Collaboration: Zimbra.com Web Based Active Messaging, Self-Organizing Mailboxes, Location And Computer Independence
(red dot) Microsoft Instant Answers: A Closer Look At Microsoft's live.com Instant Answers By Brian Smith, October 19, 2006
(red dot) Mozilla Labs: Projects To Enhance The User Interface Of The Firefox Browser
(red dot) Name Protect.com Trademark and Brand Name Search and Monitoring
(red dot with black border) Netcraft Web Server Survey And News with Web Site Characteristics (OS, Web Server, uptime)
(red dot with black border) Netscape tools: Mozilla and Netscape Sidebars For HTML, CSS, XSLT And JavaScript [Site Deleted October 4, 2004; Using web.archive.org December 15, 2003 Snapshot]
(red dot) PDF Online.com: Convert Documents To PDF Format And From PDF To HTML On The Web (Free)
(red dot) Projectnaphta.com: Highlight, Copy And Paste Text Found in Web Images And PDF Files Via Computer Vision Algorithms (Editing And Translation Coming Soon)
(red dot) Photoshop Express Online: Image Editing And Storage (2GB And Free)
(red dot with black border) Postal Code Search Canada Post Postal Code Lookup Page, Reverse Search
(red dot with black border) Postal Code Search Royal Mail United Kingdom Postal Code Lookup Page (Up To 15 Searches Per Day)
(red dot with black border) Postal Code Search United States Postal Service Zip Code Lookup Page
(red dot with black border) Postal Code Search Worldwide Lookup In English And In 12 Other Languages (Address Doctor)
(red dot) Qualys SSL Labs: Free SSL Deep Analysis Of The Configuration Of Any SSL Web Server On The Public Internet
(red dot) QR Code: How Square QR Codes Work And Reasons For Not Using Them
(red dot) QR Code: Free Square Code Generator
(red dot) QR Code: (qrstuff.com) Free Square Code Generator, 20 Input Data Types, 6 Output Data Types Including Dynamic And Visual (Pictorial) Codes, $11.95 Monthly Subscriptions Available
(red dot) Readability Bookmarklet: Reduces Any Web Page To Large Print Text Usable In Browsers Large And Small
(red dot) Revolvermaps.com: Displays Cumulative Worldwide Locations of Visitors To A Specified Site; Check The Top Of This Page (2-D, 3-D Maps Available)
(red dot) S5: A Powerpoint-like, Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System Using XHTML, CSS, And Javascript (Eric Meyer)
(red dot) Safe Web Surfing: Anonymizer.com Encrypted Web Browsing ($50/year)
(red dot) scandoo.com Beta: Prepends Categorizable Approved/?/Unsuitable Traffic Light Icons In Search Results Via Google And MSN (Yahoo, Ask.com Planned)
(red dot) Sendthisfile.com: Instead Of Emailing Large Files, Put Them On This Site For Downloading (Free And Paid Accounts)
(red dot) Site Meter.com: Real Time Web Traffic Reports of Counts and Statistics for Web Pages
(red dot with black border) Shorter URIs Flickr URL Shorteners As Of September 27, 2007: Long Link Transformation Services
(red dot) Shorter URIs ShortURL.com: Long Link Transformation Service
(red dot) Shorter URIs SnipURL.com: Long Link Transformation Service
(red dot) Shorter URIsTinyURL.com: Long Link Transformation Service
(red dot) Shorter URIs URLtea.com: Long Link Transformation Service, Tag On ? Character Followed By Description
(red dot) Slashdot Effect by Stephen Adler: Existence On Slashdot Precipitates Surging Hit Rate
(red dot) Social Bookmarking, Folksonomies, And Web 2.0 Tools By Laura Gordon-Murnane (June 1, 2006)
(red dot) Soulwire.co.uk: Super Recursion Toy And Mushroom Coral (Justin)
(red dot) Source Forge.net: Open Source Software Development Projects
(red dot) Spam Gourmet.com: Spam Blocking using self-destructing disposable email addresses
(red dot) Spreadsheet: Numsum.com Web Based Spreadsheet Processing With Blog Postability
(red dot) Start Pages: bbc.com/news: British News Portal
(red dot) Start Pages: dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html: British Newspaper Portal
(red dot) Start Pages: google.com/ig: Customizable, Login Required (Web 2.0 Oriented)
(red dot) Start Pages: my.myway.com: Customizable, Login Required (Ad Free) (Web 2.0 Oriented) [Upgrading Starting After December 5, 2015]
(red dot) Start Pages: netvibes.com: Customizable, Login Required (Web 2.0 Oriented)
(red dot) Start Pages: protopage.com: Customizable, Login Required (Web 2.0 Oriented)
(red dot) Start Pages: use4.com: Customizable, Login Required (Web 2.0 Oriented) Manages 4 Start Pages At Once
(red dot) Start Pages: my.yahoo.com: Customizable, Login Required (Web 2.0 Oriented)
(red dot) Statistics And Trends In Browser Usage, Operating System Choice, and Screen Resolution Preference
(red dot) Stumbleupon.com Channeled Web Surfing Of Recommended Sites By Others
(red dot) Tagworld.com: Provides Web Based Services For Social Networking (Web 2.0)
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone ChaCha.com: Answers Questions (Does Searches) By Human Guides Submitted By Phone (1-800-2ChaCha=18002242242) Or Text Message (242 242) Or Via Web Browser (Free; Registration Required)
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone deadcellzones.com: Search And Submit Cell Phone Coverage Complaints Nationwide For AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Carriers
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone IM+ For Skype: Provides iPhone Or iPodTouch And Other Phones, (Safari) Web Browser Access To Any Skype User Via IM Or Phone (One Time Fee)
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone Iphone Application List.com: Provides iPhone Or iPodTouch List Of Applications
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone Jaxtr.com: Provides Free International Phone Or Text (SMS) Message Connection Between 2 Phones (Cell or Land) Among 38 Countries Including U.S., (Registration [And Phone] Required)
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone Mutube.com: Provides List And Web Form Of Worldwide Email Addresses To SMS Gateway Text Messages For Any Mobile Phone
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone Notepage.net: Provides List Of Worldwide Email Addresses To SMS Gateway Text Messages For Any Mobile Phone
(red dot with black border) Cell Mobile Phone bulksms.com: Provides Two-Way Web or Email To SMS Gateway Text Messages For Any Mobile Phone
(red dot) Thefreecountry.com: Free Programming, Security, and Webmaster Resources Including HTML Editors and WYSIWYG Web Editors (Christopher Heng)
(red dot with black border) Time: Human Clock.com: The Current Time In Photos (But Random Dates)
(red dot with black border) Timeanddate.com World Time Search, Calendar Generators, Countdowns To Any Date
(red dot with black border) TimeTicker.com Exact Time In Any Country Created By Martin Zwernemann
(red dot) Unicode Character Recognition By Drawing Freehand Shapes (shapecatcher.com)
(red dot) Ubersuggest.org: Keyword Research Suggestions Database
(red dot) Unix Network Tools Front End CGI programs (Infobear.com)
(red dot) Usablenet.com Lift Online Accessibility Verifier
(red dot) Use Validators And Load Generators To Test Your Web Applications (GoingWare.com)
(red dot with black border) U.S. Naval Observatory Master Time Clocks
(red dot) Viewable With Any Browser Campaign And Design Guide By Cari D. Burstein
(red dot with black border) Visualware VisualRoute Server Web Page (Route tracing on a world map)
(red dot) Weather Underground.com Weather Information
(red dot) Web Browser Archive (Evolt.org)
(red dot) Web Design Group HTML Language, Design Help
(red dot) Web Developer Best Practices
(red dot) Web Navigation And Interaction Design Excellence: Whitevoid.com (Christopher Bauder Since 2004)
(red dot) Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer By DJ Delorie
(red dot) WebMonkey Web Developer's Resource
(red dot) Web 2.1 Technology Demonstrator Of The Server Side Blink Tag
(red dot) Web 2.0 Amazon.com: S3: Simple Storage Service For Developers; 1 Byte To 5GB Object Size, (Unlimited Number), $0.15 Per GB-Month Stored, $0.20 Per GB Transferred
(red dot) Web 2.0 Awards 2006: 38 Categories And 300 Sites
(red dot) Web 2.0 econsultant.com: Services - Alphabetical And Categorical Lists, Most Visited/Bookmarked, Technical Tips, Tags And Lists
(red dot) Web 2.0 dzone.com: Free Link Sharing For Developers (Developer Zone, Inc.)
(red dot) Web 2.0 feedtree.net: Collaborative Micronews Delivery With News Sharing Among Users (Dan Sandler)
(red dot) Web 2.0 mayomi.com: Flash Based Online Mind Mapping Software (Christoph Helzle)
(red dot) Web 2.0 programmableweb.com: APIs, Mashups, Web 2.0 Examples, Content And Blog Site (John Musser)
(red dot) Web 2.0 37signals.com: Web Collaboration, Chat, Personal Information Management, To Do Lists, Both Free And By Subscription
(red dot) Web 2.0 webapplist.com: Unofficial Web Application List Categorized (By Danny)
(red dot) Web 2.0 web2.0central.com: Companies, Discussions, Mashups, Toolkits (Beta)
(red dot) Web 2.0 What Is Web 2.0? Includes Meme Map (By Tim O'Reilly)
(red dot) webstandards.org: To Ensure Simple, Affordable Access To Web Technologies For All
(red dot) WHATWG developers.whatwg.org: Development And Documentation Of HTML5 Specification Site
(red dot) wholinkstome.com: Blog Statistics Checker, Link Code Available (Designed By Gabriel And Coded By Shanti)
(red dot) Google Drive (Previously A Word Processor: Writely.com [Originally Sponsored By upstartle.com], Now Owned By Google.com) Web Based Word Processor With Document Sharing And Blog Postability
(red dot) Wordcounttools.com: Word Count And Other Statistics About Text Passages With Selected Filters
(red dot) Workfriendly.net: Make Any URL Look Like A Microsoft Office 2003 Document (Use At Work) Javascript Based With Boss Key
(red dot) Worldkit: Easy Web Mapping
(red dot) World Is A Blog: Geographic Mapping Of Blog Sites
(red dot with black border) W3C Web Page Validator and Verifier
(red dot with black border) W3C Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Page Validator and Verifier
(red dot) XBRL: Standardized Electronic Financial Reporting - eXtensible Business Reporting Language
(red dot) Xero.com: On Line (Accrual) Accounting System For Small Businesses (Works On PCs, Mac and iPhone)
(red dot) Yahoo! Developer Network: Graded Browser Support By Nate Koechley February 13, 2006
(red dot) Yahoo! Shortcuts: A Closer Look At Yahoo Shortcuts By Brian Smith, November 1, 2006
(red dot with black border) Yellowpipe.com: Internet Services, Webmaster Tools And Free Online Email Address Verification/Validation (Format, Proper Characters, Host, User)
(red dot with black border) zoom.us: Web Audio Video Conferencing Set up 1-1 or 1-Many Meetings To Inform, Demonstrate, Discuss And/Or Collaborate (Since 2011)
(red dot with black border) zxing.org: Zebra Crossing Bar Code Online Decoder Of 1D or 2D Online Images Or Image Files Produced By Smart Phones

