Welcome to 1X Technologies Cable Company.

Welcome to 1X Technologies Cable Company. We’re Here Because You Require Quality, Quickly.

We’re a leading United States electrical cable company headquartered in beautiful Wyoming, USA, serving a broad & diverse customer base around the world!

We excel in supplying you with advanced, top of the line cable, FAST.

Yes, we have the rarest electrical wire & cable products in stock. But our cable manufacturing speed & flexibility are truly your secret weapons.

When you need a cable that’s not in stock, we will make it for you as rapidly as 24 hours from your order placement.

We consistently deliver your made-to-order wires and cables?faster than our competitors can ship from stock.?

Pretty amazing, right?

Think of 1X Technologies when you need high-temperature wires up to fourteen-hundred degrees C, custom cables, and HUGE copper power cables up to 6000 MCM.

Working on anything we can help you with today?



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1X Technologies Cable Company. Yes, you’ve seen us around!?

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1X Technologies Cable Company has been at the forefront of electrical wire & cable manufacturing and supply for many years now.

However, you may have noticed that recently you have started seeing us more often in your favorite publications.

Well, that is not by accident.

We believe to grow the company we need to grow our exposure to new customers just like you.

Ultimately, we have been working with well-known industry giants for many years.

These titans of industry in the electrical manufacturing & distribution wholesale side of the business are multi-billion-dollar companies that you already know.

?However, the world is getting smaller.

Therefore, we hope to offer our one-of-a-kind wire & cable manufacturing services to folks around the world!

For this reason, if you are a well-established company with a good reputation, we would like to do business with you.






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At 1X Technologies, we have a simple slogan that drives everything we do. A slogan customers expect from us.

Because You Require Quality, Quickly!??.

Specifically, we pledge Quality and Speed in everything we do.

Speed in every interaction we have with you.

Blazing speed in every wire & cable product that we manufacture & supply to our customers.

We know that time is money.

Furthermore, that is why we work extremely hard to supply the fastest manufacturing lead times for made-to-order cables.

We work hard to respond to quote requests faster.


Because we know you don’t have all day when dollars are on the line.

When dollars are on the line it doesn’t make sense to waste time!

Importantly, when your company and your family depends on you performing your best, count on 1X Technologies Cable Company!




Buy your wire & cable with 100% Confidence.

Your wire & cable is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects.

Specifically, you can expect it to perform to the high standards that you require.

Your wire & cable is tested to UL, ETL, CSA, CE, RoHS, and many more NRTL standards, depending on your application.

UL ETL SA CE RoHS 1X Technologies Custom Cable Manufacturer

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Finally, when it comes to buying your wire & cable you have all the best options including opening a credit account.

You can choose PayPal, Google-Pay, Apple-Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many more.