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Welcome to -For the Living History Enthusiast-

     Welcome to the most comprehensive site on the internet dedicated to Living History, Historical (or Period) Trekking, Experimental Archeology, and Experiential Anthropology, of the 1600 to 1840 time period. This is a site dedicated to the evolution of our hobby. Please take the time to visit each section of the site and add your own input to it.

Q: What is Historical Trekking?
A: Historical Trekking (also called Period Trekking, Experimental Archeology, or Experiential Anthropology) is a hobby where we as 21st century people attempt a task someone in our chosen time period would have done, using only the tools and equipment they would have used, or the knowledge we have gleaned from research. Whether you are interested in the Longhunter of the 18th Century and you are out on a hunt using only period clothing and flintlock, or if your interest lies in the Mountainman of the 19th Century, and you want to use period traps to try and catch beaver, even if your interest is in cooking, and you limit yourself to the kitchen-ware and foods of your chosen period and a bed of coals for heat, yet you never leave your house, you are involved with the hobby of Historical Trekking. This hobby gives us more insight into the daily lives of the people in our chosen time period, and helps to make us better historians.
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Bullet Forums - Most of the features of are found in our forums here. The links listed below are to individual sections of the forums.

Bullet  Chat Room - A place for our visitor's to gather and have a real time discussion, nightly chats at 9pm EST, but it's always open so feel free to join at any time.
Bullet  Event and Trek Calendar - Browse the schedule of events or treks that our visitor's have posted, or post your own event or trek to the list. Updated!
Bullet  How-to Articles - A series of How-to articles on topics that both the beginning and experienced trekker will find useful.
Bullet  Links Page - A page of links to various organizations, publications and vendors that are related to trekking or re-enacting.
Bullet  Merchandise - Kill two birds with one stone, show the world what your favorite website, and help support NEW!
Bullet  Message Board - An open forum for discussing anything on our visitor's minds.
Bullet  Resource Listing - A listing of books, you can use to research your time period or persona. You can even add a book to the list.
Bullet  Trail Foods - A listing of trail foods, from us here, and our visitor's. If you have a tip you'd like to add, feel free to do so.
Bullet  Trekking Tips - A listing of trekking tips, from us here, and our visitor's. If you have a tip you'd like to add, feel free to do so.
Bullet  The Virtual Round Robin - A place to buy sale and trade your goods in a classified ad style format, free.


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Bullet  Contact Information - Information for visitors who wish to contact
Bullet  Our Event Schedule - Find out what events the staff of will be attending. Updated!
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