Words (English)

(red dot) Anagram Genius Internet Server
(red dot) Anagram Internet Server
(red dot with black border) Anagrammer.com: Scrabble Major Support Tool, In French And Italian, Multiple Dictionaries, Prefixes, Suffixes, WildCards, Word Joins
(red dot) Apostrophe Protection Society: Preserving Its (Not It's) Correct Use
(red dot) Ask Oxford.com: Words, Quotes, Dictionary Searches, Queries, Writing Tips, UK and US views
(red dot with black border) Blogthings.com: What Kind Of American English Do You Speak Quiz
(red dot) Autoantonyms At fun-with-words.com: Words that are their own opposites
(red dot) Autoantonyms At www.csit.fsu.edu: Words that are their own opposites, Janus Words
(red dot with black border) Brainy Quotes.com Topical Quotes
(red dot) Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: Compose The Best 1st Sentence Of Worst Novel
(red dot) Bundyology Kellyism Quotes (Andreas Carl)
(red dot with black border) Color Code: Full Color Interactive Map (Atlas) of 33,000 Words Of English Language
(red dot with black border) Common Errors In English (Paul Brians of Washington State University)
(red dot with black border) Corpora Of Global Web, Contemporary, Historical American English, British, Canadian, Google Books, Spanish, Portugese: Unique Specialized Searches In Context, Frequency And Over Time (Mark Davies, Brigham Young University)
(red dot with black border) Corpus Of Contemporary American English: 4.5x10^6 Words 1990-2012 Unique Specialized Searches In Context, Frequency And Over Time (Mark Davies, Brigham Young University)
(red dot with black border) Dew Drop Inn And Lettuce Entertain You: Onomastic Sobriquets In The Food And Beverage Industry (Paper) By Lynn C. Hattendorf Westney (University Of Illinois) (via dinersoft.com)
(red dot with black border) Gallery of "Misplaced" Quotation Marks
(red dot with black border) Guide To Grammar And Writing At The Word And Sentence, Paragraph To Essay And Research Paper Level
(red dot) Haikuvies.com: Haiku Plot Summaries (Up To 7 Per) Of Contemporary Films (Devon Biere)
(red dot) Helvetica Font Haiku Contest Winners March 2007
(red dot with black border) International Dialects Of English Archive (IDEA) 4 Minute MP3 Sound Files Of Standard Readings (Department Of Theatre And Film, University Of Kansas)
(red dot with black border) Homophoner.yacomink.com: Translate Your Text Into Homophonic Text (Andy Yaco-Mink)
(red dot with black border) Language Log: A Linguistic Commentary Weblog
(red dot) "L33t Speak" Explained
(red dot) "Leet (L33t) Speak" Wikipedia Article
(red dot) Letter-pairs analysis application
(red dot) Merriam-Webster Favorite Words Not Yet In The Dictionary
(red dot with black border) NITLE Summit (April 3-5, 2008, San Francisco), Links To Writing And Digital Technology Blending
(red dot with black border) North American English Dialect Survey (Bert Vaux, Harvard University) [Moved To University Of Wisconsin January 2005]
(red dot with black border) Poet: Geoff Pope, Selected Poems And Readings
(red dot) Politically Incorrect Alphabet, The
(red dot with black border) Quotationspage.com: Indexed By Author, Subject, Searchable, Random, And With Book Reviews
(red dot with black border) Rules Of Thumb.org: Rateable Encapsulated Wisdom (150 Categories)
(red dot with black border) Search Shakespeare With Clusty.com: Indexed By Character Or By Works Or By Keywords
(red dot with black border) The Free Dictionary.com: (By Farlex, Inc.) Serves English, Medical, Legal, Financial, And Computer Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms, Encyclopedia(s), A Literature Reference Library, And A Search Engine
(red dot with black border) thewordnerds.org: Weekly Podcasts About (English) Words, Language And Idiomatic Preferences
(red dot with black border) Thinkmap (Previously Plumb Design) Visual Thesaurus
(red dot) Urban Dictionary.com: Collaborative Definitions Of Words, Especially Slang in Text, Pictures And Sound (And An Urban Clothing Store Too!)
(red dot with black border) What (Regional) American Accent Do You Have? 13 Questions Created By Xavier Kun (gotoquiz.com)_
(red dot with black border) Wordie.org: Shared Word Lists A La Flickr
(red dot with black border) Wordcount.org: Interactive Presentation Of The 86,800 Most Frequently Used English Words
(red dot) Wordle.net: Size And Frequency Based Word Cloud (Changeable Fonts, Layouts And Color Schemes)
(red dot) Wordnik.com: Web Dictionary Definitions With Many Examples Via Web Links
(red dot) Wordplay: List of Sites that have fun with words
(red dot) Writersdreamtools.com: Timeline Lists Of People, Events, Slang, Cliches, Quotes Introduced By Decade Since 1650

Weblog (Blog) Sites

(purple dot) Amplify.com Audio-Visual Sharable, Topical, Linkable, Personal Web Pages
(purple dot) Best Blogs Of 2007 That You (Probably) Aren't Reading (Fimoculus.com By Rex Sorgatz)
(purple dot) B2evolution.net: A Multilingual Multiuser Multi-Blog Engine
(purple dot) Blogcarnival.com: Carnival Of Blogs Specialized Topics Discussed, Weaving Posts From Various Blog Sites
(purple dot) Blogdex Weblog diffusion Index Instant Web Page Publishing: ** News ** (Frozen at October 7, 2004)
(purple dot) Blogdigger.com Search Engine For Blogs (Including RSS Feeds)
(purple dot) Blogebrity.com: The 4 Lists, (A, B, C, D) of Blog Sites
(purple dot) Blogger Instant Web Page Publishing
(purple dot) Bloghop Index Rated by Readers
(purple dot with black border) Bloggies: 2006 (6th Annual) Web Blog Awards With Links To The Previous Awards
(purple dot with black border) Bloggies: 2007 (7th Annual) Web Blog Awards With Links To The Previous Awards
(purple dot) Bloglines.com: Integrated Service To Search, Subscribe, Publish, Share News Feeds And Blogs
(purple dot) (purple dot) Blogstreet.com: Blog Directories And Portal
(purple dot) The Command Post.org: Blog News And Portal
(purple dot) Del Icio Us: Tag Blogging: A Social Bookmarks Manager (acquired by Yahoo!)
(purple dot) Drupal.org: An Open Source Content Management Platform For Personal Weblogs And Community Web Sites
(purple dot) Eatonweb Portal of Categorized Blog Sites
(purple dot) frogmyblog.com: Review Site For Blogs, Rating Range 0-5 Ladybugs (Higher Is Better)
(purple dot) Gapersblock.com Metroblog Compendium of Chicago
(purple dot) Global Voices Blog: Daily Roundup Of Bloggers Worldwide
(purple dot) Globe of Blogs Indexed by Author, Title Categories Blog Site
(purple dot) Glogster.com: Graphical, Poster Blogs And Blog Site
(purple dot) Googleblog: Google Search Engine Blog Site
(purple dot with black border) Google Blog Search: Keywords Restricted To Blog Sites
(purple dot) Gothamist.com: Metroblog of New York City Blog Site
(purple dot) How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else) Electronic Frontier Foundation
(purple dot) Ice Rocket.com: Key Words In Blog, Web, News, Phone Pictures, Images, Multi Media Search Engine
(purple dot) Linkfilter.net Links Posted And Moderated By Users (Blog Site)
(purple dot) Mac OSX: Ken Bereskin's Radio Weblog Blog Site About MacOS X
(purple dot) Manila Sites (Userland SW) Instant Web Page Publishing (Their Site - full on 7/23/01)
(purple dot) Math-blog.com: (Multiple Authors) Discusses Applied Math, Essential Math, Math Books, Math Websites, News, Readings, Unsolved Problems
(red dot) Medium.com: A Platform For Writing For The Public; Language Independent, Login Required, Twitter Credentials Allowed (Evan Williams Since 2012)
(purple dot) Medium.com/Technology-Musings WebBlog (Matt Haughey)
(purple dot) Metafilter.com WebBlog (Matt Haughey), Instant Web Page Publishing (their Site); Previously Blogroots.com Blog Site [Closed January 2005]
(purple dot) Metroblogging.com: Metroblog Compendium of 33 Current Cities (E.g. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, London, Vienna, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago)
(purple dot) Moveable Type.org Instant Web Page Publishing (Downloadable SW to Your Site)
(purple dot) Moveable Type Used To Develop Seedmagazine.com Description
(purple dot) MSN Spaces.com Instant Web Page Blog Publishing (MSN's Site)
(purple dot) New Yorkish.com: Metroblog Compendium of Pop Culture, Humor, And Completely Useless Information From New York City (Frozen At December 16, 2004)
(purple dot with black border) New York Times.com: Blogs 101 Categories Of Blog Sites
(purple dot) osm.org: Pajamas Media Organization With Over 300 Blog Sites Feeding Current Events
(purple dot) pMachine.com: Professional-Class Blogging/Content Management Systems With Free/Personal And Paid/Commercial Versions
(purple dot) Pitas Instant Web Page Publishing (Their Site)
(purple dot) Plastic Topical Issues Web Page Publishing (Their Site)
(purple dot) Power Reporting.com: Blogs About Journalism
(purple dot) Project: The Memes List (Access Via Popup Window)
(purple dot) Radio Userland Web Logs Sites (News Aggregator and Web writer facility)
(purple dot) Six Apart.com: Movable Type, Type Pad, Type Key, Live Journal Development Tools
(purple dot) Suck.com (1995-2001) The Story Of The First Great Website (And Blog Precursor)
(purple dot) Tag Central.net: Tag Blogging Search Box
(purple dot) Tech Dirt.com Corporate Intelligence Blog Site
(purple dot) Technorati.com: Tags (Topic Categories) With A Real Time Search Engine For Blog Sites
(purple dot) Technorati.com: Top 100 Blogs As Measured By Links From Blogs To Blogs
(purple dot) Top 100 Blogs To Read To Be Most (And Always) Up-To-Date If This Was 2006 (Carnegie Mellon University Study)
(purple dot) 25peeps.com: Latest And Most Popular 25 Thumbnails Linked To Blog Sites (Based On Clicks And Referrals)
(purple dot) Userland Web Logs Sites Instant Web Page Publishing
(purple dot) Weblogs Compendium: Web Logs Sites (Part Of Northern Lights) Instant Web Page Publishing (Peter Scott)
(purple dot) Wordpress.org: Semantic Personal Publishing Platform Open-Source And Free Content Management Software

