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The role of university careers services in the skills supply chain - tice Jane Artess. Changing expectations and the work experience and internship landscape for students and graduates.
The recent review of business-university collaboration led by Prof Tim Wilson recommends that every full-time undergraduate student should have the opportunity to experience a structured, university-approved, undergraduate internship during their study. Furthermore, university careers services and their local enterprise partnership (LEP) should collaborate to establish a "skills supply chain" between universities and local businesses, integrating placements, internships and employment services. Many university career services are already engaged in this work; it is the apparent unevenness of the provision across the higher education landscape that has prompted the recommendations.
Unevenness reflects diversity. To pursue the chain analogy there are many types and lengths of chain (as any jeweller will tell you): there are short placements that may be integral to the course; there are sandwich placements, so called because they take up to a year working in business between years of the course; and there are graduate internships, which may be progressed to after completion of the degree. Each has a different educational purpose and impact on the satisfaction of employers' need for skilled employees.
The activities undertaken also depend on the nature and length of the chain. For example, short placements are ideal for finding out about occupations, exploring aptitudes and checking career goals; longer placements are arguably better for developing work-related competencies in situ and conducting course or employer-devised projects that may make a direct contribution to business growth. One recent example I heard of is a student on placement from university who saw a way to save the business several million pounds. He was offered a job.
Career services' contribution to the design of the supply chain may be more analogous to engineering than jewellery-making as weighty issues of purpose, aims, length, activities, and relationship to the course and so on, surface; and then there is also how to ensure that students' employability is enhanced by it. But what really makes a placement or internship (these terms are often used interchangeably) work well? Wilson et al, suggest structure is key and this follows from defining the purpose. Others have suggested that internships work best when there is genuine motivation from both sides, when the placement provides real (not synthesised) learning opportunities and experiences, when it challenges and relates to long-term job or business aspirations.
We need students and graduates to be stretched and employers to understand their potential but when this happens very real concerns arise about job substitution? especially on longer placements. Also, one student's stretch is another student's yawn; one employer's view of what constitutes talent may be written off as simply average by another. Diversity again. There are some tensions pulling at that chain.
Universities and their career services have been working at the interface between higher education and employment longer than anyone can remember. Grown out of industrial histories, many university courses respond to local or regional demand for skilled workforces; at the leading edge of research and development universities are in active collaboration with local, national and international businesses. But every year there are new students and new businesses, new technologies and new economic challenges. Change, as anyone who worked in Lehman Bros will tell you, happens. Career services need to work with enormous diversity on both the supply and demand ends of the chain ? it is perhaps unsurprising that occasionally a link breaks.
The reality is that university career services are often tasked with maintaining relationships with businesses and play a pivotal role in ensuring high quality student (and graduate) work experiences by identifying students' and employers' aspirations, working with tutors devising and assessing work-related projects/learning, providing formal accreditation of workplace learning, supporting entrepreneurialism in students and graduates, working to provide incubator arrangements for new businesses, preparing and debriefing students to optimise employability learning, advising on employment rights, helping students articulate their skills, and supporting students to integrate the work- and course-based aspects of their courses.
So to end where we began, with a call for a strong skills supply chain. If you need to know who's warming up the soldering iron, you could do worse than start with the university careers service.
Jane Artess, director of research,
Higher Education Careers Services Unit.


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Dan Wetzel Says College Football ?Stuck For Two More Years?

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports joined Bull & Fox to talk about the new 4-team playoff in college football, why it won?t start until 2014, problems that might still exist with the system, whether it will be expanded in the future, Penn State?s future following Jerry Sandusky?s trial, whether the NCAA will get involved and more.

Dan Wetzel


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Match Making For Boomers: Online Dating: Validating Your Profile ...

Validating your online profile and photo can happen several different ways. This article will explain the most common ways from free to costly for a member.

After a member uploads their profile and photo, a random unique code is assigned and emailed to the member. The member places that code on a piece of paper and takes a photo with that number appearing in the photo.

2 photos are now uploaded. An expert of visual profiling examines those 2 photos looking for a random unique code and confirms that person is who uploaded their photo.

