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Self funding lakes and soils restoration.


Via biochar produced at ~500 deg F, other sterile means and exceedingly advanced probiotics that eliminate the need to use animal manure or humanure directly themselves as fertilizers.


Prion destruction can also be accomplished in various humanuer composts over 900F in a pure nitrogen atmosphere without creating biochar.

Soils depletion has marked the demise of       nations from the beginning of time.   

A nation can prosper beyond all comprehension by reversing the soil depletion process.

There actually is a 'promised land' it is chock full of milk and honey... prosperity, rich lands and clean water.   It is very easily attainable at no net cost.


The oil companies selling synthetic hollowed out 'fertilizers' at high prices will disagree of course and they will be right to do so in many but importantly not all aspects.   Similarly with pesticides and genetically modified organisms.


On that path exclusively we are now well on the way to ruining many of the worlds lakes, especially in the most agriculturally promising countries.   


There is no need to keep that up... the approach is not only becoming cost prohibitive as we run out of oil... it is ludicrously insane.       And then we put that crap directly into our

 *drinking water?


Super soil is not only free, its use after processing exactly as nature does eliminates one of the worlds most dangerous pollutants; as it produces limitlessly more nutritious food.


Some people think the world is headed to difficult times, food shortages etc.  This does not have to be a problem for Guatemala with crop production doubled, and fertilizer costs taken to near zero.


There is no need to defecate in the

       lakes and our drinking water.

Remediation of troubled projects, HVACR, US Dept of Energy, IBM and others.