Individual Blog Sites

(purple dot) Access Consciousness Weblog (Dr. Dain Heer, D.C.)
(purple dot) Adam Curry Apple iPod Oriented Weblog
(purple dot) Adam Engst's ExtraBITS (Part of Tidbits.com) Apple Macintosh Oriented Weblog
(purple dot) Adam Nash's Psychohistory Weblog
(purple dot) Andrew's Excel Tips (Andrew Engwirda) Weblog
(purple dot) Anonymous Lawyer (Fictional) Weblog
(purple dot) theApiary.org: New York City Alternative Comedy Scene Weblog
(purple dot) Archive Of Samuel Arbesman's Social Dimension Science Writings For Wired Magazine Weblog (From January 4, 2012 To March 26, 2015)
(purple dot) Arkatz' Live List: Observations Weblog
(purple dot) Math And Linux Insights: Integration of Math And Computing Weblog
(purple dot) Awl (theawl.com): Observations: "Be Less Stupid" (Alex Balk and Choire Sicha Editors) Weblog
(purple dot) Arouet.net: Microsoft Office Documents And 18th Century Philosophy (Voltaire) Weblog By Stephanie Krieger
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(purple dot) College Professor: Reassigned Time 2.0 (Chronicles Of Dr. Crazy Successor), Literature Professor
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(purple dot) Crazy Apple Rumors Site: Parodies Of Current PC Technology (John Moltz) Weblog
(purple dot) Daily Dose Of Excel (Many Authors, Dick Kusleika, Administrator) Weblog
(purple dot) Dan Gillmor Mediactive Project: mediactive.com
(purple dot) Dan Gillmor Center For Citizen Media Weblog Site
(purple dot) Dan Gillmor Grass Roots Journalism Weblog Site (Beginning January 1, 2005 And Ending May 26, 2005)
(purple dot) Dan Cederholm Simple Bits Web Site and Blog
(purple dot) Daring Fireball.net: Mac Nerdery Journal Site
(purple dot) Dave Taylor Web Site and Blog
(purple dot) David Gainer Excel 12 = Excel 2007 Blog
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(purple dot) Designnotes.info: Michael Surtees WebBlog Site (See also: Good Stuff On Web Daily Procedure)
(purple dot) Doc Searls WebBlog Site (Ended July 31, 2007)
(purple dot) Doc Searls WebBlog Site (Started August 1, 2007)
(purple dot) Dooce.com: Heather Armstrong WebBlog Site
(purple dot) HeatherBArmstrong.com: Heather Armstrong Writing WebBlog Site (With Border Transformations Based On Scrolling)
(purple dot) Dooce Plugs In: Heather Armstrong On alphamom.com WebBlog Site
(purple dot) Download Squad (Social Software) Part Of Weblogs, Inc. Network
(purple dot) Engrish Journal: Sightings Of Translated-To-English, A LiveJournal Community Blog Site
(purple dot) Evil Genius Chronicles.org: Journal Of Geekery And Music, Web blog and PodCasts
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(purple dot) Geeky Mom Blog: Educational Technology (Laura Blankenship) Weblog Ported From Old Site On December 17, 2009
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(purple dot) Kevin's Weblog (Kevin Fredde) (Frozen Since August 21, 2005)
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(purple dot) Learningcurves: Rudbeckia Hirta (AKA Black-Eyed Susan)'s Math Instructor Blog (Frozen As Of June 1, 2012)
(purple dot) Lee.org: Lee C. Sonko New Blog
(purple dot) Lee.org: Lee C. Sonko Old Blog (Last Entry January 17, 2005)
(purple dot) Life Hacks.org: Productivity and Getting Things Done
(purple dot) Linkdroptoday.com: Ideas From Tech, Business, Design, Music, Art And Style Sites (Michael Surtees)
(purple dot) Listology.com Jim Biancolo Blog
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(purple dot) Brainpickings.org: An Interestingness Hunter-Gatherer And Curious Mind At Large (Mary Popova Blog)
(purple dot) Math Memoirs Blog: Tutorials With A Fresh Perspective Brett Berry, Editor (https://medium.com/i-math)
(purple dot) Mathematical Tourist Blog: Ivars Peterson (Since 3/5/2007)
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(purple dot) Mommy PhD -> sarahandshannon.blogspot.com Family Blog
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(purple dot) Nicky Case Projects And Blog
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(purple dot) Not Even Wrong: A Mathematician's Observations (Peter Woit) WebBlog Site
(purple dot) Oatmeal (theoatmeal.com): Comic (Cartoon) Blog (By Matthew Inman )
(purple dot) 1000awesomethings.com: Blog (By Neil Since June 20, 2008)
(purple dot) OnFocus.com: Blog (Paul Bausch)
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(purple dot) Randy's Journal (Randy Tinseth, Randy Baseler Retired April 2007) (Boeing's First Blog!)
(purple dot) rateyourstudents.blogspot.com: A Compendium Of Unexpected Student Behavior Witnessed By Instructors
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(purple dot) Robert Cringeley Column And Blog Site
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(purple dot) Scott Adams: The Scott Adams Blog (Started April 17, 2008)
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(purple dot) Tall Dark And Mysterious (moebiusstripper) Math Instructor/Potter Canadian Blog Site (Frozen At 6/8/2006)
(purple dot) Tuaw.com: The Unofficial Apple Weblog Blog Site
(purple dot) This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow Blog Site
(purple dot) 3 Quarks Daily By S. Abbas Raza, Primary Editor, A Science, Philosophy, Literature, Art, Design Filtered Blog Site
(purple dot) tsa.gov/blog: TSA Blog, Dialogue And Insights Into Innovations In Security, Technology And The Checkpoint Screening Process
(purple dot) Values Of N (Was Raelity Bytes, Blosxom "Blogsome" Blog) By Rael
(purple dot) Vi Hart (Mathemusician) Blog Site
(purple dot) Volokh Conspiracy (Eugene Volokh) Blog Site
(purple dot with black border) Wait But Why (Tim Urban, Andrew Finn, Jordan Urban) Blog Site
(purple dot) West Seattle Blog: Community Neighborhood Traffic Cameras, Email Contributions To Blog Site
(purple dot) WhyMommy At ToddlerPlanet Blog Site [Susan Niebur Passed Away On February 6, 2012; May She Rest In Peace]
(purple dot) Wil Wheaton In Exile Blog Site
(purple dot) Wil Wheaton.net Blog Site (Unfrozen on September 10, 2012; Frozen At May 31, 2006)
(purple dot) Ze Frank.com: Multimedia, Comedic, Blog Site
(purple dot) Zenhabits.net: Information And Resources About Achieving Goals (Leo Babauta) Blog Site

Topical Online Communities

(purple dot) Buzzfeed.com: Featuring Emerging Movies, Music, Fashion, Ideas, Technology And Culture
(purple dot) Cluetrain Manifesto: Online Global Conversation
(purple dot) Digg.com: Technology News Website That Employs Non-Hierarchical Editorial Control
(purple dot) diggdot.us: Technology News Website That Channels digg.com, slashdot.com, del.icio.us/popular And Reddit
(purple dot) dotherightthing.com: Digg-Like Rated News Stories About Companies That Impact The World
(purple dot) The {Fray} Personal Expression and Art (On Hiatus Since October 22, 2005)
(purple dot) futurist.com: Distributing Information About The Future And How To Realize It (Glen Hiemstra)
(purple dot) Slashdot.org: Online Community Internet Discussions and News System
(purple dot) Suite 101 Online Community Best of Web Directory (Dewey Decimalized Topics)
(purple dot) Techdirt.com: Online Community Technical Information and Analysis
(purple dot) Zope.org: Content Management Framework (CMF)

Web Rings

(purple dot) Bomis.com WebRing of WebRings
Building a Better World (Independent Activism) WebRing of WebRings
--> (purple dot) Nanocorps.org WebRing of WebRings
(purple dot) WebRing.com Directory of WebRings

Web General Directories

(green dot) About the Human Internet (Previously miningco.com) Guides General Directory
(green dot) Furl.com: Search Based General Directory (Web 2.0)
(green dot) Go Guide: goguides.org General Directory
(green dot) Look Smart (human selected) General Directory
(green dot) Point General Directory
(green dot) W3 Servers General Directory

Web Portals

(green dot) Altavista General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) AlterNet.org Alternative News and Opinion, Portal and Search
(green dot) America On-Line (AOL) General Directory and Search
(green dot) America On-Line (AOL) News Portal (AOL, Netscape Screenname Required)
(green dot) AT&T WorldNet General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Backflip General Portal and Search
(green dot) BBC News General Portal and Search
(green dot) CNN General News Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) CSG Network (Computer Support Group) Technical Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) E-Lynks.com (Canada) Web and Directory Portal, Directory and Search
(green dot) E-Lynks.com (U.S.) Web and Directory Portal, Directory and Search
(green dot) Excite News Portal, Directory and Search
(green dot) FastFlip: News And Magazine Portal Using GoogleLabs And Search (Beginning September 14, 2009)
(green dot) First Gov: Portal to Government Online Resources
(green dot) Go.com General Directory, Portal and Search (Part of Walt Disney Internet Group, previously Infoseek)
(green dot) HotBot General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) iWon General News, Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Library of Congress: Portals to the World: Country by Country Resources Links
(green dot) The Living Web.net: (Alternative, Paranormal) Lifestyle Oriented General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Lycos General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) MSN General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) MyWay.com No Ads General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) NBCi (Formerly Snap.com) General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Netscape General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) News BCC.com General Directory And Aggregator for 70 Localized News Sources, Multi-Lingual, Worldwide, Portal and Search
(green dot) News Forge.com Linux News Portal and Search
(green dot) Newseum.org: 347 Front Pages Of Newspapers From 40 Countries
(green dot) NewsNow.Co.UK Live Global News accross the Web, Portal and Search
(green dot) New York Times Associated Press News Summary Portal
(green dot) Northern Light General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Radio Producer Oriented General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Security Focus.com Portal and Search
(green dot) The Register.com: Science and Tech News Portal
(green dot) Topix.net: General Searchable Topical Directory With Latest News And Portal
(green dot) U.S. News Archives On The Web: By Newspaper Within Each State
(green dot) Utne.com Utne Reader Alternative Portal and Search
(green dot) Wanadoo.com (Previously Freeserve.com) United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, North Africa, Jordan Portal and Search
(green dot) Yahoo! Daily News Portal and Search
(green dot) Yahoo! General Directory, Portal and Search
(green dot) Yahoo! Go: Connect To Yahoo Resources via PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Or TV

Web Business Directories

(red dot) America OnLine (AOL) Yellow Pages National Phone Directory With AOL CityGuide (Absorbed Netscape's Yellow Pages) Business Directory
(red dot) Australian Yellow Pages Business Directory
(red dot) Best Yellow Pages 300 Directory Sites U.S. and Worldwide Business Directory
(red dot with black border) Free411.com: Free Directory Assistance (Within The United States) White And Yellow Pages (Also Via 1-800-3733-411 Or 1-800-FREE-411)
(red dot) Music Yellow Pages (United Entertainment Media) Business Directory
(red dot) Myway.com Person Search: Yellow Pages, White Pages, Maps and Directions
(red dot) Phonebooks.com.com: International Phone Books For 193 Countries And A World Phonebook
(red dot) Super Pages U.S. Yellow Pages (Verizon) Business Directory
(red dot) Telephone Directories on the Web (Canada and World, Multilingual) Business Directory Now Known As Infobel.com
(red dot) Ultimate Yellow Pages Business Directory
(red dot) World Wide Yellow Pages Business Directory
(red dot) Yahoo Yellow Pages (U.S. and Canada) Business Directory
(red dot) The Yellow Pages Business Directory
(red dot) yellowpages.com (Absorbed Real Pages And Smart Pages) Business Directory