Next are the bonds of social media. There are some sites that when a member signs into Facebook as an example, all their profiles are merged into one quick moment of the probability that person is who they say they are. There are those that believe social media is the most reliable source. There are others that can go online to automated background checks, for around $100 - $150, anyone can search background checks on another person.

There are free services that will perform background checks. First, test it completely on yourself. Then search using search engines and social networks. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are a great start to find out valuable information from someone providing you know their name.

Moving up the scale of additional security is by recording a 15-second video from your online dating profile page. This also assures a member looks now what they look like in their video profile. Some sites offer mobile uploading of photos, pictures and data.

Mobile location apps add to the complexity of validating a members profile and photo. When a member turns on the mobile location app, any search requests will show which location that member is in, providing their phone is on. A Premium service would allow for only members who had background checks performed by online services would be allowed to have their location known. This premium service is sold as monthly apps. A member can turn the app on, or turn it off during their subscription is valid. Apps range in price from $1.00 per month to $15.00 per month, depending on the levels of functionality.

The cost to a member can range from $25 to $175 depending on the length of the video and if only premium members can view the video.

Finally, validating an online dating profile and photo can be done by hiring a live interviewer to personally meet a member for a cup of coffee. Drivers license, proof of profile address can be confirmed. Physical description can also be confirmed. Lastly, a brief questionnaire to determine willingness and commitment to find a mate. That service can range from $99 to $250 per validation.

In conclusion, join a service that offers you what you value most. Please visit for more information. Providing quality reviews, articles and writings on dating online.

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Why Nora Ephron gave us heartburn

The first day we didn?t think it was funny.

That the great Nora Ephron died last night at 71. That it was sudden?a vigil on Twitter, a flurry of worried texts from friends, and then Tuesday night the bell tolled. Ephron, the legendary writer and director, had died of pneumonia, a complication of myeloid leukemia.

What was least funny of all was how many of us obsessive fans who dreamed of meeting the cool, hilarious and incomparable Nora?and striking up a fast friendship?never will.

?I never got to be Nora?s friend,? wrote the great Joan Juliet Buck, in seeming disbelief, today.

I know just how she feels. How is that possible? I was going to ask Nora Ephron if a starstruck outsider could ever understand her Upper West Side, or if we should quit trying. I was going to ask her about working with Dave Chappelle in "You?ve Got Mail." I was going to praise her essays from the 1970s on Pat Loud and Linda Lovelace. I was going to be quiet so she could make jokes I?d never forget.

I was going to be Nora Ephron?s friend, dammit.

Sure, maybe the fantasy of a perfect soul-merger with Ephron was always just a fantasy. No one woman should have had to field all those offers of friendship and expressions of sisterly awe. To have what she was having?that?s what we wanted.

The honest, shrewd essays. The fully felt romance with and extremely gratifying divorce from that schmo Carl Bernstein. The joyful motherhood. The freedom to say we couldn?t care less about the budget crisis. The comic lines that always landed right?and then the sudden turns in language and stagecraft that gently blew the heart open. The second and third and fourth careers as a novelist and screenwriter and even director. The style, sparkle and elegant leather-clad slimness at every age. And the fabulous, sexy and merry marriage to Nick Pileggi?Nick and Nora!?that, metropolitan rumor had it, involved lots and lots of somehow unpretentious time on yachts.

[Related: Nora Ephron's true genius? Food.]

For what seemed like most of the 1980s, my mother, just Ephron?s age, clutched a paperback of "Heartburn" like a pack of cigarettes. Her favorite scene was the one where Rachel decides there?s no going back: Her marriage is over. She bequeathed Ephron?s words to me like something from the Tao Te Ching. ?If I throw this pie at him, he will never love me. But he doesn?t love me anyway. So I can throw the pie if I want to.?

What happens when women stop trying to make men love them? A curiosity about this intriguing phenomenon was plainly at the heart of Ephron?s work, and the answer was equally clear: Life begins.

You throw the pie. And then, as she recounted recently in "I Remember Nothing," things start working out. Your husband leaves. You fall in real love. Your kids thrive. The pain recedes. And things become interesting again, and then much more interesting, and then yachts are involved, and it?s rewarding beyond your wildest dreams, and funny.

?Maybe I miss only the idea of Helen,? Harry says to Sally, in "When Harry Met Sally." Billy Crystal, as Harry, waits a perfect beat. ?No, I miss the whole Helen.?

