Visiting Criterion Collection

For show notes, please visit our corresponding discussion thread.? Full Criterion visit documented in the podcast episode, available via the audio player below. Sam Posten and Home Theater Forum Co-Owner Ron Epstein visit Criterion Collection in New York.? Sam interviews Technical Director Lee Kline, Producer Abbey Lustgarten and Audio Supervisor […]

Hisense releases self-rising laser TVs

Hisense has officially released three new Laser TVs, the 75-inch Trichrome Laser TV, the Sonic Screen Laser TV and the Self-Rising Screen Laser TV. Dr. Lin Lan, Vice President of Hisense Group, announced at CES that Hisense Group is to challenge an annual target of 40 million TV sales units, […]

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – UHD Review

It’s Halloween 1968 and friends Stella (Zoe Colletti), Auggie (Gabriel Rush) and Chuck (Austin Zajur) set out to prank town bully Tommy (Austin Adams). When their plan goes awry they hide out in the local drive in and dive into out-of-towner Ramon (Michael Garza)’s car. Fast becoming friends, the kids […]

47 Meters Down: Uncaged – Bluray Review

As an unconnected storyline to the original 47 Meters Down (also written and directed by Johannes Roberts) this film has perhaps more in common with The Descent than its namesake. Stepsisters Mia (Sophie Nélisse) and Sasha (Corinne Foxx) have just moved to a new school and are struggling to find […]

The Far Country – Blu-ray Review

While John Wayne and John Ford might be the best known partnership between actor and director in the Western genre, James Stewart and Anthony Mann are very deserving of recognition as well. Both were responsible during the 1950’s of creating vivid movies with characters that had a hard and dark […]

Sirius XM introduces Sirius XM Tour aftermarket radio

SiriusXM today introduced its latest aftermarket radio, SiriusXM Tour, at CES this past week. The product allows subscribers to access functionality of the company’s next generation platform, SiriusXM with 360L, in a portable unit which can be used in a car or at home. SiriusXM Tour delivers content via satellite […]

B&W brings Alexa to Formation Suite

Bowers & Wilkins has announced the introduction of Alexa Skills to be used on all Formation Suite products, which include wireless speakers and a sound bar. The functionality enables the use of voice via an Alexa enabled device (e.g. Amazon Echo) to control speakers, creating easy access to Amazon Music […]

Penelope Blu-ray Review

Arthur Hiller’s Penelope offers some nice mid-1960s location shots of New York City, but its slight story of a kleptomaniac desperately trying to rid herself of her habit never plays securely as the knockabout comedy it’s attempting to be.

CJ 4DPLEX unveils ‘Future of Cinema’ concept

CJ 4DPLEX presented its latest ‘4DX Screen’ professional cinema concept at CES this week, which we anticipated in a news story last week. The new 4DX Screen blends two of the company’s existing cinema technologies, namely 4DX and ScreenX. This new “innovative” theatre format with integrated screening system and AR […]

JVC announces personal wireless home theater system

JVCKENWOOD has announced a personal wireless home theater system available from spring for $999 that delivers a multi-channel sound field with headphones. The JVC XP-EXT1 uses the company’s own EXOFIELD “out-of-head” localization sound field processing tech to allow a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X multi-channel sound experience from headphones. The system […]

L.A. Law (1986-1994)

Hey everyone. I’m on the verge of starting to watch?L.A. Law?on the S01 DVD set for the very first time. Never saw the show much on it’s original run (1986-1994) for whatever reason, However, as I’ve gotten older – I’ve made a point of seeking out, watching, & appreciating TV […]

Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB 4K PRO-UHD Projector

Epson has carved out a niche for itself in recent years by offering up full-featured home cinema projectors with excellent black levels and rich colors at a competitive price. As each approximate 24-month product cycle turns around, the company seemingly never rests on its laurels, and manages to fine-tune performance […]