Web Specialized Directories


(cyan dot) Achoo Medical Search Directory
(cyan dot) CBS HealthWatch (originally by Medscape) Medical Archive Search Directory
(cyan dot) CenterWatch.com Clinical Trials Listing Service
(cyan dot) Dr. Koop Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Dr. Weil Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Drugstore.com Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Gold Standard Multimedia Drug (Subscription Required) Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
(cyan dot) Healia.com: Health Blog And Medical Search Engine With Clinical Trials, Pubmed/Medline As Well As Web Access
(cyan dot) HealthAtoZ Medical Search Directory
(cyan dot) Healthfinder Information and Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Healthgate Medical Calculators Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Health Square Drug Reference Side Effects and Interactions Medical Drug Directory
(cyan dot) Home Care Service Provider (U.S.)
(cyan dot) Specializing In Tonsils And Adenoids, Includes Physician Locator
(cyan dot) Kids Health Medical Directory
(cyan dot) InteliHealth (Harvard Medical School) Medical, Dental, Symptom, Lifestyle Directory
(cyan dot) Mayo Clinic.com Information and Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Medical Empowerment (Medem) Physician Based Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Medical Industry Supplier Directory With Searchable Database, Offers Free Magazines, Jobs, News And Events (medicregister.com)
(cyan dot) Medical Matrix Directory
(cyan dot) Medicine Net Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Medscape (From WebMD) Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Merck Online Manuals and Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Mental Health Net Medical Directory
(cyan dot with black border) National Institutes of Health Health Information Grants and Resources and Medical Directory
(cyan dot) National Library of Medicine Health Information Resources and Medical Directory
(cyan dot) New York Times Daily Health Medical Directory
(cyan dot) New York Times Health and Medical Guides
(cyan dot) New York Times September 11, 2001 and Related Resource Directory
(cyan dot) Parenting iVillage.com: Children's Health Directory (previously Parents Place.com)
(cyan dot) Pennsylvania (U. of) Cancer Health Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Reuters Health Information Services Medical Directory
(cyan dot) RxList: Internet Drug Index
(cyan dot) VitaCost.com (previously Healthshop.com) Health Information Services Medical Directory
(cyan dot) Web MD.com (previously Onhealth.com) Health Information Services Medical Directory


(cyan dot) Acronym Finder by Mike Molloy
(cyan dot) Acronym Finder: Stands 4 by Yigal Ben Efraim
(cyan dot) Answerbag.com: Your Questions Answered By Others In the Answerbag Community (Human Search And Response)
(cyan dot) Answers.com: Definitions And Explanations From Houghton-Mifflin, Columbia University Press, Merriam Webster, MarketWatch, Investopedia And Who2
(cyan dot) Ask Oxford Oxford Dictionary Better Writing: Emoticons
(cyan dot) Best Sites For.com Topical Directory (DMOZ Feed, Search Engine News)
(cyan dot) Brainy Dictionary.com 115,000 Words
(cyan dot) Brainy Encyclopedia.com Directory
(cyan dot) BUBL Information Service Omnibus Library Directory
(cyan dot) Census Bureau (U.S.) Fact Finder Service: Population, Housing, Economic And Geographic Data
(cyan dot) CNet Computer Tech Directory
(cyan dot) Computer User High Tech Word Directory
(cyan dot) Dict.org: DICT Protocol Development Group-Dictionary Lookup With Multiple Search Types Including Regular Expressions And Multiple Databases (RFC 2229)
(cyan dot) Directory Reference (Grammar, Thesaurus, Foreign Languages, Crosswords)
(cyan dot) eMailman.com Tech (E-mail: Mac, PDA, Unix Oriented) Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) eMailman.com Tech ([Usenet] News Readers: Mac, PDA, Unix Oriented) Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) Encyclopedia.com (Previously Electric Library and Ecola) Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) Specialized Directory and (Database) Search [Updated 10/1/04 With 107000 Free Documents 1993-2004]
(cyan dot) Experts.com Professional Expert Registry
(cyan dot) Federal Citizen Information Center (Consumer Oriented)
(cyan dot) Government Information Awareness (MIT Created, Google based)
(cyan dot) Highbeam Research (Previously Electric Library Encyclopedia (Ecola) ) Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) Infoplease Dictionary, Encyclopedia Atlas and Almanac Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) Information Literacy Tutorial
(cyan dot) International Children's Digital Library (Uses Free Adobe E-book Software For Some Books)
(cyan dot) Internet Detective - Evaluate The Quality Of Internet Resources **NOTE** July 11, 2005: Site Unavailable! A Downloadable Version Is Available Until August 2005
(cyan dot) iTools.com (Previously Research It!) Internet, Search, Language, Research, Financial, Map, Web Tools
(cyan dot) jstor.org Scholarly Journal Storage and Archive (access via Educational or Publishing Organizations)
(cyan dot) Librarians' Index To the Internet
(cyan dot) Library of Congress Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) Library Spot Libraries and References Specialized Directory
(cyan dot) New Jour: Journals and Newsletter Archive Directory
(cyan dot) New York Public Library: Online Research (Previously Resource) Guides
(cyan dot) OneLook.com (Reverse and) Multiple Dictionary Search Engine
(cyan dot) ORB: Online Reference Book for Mediaeval Studies
(cyan dot) Names: Popular Baby Names 1880-2004
(cyan dot) Names: Most Popular Baby Twin Names Born In 2008
(cyan dot) Names: Random And Statistical First And Last Names For Men And Women Drawn From 1990 U.S. Census (unled.net)
(cyan dot) Names: First And Last Names Files For Men And Women Drawn From 1990 U.S. Census With Frequency And Rank Information
(cyan dot) Portal Portal (Traffick) Directory
(cyan dot) ProQuest Information and Learning (Previously BigChalk.com) Subscriber based but Free Homework Central Search Engine
(cyan dot) Refdesk.com: Facts on the Net Directory
(cyan dot) Roget's Thesaurus (ARTFL Project) English Word Directory
(cyan dot) T.H.E. Journal: Technology and Educators
(cyan dot) Ten Word Wiki: Collect And Distribute Knowledge In Exactly Ten Words, No More No Less
(cyan dot with black border) Names: Think! Baby Names.com: Up To 1000 Most Popular Baby Names By Gender And Year And For Selected Countries With Search Engine Of First Names Origin, Meaning, History And Related Spellings
(cyan dot) Travlang Multiple (23) Languages Translations of Word Dictionaries
(cyan dot) Watching Microsoft Like A Hawk.com News and Commentary about Microsoft
(cyan dot with black border) Wikipedia.org Multilingual Free On-line Encyclopedia
(cyan dot with black border) Wikiscanner.virgil.gr: Lists Anonymous Wikipedia Edits From Interesting Organizations
(cyan dot with black border) Wiki.com: Search Wikis, Wikipedia, Encyclopedias, Independent Wikis
(cyan dot) WWW Directory of Libraries' Web sites
(cyan dot) WWW Virtual Library
(cyan dot) Yahoo! Education And Searchable References
(cyan dot) Yahoo! Next Projects And Beta Tools (E.G. Sortable Search Results)
(cyan dot) Yiddish-English Dictionary Online.com
(cyan dot) Yippee Search.com: Alphabetical List Of Dedicated Directory Topics
(cyan dot) Your Dictionary, Thesaurus, Web of Word Dictionaries

Eccentric Search Engines

Human Search Engines

(blue dot) Ciao.sm: Italian/English Directory and Human Search
(blue dot with black border) Dmoz.org Open Directory Project (DMOZ) and (Human) Search
(blue dot) Human Search: Web Detectives
(blue dot) Information Outpost
(blue dot) Karnak Ongoing Offline Web Research (Free and $4.97/topic)
(blue dot) Virtual Gumshoe (previously Webgator) Investigative Resources on the Web

Human Recommendations And Search

(blue dot) Insider Pages.com: Yellow Pages Written By Friends: Localized Recommendations Database
(blue dot) Judy's Book.Com: Reviews of Multiple Product, Service Categories (U.S.) Nationwide via Google Maps
(blue dot) Yelp! Your City Through Friends: Localized Recommendations Database

Unusual Search Engines

(blue dot) Automatic Typo Search (wide search)
(blue dot) Become.com: Shopping And Product Research Search Engine
(blue dot) Blinkx.tv: Television, Video, Audio Search By Keyword, Safe or Unfiltered, Storable Search Results, Search Engine
(blue dot) Brainboost.com Automated Question And Answer Search Engine
(blue dot) Clusty.com: Cluster-Based Search Based On Vivisimo Search Engine
(blue dot) Daypop.com Search Engine Including MetaTag search indexing for News Sites, Weblogs, RSS feeds for Current Events, Breaking News
(blue dot) Dumbfind.com: Search Engine Using Keywords And (Categorical) Tags To Generate Search Results (Since September 19, 2005)
(blue dot) Eurekster.com Search Engine Personalized And Customized Search Results
(blue dot) Findhow.com: Search Engine For Locating "How To" Web Page Results
(blue dot) Free Search Engine Ranking and Domain Analysis (Google, Inktomi, AltaVista)
(blue dot) Gigablast.com Provides Related Key Words (Gigabits) Search Engine
(blue dot) Globalspec.com Engineering Topics Search Engine
(blue dot) Groxis Visual Search Program/Engine
(blue dot) ISBN Search Engine
(blue dot) KartOO Visual Search Engine
(blue dot) Koogle "Kosher" Israel Oriented Search Engine (English Version)
(blue dot) Koogle "Kosher" Israel Oriented Search Engine (Hebrew Version)
(blue dot) Mooter.com Australian Visual Search Engine
(blue dot) mozDex.com Open Source Technologies Search Engine
(blue dot) Pic Search.com Pictures And Images Search Engine
(blue dot) Queryster.com Comparable Search Engine Results and Inclusions From Multiple Selectable Search Engines
(blue dot) SearchEdu.com: (Also SearchMil, SearchGov, SearchBooks) Search Engines
(blue dot) Teoma Subject-Specific Link Analysis Search Engine
(blue dot) TinEye.com MatchEngine To Search For Duplicated, Matched, Filtered, And Identified Images Search Engine
(blue dot) TinEye.com MultiColorEngine To Search For Images By Selected Colors And Their Proportions Image Search Engine
(blue dot) TinEye.com: Reverse Image Visual Search Engine (Origin, How Used, Modified Versions, Higher Resolution Sources)(ideeinc.com)
(blue dot) Vivisimo Document Clustering Visual Search Engine
(blue dot) Yahoo Directory Searchable Subject Index
(blue dot) Yahoo Labs.com Development Site For Future Features
(blue dot) Yahoo Video Search: Look For Video Material On The Web By Text Attributes, Format, Duration, File Size, Site Domain, Safe Or Unfiltered Search Engine
(blue dot) Yobi3D Search: 3D Image Search Engine