The line from the script that Nora Ephron wrote with her sister Delia enacts a signature and lovely Ephron move: Maybe things are complicated; nope, they?re simple.

[Related: Ephron was a D.C. intern before she was a Hollywood hit]

Ephron rejected the ?counterintuitive??a crude commodity among female essayists, to write the opposite of what?s felt and true?and embraced, instead, the intuitive: good food, romantic love and full-on humanness in the form of vanity and laughter and grief and dorkiness. Ephron rejected the imperative to care about things she didn?t care about, or get alarmist and guilty about her pleasures. She also worked like a demon.

And while writers without Ephron?s nerve and brio were avoiding or decrying all things digital, "You?ve Got Mail" freed viewers to enjoy the email beep, text-message bonk and play of online identities that now signal connection. That was an enormous gift to new Web users, right at the start of the digital revolution.

?You?ve Got Mail.? Ugh?how annoying that now sounds. But Ephron was right: Email was exciting for a time. And now it?s funny, a wonderful sign of the times.

Of course it?s funny. Because, in Ephron?s world, not thinking it?s funny was never an option for long. ?The first day I didn?t think it was funny? is the opening line of "Heartburn," that masterpiece that set many women free. What Rachel doesn?t think is funny is that her short husband has left her for his tall mistress while she, Rachel, is seven months pregnant. But don?t worry: By day two, she?s into the laughs. We?ll miss you, Nora.

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Colon cancer curable if caught early | This is Reno


Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. with more than 100,000 Americans being diagnosed each year. Despite the alarming statistics, if detected early though regular screenings, colorectal cancer is preventable. It is estimated that as many as 30,000 lives could be saved each year through regular screenings and exams.

Colon cancer has a 90 percent survival rate if caught early.

The problem is, not enough people are getting screened. According to a report distributed by the American Cancer Society, Nevada ranks 48 in the nation for colorectal cancer screening.

?I don?t think people realize colon cancer is so easily curable especially compared to other cancers,? said Dr. John Gray of Gastroenterology Consultants in Reno. ?As far as early screening, that?s a huge message that I would love to get out. People just don?t understand it?s so much easier to screen for this than to go through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.?

To help offset the Nevada statistic, Gray, Dr. William Pfau of Digestive Health Associates, and Renown Institute for Cancer are emphasizing a colonoscopy as the best choice for screening every 10 years. However, for those who may forgo a colonoscopy due to fear or embarrassment, they suggest the easy-to-use at-home fecal immunochemical test (FIT), as the next best choice for screening every year.

The $20 FIT kit is a home screening for annual colon cancer detection. It can be done in the privacy of the home in about 10 minutes and tests for signs of colon cancer. The kits are offered with no physician referral required and can be requested by visiting

In fact, Gray, Pfau and Renown Institute for Cancer are so passionate about the need for colon cancer screening they?ve stepped out of their comfort zone to produce a clich?-type rap video to spread the word.

The idea is that if people can sing or dance about something, they can talk about it. And if they can talk about it, they can do something about it.

?I know this topic?s funky and it might make you blush, but the process is as easy as a swish and a flush.?? Dr. Gray raps. ?Swish and a flush, swish and a flush, the FIT screening is a must.?

The ?swish and a flush? chorus, as promoted in the video, means ?swishing? a small wand-like piece of plastic around in the toilet bowl to obtain the specimen and then inserting that into a tube and sending off to the lab for analysis. Results should be returned in approximately two weeks.

?This is a topic that people don?t really like to talk about and we?re trying to bring a little light-heartedness to it,? Pfau said. ?The reality is that early screening can save lives.?

Colorectal cancer

In 2008, the American College of Gastroenterology published updated guidelines for colorectal cancer screening. ACG recommends either a colonoscopy every 10 years or an annual FIT screening as the preferred test for colorectal cancer screenings starting at age 50. African Americans should begin screenings at age 45. Patients with a family history should speak with their doctor about a different screening schedule.

The new ACG guidelines list FIT as a preferred strategy because it has more extensive data than the guaiac-based Hemoccult SENSA test and because fecal DNA testing is expensive, the guidelines note.

