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  • State of the Industry ¡ª Pandemic Edition

    State of the Industry ¡ª Pandemic Edition|6/16/2020

    For the past 21 years, we¡¯ve been conducting our annual State of the Industry Survey. It¡¯s our opportunity to hear from the industry and compile that information to get a true snapshot of what today¡¯s foodservice packaging industry looks like. As you can imagine, things didn¡¯t go exactly as planned this year. Typically, this survey [¡­]

  • #FPISpring2020 ¨C the Conference that Never Was

    #FPISpring2020 ¨C the Conference that Never Was|5/12/2020

    March 31 was a tough day for FPI staff.? Why? This was the day we announced the cancellation of our spring 2020 conference due to COVID-19.? Our mid-May dates were unfortunately still in the ¡°danger zone¡± as far as lockdowns and inability to gather in large groups. On the date this blog was posted, FPI [¡­]

  • Foodservice Packaging: How Did It All Begin?

    Foodservice Packaging: How Did It All Begin?|3/18/2020

    With so much going on in our present and an uncertain future, we thought we would take this back to our roots with a look at the past.? We at FPI hope you are safe and healthy and enjoy this brief look at the history of foodservice packaging. Foodservice packaging owes its creation to Dr. [¡­]

  • Legislative Updates ¨C Busy Start for 2020

    Legislative Updates ¨C Busy Start for 2020|2/18/2020

    2020 is an unprecedented year for the foodservice packaging industry. To-date, we have seen more regulations, ordinances, and legislation aimed at foodservice packaging than we have in any year before. These new proposals range from taxes on bags to complex extended producer responsibility schemes. Additionally, we are seeing these proposals at all levels of government, [¡­]

  • Meet the FPI Staff

    Meet the FPI Staff|1/24/2020

    Happy New Year! We have a lot to be excited about here at FPI. The new decade kicks off with FPI adding a new face, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know more about our team as we begin another year together. I¡¯ll start with a little [¡­]