Google Search Facilities

(green dot) Accessibility Google Search Engine: Search Results Ordered By Most Accessible Pages For The Visually Impaired
(green dot) Answers.google.com: Google Search Facility: Search Results Provided By Human Researchers (Self-Pricing) Ending November 30, 2006, Then Browse Only
(green dot) Answers.google.com: Google Search Facility: Search Results Provided By Human Researchers (Self-Pricing) Ending November 30, 2006, Then Browse Only
(green dot) Book And Magazine Search: Downloadable And Searchable Using books.google.com
(green dot) Calendar, An Online (Web 2.0) Application And Invitation Service Which Is Searchable Using Google.com
(green dot) Catalog Search using Google.com
(green dot) Code Search For Developers: Exact Strings Keywords And/Or Regular Expressions, And Restrictable By File (Or Directory), Language, Package Or License
(green dot) Coop(erative), Tag Based Search And Creating "Subscribed Links" For Your Services Using Google.com Custom Search Engine
(purple dot) Correlate, A Search By Drawing 2-D Graphs Tool
(blue dot) Custom Search Engine: Specify The WebSites To Search, Integrate The Search Box And Results In A Website
(purple dot) Custom Search By JSON/Atom API
(purple dot) Custom Search Operators: Search Filter Words Including Those Ending In A :
(purple dot) Custom Search Prebuilt Labels {define, compare, ={Arithmetic Expression} )
(purple dot) DejaNews Usenet Article Search Engine (Now under Google.com)
(blue dot) FaganFinder.com Search Engine Including Google Ultimate Interface
(green dot) Finance, a Google.com Business News Service
(green dot) Flights: a Google.com Worldwide Destination Airline Ticket Search Engine
(blue dot) Google Caffeine: An Experimental (Sandbox), Next Generation Search Engine
(blue dot) Google Desktop: A Suite Of Downloadable Applications For The Windows, Mac OS X And Linux Desktops
(blue dot) Google Guide.com: An Online Interactive Tutorial And Reference For All Users
(blue dot) Google Guide.com: Quick Reference Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet) By Nancy Blachman
(blue dot) Google Lab Development Site for Future Features
(red dot with black border) Google Maps Provides Zoomable Maps, Localized Search and Directions Between 2 Points United States And Canada
(red dot with black border) Google Maps Provides Zoomable Maps, Localized Search and Directions Between 2 Points United Kingdom
(red dot) Google Patent Search Beta Full Text And Image Search Based On The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) Database
(red dot) Google Phone (and Reverse) Lookup Form (Thanks to David Crossman; modified by Robert Katz)
(green dot) Google Product Search (Previously Known As Froogle), a Comparison Shopping Service
(red dot) Google Suggest: Search With Keyword, Key Phrase Completion
(red dot) Google Technology: Pigeon Rank System
(red dot) Google Trends: Comparative Searches, Insights Into Broad Search Patterns
(red dot) Google Voice Local Search: Free Business Directory Assistance (1-800-466-4411) From Any Phone (SMS Available For Mobile Phones) [Closing On November 12, 2010]
(purple dot) Google Weblog with Email updates and RSS Feeds
(red dot) Google Zeitgeist Patterns, Trends, Surprises in Lists and Graphs
(red dot) Googlefight.com: Searching Google.com To Get A Comparison Between The Size Of Two Results
(blue dot) Googlert.com Shows Newly Indexed Pages of a Search Query (Google API Key Required)
(blue dot) Google Web APIs (Keys) for Developers
(red dot) Googlewhack.com: Searching Google.com To Get Exactly One Result
(red dot) Groups-beta.google.com: Searching Google Discussion (News) Groups And Mailing Lists
(green dot) iGoogle: Customizable Home Page For Your Browser
(green dot) International Google Search Specific Languages or Countries Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(red dot) Local.Google.ca: Canadian Localized Searching With Zoomable Maps And Distance Filters (Beta)
(red dot) Local.Google.Com: U.S. Localized Searching With Zoomable Maps And Distance Filters
(red dot) Mobile Google.com: Search Tailored For Small Screens (Beta)
(red dot) News.Google.Com: World Wide News Portal and Search
(red dot) Ngram Viewer: Graph Words Or Names In Books, By Time, Language And Smoothing Level Of Multiple Keyword Search Of Books.google.com
(red dot) print.google.at: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (Austrian)
(red dot) print.google.be: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (Flemish)
(red dot) print.google.ch: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (Swiss)
(red dot) print.google.com: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (English)
(red dot) print.google.de: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (German)
(red dot) print.google.es: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (Spanish)
(red dot) print.google.fr: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (French)
(red dot) print.google.it: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (Italian)
(red dot) print.google.nl: Searching With Key Words Matching Books Containing Them (Dutch)
(red dot) Scholar.Google.Com: Search Specifically For Scholarly Literature Search Tool
(red dot) Public Data Explorer (Google): Searchable And Customizable Public Statistical Data Sets, Graphs And Sources
(red dot) Search Keyword Completion: Google Suggest
(red dot) Simply_google.com: Navigating And Seaching All Of Google's Facilities From One Page (Chris McEvoy)
(red dot) Sketchup.google.com: 3D Visualization And Modeling Tool With Online Storage In 3D Warehouse
(red dot) University Search Specialized Search Via Google.com
(red dot) U.S. Government Specialized Search Via Google.com
(red dot) Video.Google.com: Accessing Independent Videos And Photos Of Recent TV Shows, Search By Title, Channel Name, Local TV Viewing Lists (January 25, 2005 - April 29, 2011)
(cyan dot) Watching Google Like A Hawk.com News and Commentary about Google.com
(cyan dot) Weather Forecast (Today + 3 Days) For U.S. Cities Via Google; Type: weather cityname [statename or abbreviation]

By (And Within) Country

(purple dot) Google Argentina Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Australia Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Austria Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Belgium Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Bolivia Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Brazil Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Bulgaria Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Canada Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Chile Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google China Search Engine [Censored] (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Columbia Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Cuba Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Czech Republic Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Denmark Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Finland Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Germany Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Greece Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Hong Kong Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Hungary Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google India Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Indonesia Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Ireland Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Israel Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Italy Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Japan Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Mexico Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google New Zealand Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Netherlands Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Norway Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Portugal Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Romania Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Russia Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google South Africa Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Singapore Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Sweden Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Switzerland Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Ukraine Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google United Kingdom Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot with black border) Google United States Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Venezuela Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)
(purple dot) Google Viet Nam Search Engine (Results Ordered By Popularity)

Search Engines

(purple dot) Search-This.com: Who Owns Which Search Engine 2005 (Click On A Circular Disk Icon)

(purple dot) Accoona.com: Key Word Emphasis Search Engine (Access Business Profiles)
(purple dot) Alltheweb.com Search Engine (Fast Multimedia Search)
(purple dot) Alpha Yahoo Search Engine (Including YouTube, Flickr, Answers, News) Beta Version
(purple dot) AltaVista Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) America OnLine (AOL) Local Search Engine
(purple dot) Argus Clearinghouse.com Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Ask.com Search Engine and Tools
(purple dot) a9.com Anonymous, Book Searches via Amazon.com and Google.com Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) a9.com Personalized, Book Searches via Amazon.com and Google.com Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Big.com: Large Text Size Search Engine
(purple dot) Bing.com: Microsoft's Decision Making And Previewed Results Search Engine
(purple dot) Blekko.com: Search Engine Via Keywords With Contextual Categories (/Slashtags)
(purple dot) CitySearch.com: Local City Search Engine and Yellow Pages
(purple dot) CNet (Search.com) Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Cuil.com: Search Engine Based On Keywords, Content And Relevance
(purple dot) Direct Hit Popularity Search Engine and Directory (Part of Teoma.com)
(purple dot) Direct Search of (Almost) Invisible Web (Gary Price) Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Dogpile Categorical Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) DuckDuckGo Search Engine (Calculator, Directed Search of Other Search Engines via !bang, Unfiltered Search)
(purple dot) Find Articles (LookSmart) Search Engine (Magazine and Journal Search)
(purple dot) Find Link.com Search Engine (E-bay and Overture Web Search)
(purple dot) Holistic XKCD Search: Least Useful Search Engine (One Result That Someone Else Browsed)
(purple dot) HotBot (Lycos) Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) iBound directory and Search Engine
(purple dot) Inktomi (acquired by Yahoo.com; partnered with Overture Services) Search Engine
(purple dot) Internet.com (Technical) Search Engine
(purple dot) iwon.com Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Live Search (Microsoft) Search Engine tory
(purple dot) Lycos Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) MSN.com Microsoft Search Engine
(purple dot) Mywebsearch.com Search Engine
(purple dot) NBCi.com (Formerly Snap) Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Netscape Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) News Index Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Northern Light (includes News and Geographical) Search Engine
(purple dot) Open Directory Project (Formerly NewHoo) Search Engine and Directory
(purple dot) Overture (acquired by Yahoo.com; previously goto.com, previously Infoseek Guide and Ultra) Search Engine and directory
(purple dot) Powerset Natural Language Processing Search Engine
(purple dot) Raging Search (acquired by overture.com; previously AltaVista.com) Search Engine
(purple dot) Rollyo Search: General And Selective Search Engine (Web, News, Reference, Google, YouTube, eBay, Digg, Technorati, Answers, Amazon) Beta Version
(purple dot) Science.gov: U.S. Federal Government Research And Scientific Specialty Search Engine
(purple dot) Scirus.com Scientific Specialty Search Engine
(purple dot) Scrub The Web.com Search Engine
(purple dot) Search Engine Guide
(purple dot) SearchMil.com Military Search Engine
(purple dot) Space Reference News and Search Engine
(purple dot) Splat Search Directory and Search Engine
(purple dot) Starting Point Search Directory and Search Engine
(purple dot) Thunderstone Document Retrieval and Search Engine
(purple dot) Useful U.K. University of Exeter Search Engines
(purple dot) WebCrawler Search Engine
(purple dot) Wikia.com: Open Source Search Engine (Includes Grub.org)
(purple dot) Wikia.search: Open Source Search Engine (Alpha Version)
(purple dot) Wikisearch.com: Search Engine Within Wikipedia
(purple dot) WiseNut.com Full Text Search Engine
(purple dot) Yahoo! Answers.yahoo.com: Blend Of Human And Algorithmic Search Engine Search Results
(purple dot) Yahoo! Developer Yahoo.net APIs To Write Noncommercial Applications Using Image, Local, News, Video, And Web Search
(purple dot) Yahoo! Advanced Directory and Search
(purple dot) Yahoo! General Directory and Search
(purple dot) Yahoo! Localized Directory and Search
(purple dot) Yahoo! Searchable Email Discussion Groups