Home screening kit

This screening detects cancers and polyps more successfully than older and more widely used stool-screening tests.?Key patient benefits of the test include:

  • More convenient for patients because it is easy to complete in the privacy of your own home
  • Only one sample required, as opposed to three consecutive samples with previous tests
  • Higher sensitivity resulting in fewer false readings
  • No dietary or medication restrictions required

About the American College of Gastroenterology

Founded in 1932, the American College of Gastroenterology is an organization with an international membership of more than 10,000 individuals from 80 countries. The College is committed to serving the clinically oriented digestive disease specialist through its emphasis on scholarly practice, teaching and research.

The mission of the College is to serve the evolving needs of physicians in the delivery of high quality, scientifically sound, humanistic, ethical, and cost-effective health care to gastroenterology patients. To learn more, visit

About Renown Institute for Cancer

Renown Institute for Cancer is the only healthcare network in the region to retain all three cancer accreditations including the region?s first and only Radiation Oncology Accreditation, earned in January, 2011; the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, earned in February 2011; and the region?s first Comprehensive Cancer Program Accreditation, which the institute has held for more than 23 years. These three accreditations are the most any cancer program of this size can attain in the region.

Renown Institute for Cancer is?the largest healthcare provider in the area conducting clinical trials with the National Cancer Institute. Clinical trials allow patients to be on leading trends in medicine and often times they become involved in that ?next big discovery? for cancer treatments. Leading northern Nevada in cancer research, Renown Institute for Cancer has administered more than 135 trials to 870 participants.

Whether individuals have been referred, are currently receiving treatment or are seeking a second opinion, they can make an appointment at Renown Institute for Cancer anytime. The team of skilled professionals brings expertise and comprehensive resources to patient care. For general inquiries, contact 775-982-6830 or visit

Posted by ThisIsReno on June 27, 2012.

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General System of Portable Evaporative Cooler And Its Features

by Kenneth Reynolds
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The evaporative coolers deliver a natural way of cooling the room temperature by offering a constant flow of fresh and cool air to keep you comfortable during summer. When place next to an open window or door, they can draw outside air and make it pass through moisture rich pads. This system cools and filters the warm air which is then circulated in the room. The fresh cool air getting into the room flushes out the stale hot air through the open doors and windows.

Most evaporated coolers usually are fairly heavy and slightly bulky which can make them difficult to carry around from room to room. While they may do an excellent job, sometimes they are needed in different rooms as they do not always access every single room of the house. For this reason portable evaporated coolers have been created and they make things a whole lot easier.

If you live in an area where the weather is hot and dry, you can use a portable evaporative cooler rather of air-conditioners. These coolers are simple elegant devices that give your aid from rising temperature without increasing your electric bills. Since these units are portable, you can relocate them from one room to another with ease. They also decrease your investment as a single machine can be used to cool several rooms in your home.

These coolers are also the excellent alternative for people who don't possess an air conditioner or are looking to switch their air conditioners with a unit that is low-cost. If you are planning to purchase evaporative coolers or also known as swamp coolers, you can look into the various models available by online and offline vendors. Before you buy a cooler, make sure you check the space available and the area you plan to cool. If you have several rooms in your home, you can get a portable evaporative cooler. They can aid in cooling several rooms in your home as they moved from one room to another.

There are positive aspects that portable coolers offer which you do not have with other types of coolers. A roof mounted Cooler is more difficult to access and maintain. It also cools the house with a larger motor that uses more power. This is not necessary if only one or two rooms of the house are used at a time. Window coolers are more accessible but are too tricky to move from room to room. Portable Coolers are perfect for moving to different areas of the home when needed.

Today, there are several manufactures that make portable evaporative coolers based on the requirements of the users. The design of the machine will vary depending on the area you want to cool and the space available. For example, if you want to cool a small to medium sized room, you can get a 10-inch personal portable evaporative cooler. These units can be used in your home or office and can cool an area of up to 750 square feet. When buying these devices, make sure you take into account of prices and benefits. Prices of the unit with limited features is usually low when compared to machine that has various features.

It is quite convenient to have a portable evaporative cooler around the house. These kinds of coolers will have the air cool during summer or hot days. Visit evaporative cooler reviews for more advices about different kinds of coolers that would meet your needs and wants.

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General System of Portable Evaporative Cooler And Its Features

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