International Search Engines

(green dot) African Portal and Search Engine
(green dot) Ananzi South African Portal And Search Engine
(green dot) Anzwers Yahoo Australia and New Zealand Portal and Search Engine
(green dot) Baidu.com Chinese Language Based Portal and Search Engine
(green dot) Baidu.jp Japanese Language Based Portal and Search Engine
(green dot) Bigfinder.de: German Language Regional, Random Search Engine
(green dot) Canada.com Portal and Search Engine
(green dot) Canada Maple Square Search Engine
(green dot) Czech Republic: Seznam.cz: Web Based Interantional Search Engine And Portal
(green dot) German Fireball Search Engine (German Language)
(green dot) Info.com German Local and Worldwide Meta Search Engine (In German)
(green dot) Info.com.UK Local and Worldwide Meta Search Engine
(green dot) Information Technology News, Education and Community Directory and Search Engine
(green dot) Matome.naver.jp: Japan International Search Engine (Via Naver)
(green dot) Naver.com: South Korean International Search Engine
(green dot) Radio-Locator Radio Station International Search Engine
(green dot) Search Engine Colossus.com International Search Engine Links To 195 Countries And 55 Territories
(green dot) Search Engines of The World International Search Engine Directory
(green dot) Sogou.com: (Previously Soso.com) Chinese Language Based Portal and Search Engine
(green dot) Swiss Guide.ch Search Engine (Also German, French, Italian Languages)
(green dot) Web Wombat.com Australian Directory and Search Engine
(green dot) World Light.com Directory and Search Engine
(green dot) Yandex.com Russian Directory and Search Engine

Searching The Search Engines

Current Search Topics

(orange dot) Ask Jeeves.com: Top Searches (Interesting Queries) Of The Week, Categorized, Search Engine
(orange dot) Ask.Yahoo.com: 20 Most Popular Questions (See What Others Are Asking About in real time) Search Engine
(orange dot) Dogpile.com SearchSpy (See what others are searching for in real time) Unfiltered Search Engine
(orange dot) CanFind.ca: Searching Canadian Sites And 11 Search Engines, Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Google.com Top 100 Hot Trends (See what others are searching for in real time) By Date Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) MetaCrawler.com MetaSpy (See what others are searching for in real time) Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Search Voyeurs: Directory Of Real Time Search Engines And Random Web Pages
(orange dot) Voyeur Heaven: Finding Video, Sound, Image Files In Unprotected Directories

Multiple Choice Meta Search Engines

(orange dot) All 4 One Meta Search! Up to 8 Search Engines Concurrently From Searchallinone.com
(orange dot) Ask Jeeves: Meta Search Engine (Full sentence questions)
(orange dot) Beaucoup Meta Search Engine and Directory
(orange dot) Big Eye Meta Search Engine (Excessive and ugly animations)
(orange dot) Complete Planet Database and Specialized Search Engines Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) E-Z Find At The River Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Fazzle Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Freeality.com Search Tools with Meta Search Engines
(orange dot) Globito Web Meta Search Engine (14)
(orange dot) Highway 61.com Meta Search Engines
(orange dot) Info.com Searches 14 Search Engines (Including Google) And Directories (Including Yahoo!) Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Internet Sleuth Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Ithaki.net: Topical Searches (Linux, News, Kids, Geographic, Image, Media, Business, Multilingual, Newsgroups) And Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Ixquick Searches Meta Search Engines
(orange dot) Links2go Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Langenberg.com Meta Search Engines for Phone, Reference and Geographic Categories
(orange dot) Major Search Engines with insightful descriptions of each
(orange dot) Mamma Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) MegaSpider Search! Meta Search Engine and Directory
(orange dot) MetaCrawler Meta Search Engine and Directory
(orange dot) Meta Gopher.com Meta Search Engine and Directory
(orange dot) MetaSearch audio, MP3, images video Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Monster Crawler.com Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) MultiMeta.com Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) OneSearch.com Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Profusion Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Reporter's Desktop: Web, Email, Person, Location Searches For Journalists (Duff Wilson)
(orange dot) ResearchBuzz News and Information about Search Engines and Databases
(orange dot) Search Engine Watch: Search Engine construction, utilities, resources
(orange dot) Search Engine Showdown: Popularity of Many Search Engines
(orange dot) Searchenginez.com: Meta and Categorical Search Engines
(orange dot) Search Tools for Web Sites, Intranets and Portals
(orange dot) Super Crawler.com Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) SurfWax.com Meta Search Engine
(orange dot with black border) Twingine.com: (Also Known As yagoohoogle.com) Google and Yahoo! Side By Side Results Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Web Scout Meta Search Engine
(orange dot) Web Search Tutorials
(orange dot) What U Seek (animated) Search Engine
(orange dot) Web Master World.com Alternative Search Engines And Directory And Regional Search
(orange dot) W3 Search Engines Categorized Meta Search Engine (Not Updated after 24 March 2004)
(purple dot) Zuula.com: Multiple Search Engine Results

Internet FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Selected Web Pages

FAQ Directories

(cyan dot) FAQ Wiki Answers.com: (Previously FAQFarm.com) 2908 Non-Technical FAQs (As Of April 21, 2008)
(cyan dot) Internet FAQs Archives

General FAQs

(cyan dot) Airline information on-line on the Internet FAQ
(cyan dot) Alt.Newlywed FAQ
(cyan dot) Alt.Psychology.NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) FAQ
(cyan dot) Alt.Romance FAQ
(cyan dot) Backgammon (Game) FAQ
(cyan dot) Calendar(s) FAQ
(cyan dot) Diabetes FAQ
(cyan dot) DVDs Demystified FAQ
(cyan dot) Gambling (General) FAQ
(cyan dot) Herbs (Culinary) FAQ
(cyan dot) Herbs (Medicinal) FAQ
(cyan dot) Rec.Food.Cooking FAQ And Conversions
(cyan dot) Seti@Home FAQ
(cyan dot) Social Security And Privacy FAQ
(cyan dot) Trumpet FAQ

Computing FAQs

(cyan dot) Awk FAQ
(cyan dot) Bash 4.2 (Currently V4.12) FAQ
(cyan dot) Bash 3.2 (Currently V3.36) FAQ
(cyan dot) CGI/Perl Taint Mode FAQ
(cyan dot) C++ FAQ Lite Programming Language FAQ
(cyan dot) Electronic Mail FAQ
(cyan dot) Electronic Mail: Finding People's Email Addresses FAQ
(cyan dot) Electronic Mail: Sendmail FAQ
(cyan dot) How Spammers Harvest Email Addresses FAQ
(cyan dot) HPUX FAQ
(cyan dot) Information Research FAQ
(cyan dot) Internet Search Engines FAQ
(cyan dot) KSH-93 FAQ
(cyan dot) Spam FAQ
(cyan dot) SSH Essentials (digitalocean.com)
(cyan dot) SSH (Snail Book) FAQ
(cyan dot) TCP/IP FAQ
(cyan dot) Web Research FAQ

Internet Media (Books, Commercial Music, Movies, etc.) Web Pages

Books Only

(green dot) A Book Apart (abookapart.com): "Brief Books For People Who Make Websites"
(green dot) Add All Search, Web Comparison Pricing: New and Used Books
(green dot) Association of Independent Booksellers: Used, Rare, Out-of-Print Directory
(green dot) Barnes and Noble.com (Previously Computer Literacy) Business, Computing, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine on-line Book Store
(green dot) Bibliofind.com: Rare And Used Book Search, Now Part Of Amazon.com
(green dot) Blackwell's Books Search, United Kingdom (New, rare, out-of-print) Books
(green dot with black border) Book Finder Search, Web Comparison Pricing (New, Used, rare, out-of-print) Books
(green dot) Book Pool Search In-print Books
(green dot) Books A Million.com Search In-print Books
(green dot) BooksPrice.com: Compare Book Prices On Several Books Together
(green dot) Bookworm.com.au Australian Mail Order Book Store, Specializing In Computer, Science Fiction And Australian Books
(green dot) Chambal.com: New, Used, Rare, And Audio Books Meta Search Engine (10 digit ISBN or 13 Digit UPC) With Web Comparison Pricing (Including From eBay.com)
(green dot) Cheapest Book Price.com New, Used, Books Multistore Search With Web Comparison Pricing
(green dot) ChooseBooks.com New, Used, Out-Of-Print And Rare Books Marketplace (Click On Search When Available)
(green dot) Directtextbook.com: Search, Web Comparison Of Prices on New & Used College Textbooks and Free Selling Of Customer Textbooks
(green dot) Elliott Bay Book Company Seattle, WA
(green dot) Fetchbook.info: New And Used Book Search, Web Comparison Pricing (non-auction)
(green dot) ISBN Search, Web Comparison Pricing In-Print books (non-auction)
(green dot with black border) Lou Manrique Antiquarian Bookseller, Part of The Advanced Book Exchange (AbeBooks.com) Up To September 3, 2007
(green dot with black border) Lou Manrique Antiquarian Bookseller, Part of The Advanced Book Exchange (AbeBooks.com) September 4, 2007
(green dot) Mybookbuyer.com: Selective Buyer Of Used Books And Textbooks (Free Shipping For Quotes)
(green dot) National Academies Press (nap.com): Publisher Of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Books (Many Freely Downloadable As PDF Files)
(green dot) Page1book.com: Independent Book Store (New Mexico)
(green dot) Powells.com Independent Book Store (Oregon)
(green dot) Quantum Books.com Discounted Technical Books
(green dot) Textbookx.com Buy and Sell Textbooks, Reference Books, And General Reading
(green dot) Used Book Central.com: Book Search, Used Book Online Market Of Buyers And Dealers

Electronics Media Only

(green dot) Buybackworld.com: Electronic Products Repurchased Including Apple Products, Cell Phones, Tablets, Watches, Gaming Consoles, Cameras And Anything Else Electronic
(green dot) Gazelle.com: Apple Products Repurchased Along With Cell Phones And Tablets
(green dot) Woot.com: Selling 1 Item (Consumer Electronics) Per Day Until It's All Sold Out Or Replaced In 24 Hours

Movie Media Only

(green dot) A Movie Area.com: Extensive Film Search On DVD/VHS And Price Comparison
(green dot) OliveFilms.com Selected DVD Independent Art Films For Review And Sale Since 2003


(green dot) Alibris.Com New, Used and Hard-To-Find Books, Movies, Music
(green dot) Amapedia.amazon.Com: Product Sharing Information By Consumers (Wiki)
(green dot) Amazon.com "Department Store", Auction Site and Media database with reviews, ratings and excerpts; Customer Service: 1 (800) 201-7575; Fax: 1 (206) 266-2950
(green dot) Amazon.co.uk British "Department Store", Auction Site and Media database with reviews, ratings and excerpts
(green dot) Amazon.ca Canadian "Department Store", Auction Site and Media database with reviews, ratings and excerpts
(green dot) Amazon.co.fr French "Department Store", Auction Site and Media database with reviews, ratings and excerpts
(green dot) Amazon.de German "Department Store", Auction Site and Media database with reviews, ratings and excerpts
(green dot) Amazon.co.jp Japanese "Department Store", Auction Site and Media database with reviews, ratings and excerpts
(green dot) Barnes and Noble.com Books, Music, Videos and DVDs used, online courses, Media database with reviews and ratings
(green dot) Best Web Buys Search, Web Comparison Pricing (New, Used) Media and bikes (non-auction)
(green dot) BottomDollar.com (Price Grabber) Search, Web Comparison Pricing All Media, products (non-auction)
(green dot) Bonanza.com Books, Music CDs, DVDs and Video Tapes on-line Store (Among Many Other Product Categories)
(green dot) CDConnection.com Music CDs, DVDs and Video Tapes on-line Store
(green dot) Consumer Search 12 consumer product categories
(green dot) Deal Time Search, Web Comparison Pricing All Media, products (non-auction) previously Deal Pilot and Acses
(green dot) Ebates.Com Accumulated (Quarterly) Rebates Site for over 400 Merchants (free account)
(green dot) E-bay.Com Auction Site for any object with a value (or not)
(green dot) Etsy.com: Books, Music CDs, DVDs and Video Tapes on-line Store (Among Many Other Product Categories)
(green dot) half.com Buy/Sell Discount (Used) Media (non-auction, but an ebay.com company)
(green dot) Microsoft Live Search: Cashback Rebate Program For U.S. Citizen, 18+ Years Old, Registration Required
(green dot) MySimon Search, Web Comparison Pricing All Media, products (non-auction)
(green dot) On Sale.com Discounted Media and Products (auction) and Specialty Stores
(green dot) Overstock.com Discounted Media and Products (non-auction)
(green dot) Price Grabber Search, Web Comparison Pricing Media and Products (non-auction)
(green dot) Price Line Search, Web Comparison Pricing Media, Products and Services (non-auction)
(green dot) Price Scan Search, Web Comparison Pricing Media and Products (non-auction)
(green dot) Reviews: Add Your Own.com: Reviews of Restaurants, Nightclubs, Books, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Attractions, Restrooms! In 11 Cities
(green dot) Reviews: Epinions.Com: Reviews of Multiple Product Categories With Wishlist Capability
(green dot) Reviews: Zagat.Com: Reviews of Multiple Product Categories (Restaurants, Hotels, Nightlife, Attractions)
(green dot) Shopper.com (C-Net) Search, Web Comparison Pricing Media and Products (non-auction)
(green dot) ShopWiki.com (Beta) Search, Buying Guides, Media and Products (non-auction)
(green dot) Spun.com Search: CD, DVD and Games Media and Products (non-auction)
(green dot) Summize.com: Categorized Reviews With Colorized Bars To Summarize Bad, Mediocre, Good And Excellent Opinion Spectrum
(green dot) Surprise.com Categorized Gift Suggestions
(green dot) Ticketmaster.com: Concerts, Sports, Art and Theatre and Family Events
(green dot) U Bid.com: Media, Products (auction) and Commodity Stores
(green dot) Uzed.com: Music CDs, DVDs, Games, Electronics (Cell Phones, PDA's, Digital Music Players And Memory Cards) Purchased (Unavailable After September 2007)

Music Media Only

(green dot) A Music Area.com: Extensive Music Search Of CDs and Price Comparison
(green dot) Arkivmusic.com: Extensive Classical Music Catalog On CDs and DVDs
(green dot) CD Baby.com Music CDs On-Line Independent Store

Internet Phone, E-mail addresses and Web Pages

The Past

(blue dot) Dead Or Alive Information About Famous People Search
(blue dot) Dead People Server Look up Dead People Search (and Much More)
(blue dot) Findagrave.com Look up Gravesites of the Celebrity and Non-Celebrity Deceased
(blue dot) Last Wishes.com post-demise Email Messages (and wills) stored and sent (U.S. and U.K) ($39.99 + $4.99/year discounted)
(blue dot) Legacy.com: Online Obituaries From U.S. Newspaper Obituary Sites And The U.S. Social Security Death Index
(blue dot) My Last Email.com post-demise Email Messages stored and sent ($9.99 for 3 years)
(blue dot) Our Daily Dead.com: Notable Deaths Including Odd Exits and Those On Deck (!)
(blue dot) Namebase.org Search Server

The Present

(blue dot) AnyWho AT&T Look up People Search
(blue dot) Canada 411 Look up People/Businesses Search
(blue dot) 555-1212.com Look up People Search (not free)
(blue dot) Infospace People and Person Search (reverse phone directories, and by distance) (Zip2 succeeded by InfoSpace.com)
(blue dot) Intelius.com: Verification, Information, Protection And Business Services (Only Initial People Search Results Free)
(blue dot) Network Solutions Domain Name database
(blue dot) Pipl.com: Search For People By Name, Email Address, Username And Phone Number (U.S. And Canada Only)
(blue dot) QWest Dex Online (formerly U.S. West) Nationwide White and Yellow Pages
(blue dot with black border) Reporter's Desktop (reporter.org): Centralized Search, Lookup, Reference On A Single Page
(blue dot) Searchdetective.net: Reverse Phone Lookups With A Free People Finder, Also Email Search
(blue dot) SwitchBoard Person, Business Search
(blue dot) Telephone Directories (Worldwide) on the Web
(blue dot) Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
(blue dot) White Pages Person Search
(blue dot) WhoWhere? Lycos People Finder
(blue dot) Brett Rickman's WWW to Finger Gateway
(blue dot) MIT WWW to Finger Gateway
(blue dot) Yahoo People and Person Search (previously Four11 Directory)

The Future

(blue dot) Future Mail.com: Issue An Email To Yourself To Be Delivered Up To 5 Years In The Future; Also Future RSS Feeds And FutureMail Blogs
(blue dot) Future Me.org: Issue An Email To Someone (Even Yourself) Scheduled To Be Delivered In The Distant Future (Through 2035)
(blue dot) Iwantsandy.com: Personal Assistant For Reminders, Appointments, To Do Lists, Contacts, Bookmarks, Lists, And Notes Via Email

Free Web-based E-mail (International Based)

(blue dot) Brazil: BOL: Free E-mail Accounts (1GB Storage, 2MB Attachments, POP3, Multiple Domains, Folders, Spell Checking )
(blue dot) Britain: Postmaster: £14.99/Year E-mail Accounts (2GB Storage, IMAP, Spam, Anti-Virus Filtering, Calendar, File Storage, No Ads) By Spider Networks Ltd.
(blue dot) China: Tom.com TOM Email: (1.2GB Storage, 30MB Attachments, Spam, Anti-Virus Filtering)
(blue dot) Estonia: mail.ee: Web Based Email Service (Intended For Estonian Users)
(blue dot) France: Lycos MultiMania CaraMail And Jubii Beta: (10GB Storage, POP, Phone Access, File Sharing, Spam Filtering)
(blue dot) Germany: Global Message Exchange (GMX) FreeMail 2007: (1GB Storage, 10 FreeSMS, 2 FreeMMS/Month, 5 Email Addresses: liebt-dich.info, gmx.{net,com,at,ch}, Spam Filtering )
(blue dot) Hungary: [Freemail]: (25MB Storage, Spam, Anti-Virus Filtering, 10MB Attachments)
(blue dot) Phillipines: Pinoymail.com: Directory Of Email Service Offerings Elsewhere
(blue dot) Romania: email.ro, astral.ro: Web Mail With Attachment Capability, Addressbook, Personal Folders
(blue dot) Slovakia: pobox.sk: Address Books, Directories, Message Filtering, POP3, Forwarding, Signatures And Autoresponders
(blue dot) Spain: ya.com Mixmail: (10MB Storage, Spam And Anti-Virus Filtering, Rules-Based Filtering, Auto-Reply, Address Book)
(blue dot) Taiwan: kitty.cc Mail: (100MB Storage, Spam And Anti-Virus Filtering, Webmail, POP3, English, Traditional And Simplified Chinese)

Free Web-based E-mail (U.S. Based)

(blue dot) Amplimail.com: Free E-mail Accounts (10MB Storage, 2MB Attachments, Spam Filtering, WAP, Calendar, Addressbook, Notepad)
(blue dot) Bigfoot.com: Free E-mail Forwarding Worldwide
(blue dot) E2Umail.com: Free E-mail (350MB Storage, Webmail, POP3, IMAP4, WAP Access, Spam Filtering, Encryption, SMS Messages)
(blue dot) FreeByte.com: Free E-mail Services Guide
(blue dot) FreeCenter.com: Free E-mail Providers reviewed, compared and rated
(blue dot) Free Site: E-mail Programs and Services (Worldwide), Reminders and Alerts, other Free News and Information(25MB Storage, 10MB Attachments, Spam Filtering, AntiVirus Checking), Age ≥ 13 Years
(blue dot) Gmail.com: (6.6GB Storage, Web Mail, Spam Filtering, POP3, Imap Downloadable, Chat, Mobile Phone Service, Multilingual, Text Ads)
(blue dot) Hotmail (MSN), (Windows Live Hotmail), (5GB Storage, POP3 (Explorer or Outlook) .Net and Passport Used; Downloadable, Multilingual)
(blue dot with black border) Mail2Web.com: Access Your Own Mail Accounts From The Web (Email Retrieval), No Registration Required, (POP3, IMAP4, MS Exchange Based, OWA, Mobile Syncing, Blackberry Support)
(blue dot) MailandNews.com (Infinite Technologies-->Shanjemail.com): (10MB Storage, IMAP4 and POP3 Downloadable, Voice Mail and Wireless E-mail access, Multilingual); Apparently Closed To New Members Since June 2003
(blue dot) Yahoo! Mail (1GB Storage, Web Mail, POP3 downloadable, forwarding)
(blue dot) Zoho.com/Mail Ad Free, Business and Personal, (5GB Mailbox And Document Storage, Web Mail, POP3 downloadable, forwarding)

Email SMTP Services

(blue dot) Authsmtp.com: Global SMTP Mail Relay Services ($24/Year: 1000 Emails, 100K Data)
(blue dot) DynDNS.com: SendLabs Email Services (Formerly Mailhop) ($19.95 For 150 Relays)
(blue dot) Sanebox.com: Email Inbox Automated Management (Minimum $49 For 2 Years)
(blue dot) Smtp.com: Dedicated Relay Servers (Minimum $240 For Sending Up To 200,000 Emails/Month)

Free Web Hosting

(blue dot) Click Here Free: Web Hosting, ISP and Resources Directories with Comparisons
(blue dot) The Free Host Directory.com: Web Hosting Services Directory with Comparisons
(blue dot) The FreeSite.com: Web Hosting Services Directory with Comparisons
(blue dot) Free Web Host Directory.com: Web Hosting Guide and Directory with Comparisons
(blue dot) Free Web Space.net: Web Hosting Searchable Guide with Comparisons
(blue dot) The Net Top 20 Best Web Hosting Awards: Web Hosting Directory with Comparisons
(blue dot) The 100 Best free Web Space.com: Web Hosting Directory with Comparisons
(blue dot) Seattle Community Network Free, No Ads, Personal and IP Web Hosting, E-mail accounts POP3 and Web based.
(blue dot) Virtual Avenue.Net Free Web (Business) Hosting, 75MB, unlimited CGI, PHP scripting, Server Side Includes (SSI), E-mail Forwarding, Front Page and FTP Support

Free Web Storage

(blue dot) Mediamax.com: Free 25 GB Web Storage, Windows Support Only, Browser Accessible, Previously Streamload.com ($4.95/Month For 100GB)
(blue dot) Mozy.com: Free 2 GB Web Storage, Mac And PC Support, Browser Accessible ($4.95/Month For 50GB)
(blue dot) Submitside.com: Free Web Storage Sites Listed And Reviewed
(blue dot) xdrive.com: Free 5GB Web Storage, Automatic Backup, Sharability, Browser Accessible, Windows Support Only ($9.95/Month For 50GB)

VoIP Services

(blue dot) defimobile.com (DeFI): Global Access To Mobile Phone Calling, Roaming And Long Distance Via VoIP Network ($40/Month)
(blue dot) Fonality.com: Open Source Telephony Software And VoIP Network
(blue dot) Magicjack.com: VoIP Using Your Home Phone And A Computer's USB Port (Wired/Wireless Broadband Required) ($40/Year !)
(blue dot) Net2Phone.com: Broadband Telephony Service In U.S., Also VoIP Devices
(blue dot) Packet8.net: Residential/Business, U.S./International, With Voicemail-To-Email, Call Blocking, Do Not Disturb, Optional 911, 411 Services
(blue dot) Pandetix.com: VoIP Managed Service Provider Software And Managed Service Platform For Businesses And Resellers Offering VoIP
(blue dot) SIPphone.com: Uses SIP Technology (Gizmo Project) To Provide Internet Telephony Allowing Free PC-to-PC Calls, Cheap PC-To-Phone Calls And Sound Effects
(blue dot) VoIP Services In U.S. Compared (As Of 2013)
(blue dot) VoIP Service Providers Worldwide Listing For Residential Service
(blue dot) vonage.com: Nationwide (U.S.) Phone Services Over The Internet With 911 Dialing

UNIX/Linux and Internet Technical References

Robert Katz References

(purple dot) Introduction to UNIX (Highline Community College Course CIS 215)
(purple dot) UNIX Shell Programming (Highline Community College Course CIS 216)
(purple dot) UNIX System Administration (Highline Community College Course CIS 217)
(purple dot) Introduction to Perl (Highline Community College Course CIS 219)
(purple dot) Introduction to R Language Workshop - December 11, 2010 (Web Presentation)
(purple dot) Introduction to R Language Workshop Selected Commands Summary - December 11, 2010 (PDF Download)
(purple dot) MJDLM: Majordomo Distributed List Management presentation at LISA 99 - November 10, 1999
(purple dot) MJDLM: Majordomo Distributed List Management Technical Paper LISA 99 - November 10, 1999 (Download)
(purple dot) PSESD Linux Workshop June 8, 2007
(purple dot) SCL SUSE Linux Workshop August 6-10 & 13-17, 2015
(purple dot) Virtual Teaching: Lessons in Shifting From Standup Classes to Online and Distance Learning.
(purple dot) UNIX and Internet Book References

Downloadable Public Domain, Shareware and Commercial Software Libraries

(purple dot) Deliver2mac.com: Software For Mac OS X Including Games and Application Software Downloads
(purple dot) Download.com: Software For Mac And Windows Also Games and Music Downloads From CNet
(purple dot) Downloadable Software For DOS, Web, GNU By DJ Delorie
(purple dot) Iusethis.com: MacOSX, iPhone And Windows Application Latest Updates And Popularity
(purple dot) MacShareware.net: Downloadable Software MacOS, MacOSX, And Windows
(purple dot) MacUpdate.com: Rated Downloadable Software Libraries For MacOS, MacOSX
(purple dot) Pack.Google.com: Downloadable, Updatable Software For Windows XP Including Google Earth, Screensaver, Toolbar, Desktop, Picasa, Firefox, Norton AntiVirus 2005, Ad-Aware, Acrobat
(purple dot) Tucows.com: Rated Downloadable Software Libraries For Windows OSs, MacOS, Linux, PDA OSs Palm, Pocket PC, Newton
(purple dot) Version Tracker.com: Rated Downloadable Software Libraries For MacOS, MacOSX, Windows OSs, Palm OS
(purple dot) What Is Usenet? How Does NZB Search Work? (cloudwards.net)

Computer Languages

(purple dot) Codecademy.com: Interactive Web Courses about Coding in various Programming Languages (Only Javascript Currently)
(purple dot) Codeschool.com: Interactive Web Courses about Coding in various Programming Languages (e.g. Ruby, Ruby On Rails, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Coffeescript)
(purple dot) Getbootstrap.com: An Open Source Toolkit For Developing Web Code With HTML, CSS Or Javascript
(purple dot) I-programmer.info: An Online Magazine For Programmers
(purple dot) Leetcode.com: Exercises To Prepare For Technical Interviews in 9 Programming Languages (C, C++, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Bash, MySQL)
(purple dot) Little Coder's Predicament
(purple dot) Mr. Smith's Home Page: Quick Basic, AP Java, AP C++
(purple dot) Perl Training Australia: Programming, Object Oriented, Security, Database Programming And Web Development With Perl Notes (Dr. Damien Conway, Paul Fenwick, Jacinta Richardson)
(purple dot) Rubykoans.com: Neo Ruby Koans - Learning Ruby Through Unit Testing
(purple dot) Rubylearning.com: Ruby Tutorial
(purple dot) Transparent Language Popularity Index via Sourceforge.net
(purple dot) TryRuby: An Interactive Introduction to Coding (Curated By codeschool.com
(purple dot) Why's (Poignant) Guide To Ruby

UNIX/Linux System Administration

(purple dot) ITWorld.com UNIXinsider
(purple dot) UNIX Guru Universe
(purple dot) UNIX Online Resources From Indiana University
(purple dot) UNIX System Administration Independent Learning (USAIL) From Indiana University
(purple dot) UNIX System Administration Course Reference
(purple dot) UNIX System Administration Course Reference 2

UNIX/Linux Tutorials

(purple dot) bash Guide For Beginners (Machtelt Garrels)
(purple dot) bash 2.05 Online Manual
(purple dot) bash Tricks From The Developers Of The O'Reilly Network
(purple dot) Commandlinefu.com: Shared UNIX Command Lines (One Line Each) With Comments, Discussions And Digg-like Voting (David Winterbottom)
(purple dot) Introduction to UNIX University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
(purple dot) Linux Documentation Project
(purple dot) Linux/UNIX Reading Lists
(purple dot) Linux/UNIX Tutorial Site
(purple dot) Norman Matloff's Unix Tutorial Center
(purple dot) Opentechguides.com: Ask Q&A, How-Tos, Tutorials, Certifications (ITIL, Netapp NCDA)
(purple dot) Owen King's Computer Links And Tutorials
(purple dot) Richard's R2 Shell Tutorials
(purple dot) Rootprompt.org Nothing But UNIX
(purple dot) Rosetta Stone For Unix: A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator: 18 Flavors Of Unix Including 7 Linux Implementations (Bruce Hamilton)
(purple dot) Tower Shell (and Perl) Scripts
(purple dot) UNIX and C Programming Notes University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
(purple dot) UNIX is a four letter word and vi is its two letter abbreviation
(purple dot) UNIX Programming Resource Descriptions And Recommendations
(purple dot) UNIX Tutorial for Beginners, Surrey, UK

UNIX, Linux and MAC OS X 10.x

(purple dot) Apple Links.com News, Reviews and Products
(purple dot) Fresh Meat Technical Developments and Software
(purple dot) Low End Mac.com 3rd Party Hardware and Software
(purple dot) MacCentral.com And MacWorld Technical News and Support
(purple dot) Macintouch.com Technical News and Support
(purple dot) Mac Net Journal News, Reviews and Support
(purple dot) Mac Net News Technical News, Reviews and Support
(purple dot) MacOSX 10.x hints and tips (Read-Only And Frozen As Of November 13, 2014)
(purple dot) Mac Surfer's Headline News Portal
(purple dot) Newsnow.co.uk: Unix, Software, Computer And Information Technology News
(purple dot) OSX FAQ Technical News and Support
(purple dot) OSX Daily Tips And Tricks To Take Lion OSs
(purple dot) OSX FAQ Tip of the Day
(purple dot) ResExellence.com Technical News and Support (Mac 9 and 10.x)
(purple dot) Tidbits.com products and tips
(purple dot) UNIX & Linux ServerFault (Professional System/Network Administrators) Questions With Voted Best Answers
(purple dot) UNIX & Linux Stack Exchange (General Questions With Voted Best Answers)
(purple dot) UNIX & Linux StackOverflow (Computer Enthusiasts And Programmers) Questions With Voted Best Answers
(purple dot) UNIX & Linux SuperUser (Computer Enthusiasts/Power Users) Questions With Voted Best Answers
(purple dot) UNIX History And Timeline (By Eric Levenez)
(purple dot) Xlr8yourmac.com 3rd Party Hardware Products Database And Tips

Web and Internet

(purple dot) Boxes And Arrows.com Information Architecture And Web Design
(purple dot) Button Generator Resources
(purple dot) Common HTTP Implementation Problems (W3C Note)
(purple dot) DevX Application Developer Portal (.NET, Java, Web, Database, Open Source, C++, Visual Basic, ASP, UML, XML, Wireless)
(purple dot) Highline Community College Instructional Tools
(purple dot) Hotlinking Image FilesBy Others Article (alistapart.com)
(purple dot) HTML and the Web Independent Learning (USAIL) From Indiana University
(purple dot) HTML Cheats (Creative Edge Design)
(purple dot) Information Technology White Papers and Webcasts
(purple dot) Internet Tutorials and Tools (echoecho.com)
(purple dot) Jeffrey Zeldman Web Design: A List Apart 4.0 Article
(purple dot) Jeffrey Zeldman Web Graphics Design Tips
(purple dot) Learn the Internet for Beginners Via How-To Guides (Websitebuilders.com)
(purple dot) O'Reilly Complete Computer Book List
(purple dot) Safari Bookshelf Technical Books Online (O'Reilly Network)
(purple dot) Sans.org Top 20 Security Vulnerabilities in UNIX and Windows Systems (10 each)
(purple dot) Visual Vocabulary For Information Architecture and Interaction Design
(purple dot) Web Design Tutorial Using Netscape Composer 7.1
(purple dot) Web Master Resources And Tools Recommendations
(purple dot) Web User Interface Design: Steve Krug: Please Make Me Think
(purple dot) Web User Interface Design: Steve Krug: Don't Make Me Think (Advanced Common Sense)
(purple dot) Wise-Old-Man.com Help With Web Pages, Tutorials
(purple dot) W3Schools.com HTML, XML, Browser and server scripting, Web Building

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